Zoom G9.2tt
Zoom G9.2tt

G9.2tt, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Zoom in the G series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Zoom G9.2tt

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 37 reviews )
 25 reviews68 %
 8 reviews22 %
 2 reviews5 %
Audience: Beginners
Audiofanzine FR01/03/2011

Audiofanzine FR's review

Zoom G9.2tt
Originally written by alex42xx on Audiofanzine FR.

Tube amp simulation. Possibility to edit the patches with a PC with a Midi USB cable.


It's my first multi-effects processor and I learned how to use it without having any experience with such equipment:
very easy setup: just connect, press the on/off button and have fun with the factory presets. Editing is very easy: one day was enough for me to edit all presets I need. The manual is very clear except for the part related to the connection to a PC.


The presets don't sound very good: I used them for two days then I edited all parameters. The editing possibilities are almost endless. I use it with an Ibanez Steve Vai, an all-tube Marshall 30th Anniversary and a Roland Cube60 (the sound is obviously better with the Marshall...). I get very nice distortions with the Marshall and Mesa Boogie simulations. The wah effects sound also very good, especially the Vox and Cry models, which are wonderful.


I've been using it for three months at home and for band rehearsals and it makes lots of fun (I haven't used it on stage). I love the amp simulations and the editing possibilities. It has the best value for money in this category. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

Nyveak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A monster in a toy body"

Zoom G9.2tt
A range of effects and modulations quite staggering, all editable, modifiable with a whole bunch of equalizers, noise gates and so on ... Anyway! Manuel STRONGLY advised to use this pedal as it should.

Modulations are mainly analog but two lamps can add the beans and a "tube amp" button on your belongings.

There are normal audio inputs and outputs, made MIDI and a system of "looper" which really is not one and I unfortunately never really managed to understand ...

In short this pedal is a gas plant where everything can be hacked in his small adjustments, maisis at the same time offers a range of preset patches ranging from fairly complete clean up big, mushy metal.

In addition it has two pedals that can be assigned to all modulations. The second even offers a dual effect since can be used both vertically and horizontally (it gives free rein to all fantasies as a more or less friendly or weird!)


Right out of the box just plug in the power supply, his guitar, amplifier or headphones and press the buttons and let the music.
Many patches (lots 5 different sounds) are available with the use of two effects pedals.

on the other hand soon sought to tamper, hack, tweak regardless, grab the manual. Almost all the sound settings are adjustable through many knobs and a fairly complete equalizer.

Besides the assignment of effects pedals, one of which boasts a vertical and horizontal axis (attention to the balance when playing standing ;) )

Once all your manipulations made it very simple to record your sound in additional patch designated for this purpose.


For sound quality no complaints, never had a pest or tunnel effect and other problems with sounds either on the amp or recording.


I used this pedal for 5 years and have never asked me worry! I was afraid that the plastic parts are fragile but she endured the dust, moisture, cellars, bars, moves, changes his violent and other métalleuse turpitude without fail.

I had more zoom, the sound was less accurate and more basic use.

Most least:

+ His biggest quality is diversity! We almost do everything with little if we take the time to look THE sound that makes us tick.

- The problem of all is that in a case of trouble it's "curtain, thank you goodbye." And as I'm not a virtuoso and I did not need to 5,465,147,874 different sounds I took the time to look one by one pedal and other modulations that allowed me to get back my Song Grail and thus avoid the risk of not playing at all in case of slight damage (which is me again ever happened elsewhere ^ ^)

With the experience I would resume this pedal, I would put him at least in the face and I planquerais in a beautiful box for the scene to keep it as long as possible.

Its value for money? MONSTROUS! € 300 for nine of diversity, reliability, eccentricity and other ameliorative adjectives "é" worth the shots.

I had to spend a budget of more than € 450 (5 pedals, power supply's, wiring and manufacture of pedal-board) to re-obtain its my favorite. (Clean and overdriven)

satchy3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" What a pleasure to read as much of a positive!"

Zoom G9.2tt
Purchased shortly after its release and still compete for the GT10 upper hand .. and in terms of good smooth saturation, zoom was very hard ... With the change of LAMPS (tungsol hotrod and for my part) is very strong flexibility.


I often noise .. may be due to my wiring but I found the noise was variable from one day to another on the same patch.

The lamps are effective and can be pushed - the days when the sound does not move hehe, sounds modern and vintage are the beast.

With a good sound system is really very good) and it works as impeccable live in the map.


I play rather large saturation with increasing Epiphone 57 Classic, a JV Squier and Brian Moore i7, the guitars are very well respected!


5 years, I always have fun, I order via the PC interface and tears for sounds prog rock hard metal blues jazz fusion.Ca must also walk the r'n'b soul funk but I do not know lol how to play ca ...

denisb9183's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" That happiness"

Zoom G9.2tt
All has already been said


relatively simple manual, I got the manual francais.la creature was designed intuitively and if you proceed logically, there will be no problem.


This is where I wanted to expand a bit more my own sounds commantaire.Les G9.2tt and has an impressive range of sons.Je want (to clarify that I use roland cube on a 30 ...... so far from being a great amp ..... but it sounds as halala ...., use.The sound factory FRO FRO, but when you start grind a little buttons, one takes a shot concience that this investment has not been useless, and also have many hours of pleasure ahead.


I have been using 2 days and have never used other pedals auparavant.ce I like most is the sound quality and the possibilities open to us to create, the less ,..... ......... no, I really do not see sincèrement.rapport money ..... very very interresting, bought 249 euros TTC shipping available on "sonovente.com. I many informed before you buy and all that I could be read as opinion (and since its release in 2006 (I think)), this pedal to the air of being one of the best on the market ... ... at least to this price range.

YES, it is obvious that I make the election again without hesitation.

ElJulo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Brilliant!"

Zoom G9.2tt
Everything has been said.
Bonus, comes with Cubase LE 4. I have not used yet but it's nice to have it!


Taking the setup! At first glance I was like everyone lost! The manual is in French and very well explained. Essential.
After a few hours to tweak right to left I think I have grasped the most simple settings. I come already programmed roughly the sounds I want. So I would say much less difficult than the Pod X3.


Now what interests us most: THE SOUND!
There are 2 lamps, it seems we must change the original lamps for a better sound ... For my part I have not changed yet and frankly what a pleasant surprise the first time I plugged in my Zoom!
The sound is warm, pleasant, powerful! Really a striking quality .. I can not even imagine if the statements are true. (That sounds better with other lamps ..)
The amp models are mostly successful. (Mention the Metalzone and H & K drive I love this one!)

By clean I have not tested it but too few simus amp is really great, especially Marshall. Moreover claps a lot! There is even a simulator that transcribes and acoustics is a success. The distos are on top. I really think you can get great sound with virtually anything and everything in this photo if you take the time to work a little. However the simulation Fuzz hast not too convinced but it is only my opinion.

The wah is not bad too, especially the Vox. The reverbs are few but they agree .. Only small problem of the lack substain, but this can be added through the effects loop so do not extend to the top.
I played a little of everything and believe me, it's not really difficult to find the sound we need. The factory sounds apart from 4 or 5 does not ring, but give a good starting point and benchmark for hack .. (Required guys!)


I use it for over a week and What happiness! Before she was on the pod X3 and I can clearly see the difference .. THE zoom is better at any point of view! More heat, less cold and robotic and easiest to fix! Warning I do not spit on the Pod is a great product especially if you work in the studio, but honestly guys this photo is worth a look.
If you hesitate between it and the competition personally I recommend the Zoom G9 2TT! The value for money is unbeatable for me! Try it if you are confirmed. If you're like me at a fairly low level so go there with confidence.
With experience I will ever be that choice without problem. Oh happy that Zoom! (You'll understand that I love madly muli-effects!)

azertyvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt

GreenBean's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
Ds that the fate of his hair is on the bluff thing, something solid in a class of hell ... I'm interested!
Then they branch (and as a microwave, it does not open the user manual), and l. .. it falls on the pRSET plants ... A little too artificial I gots, but has come!
Then from one thing to hack is the trick, and LA ..... is the cata! This contraption is incredibly incomprhensible ds getting started, ways stuff, this patch, modules tartempions ... So as qu'tres censs human and intelligent than we are, we open the manual of the beast, and finally a s'claircit!
The two 12AX7 Chinese are provided by tubes change worthy of the name (DD, EH, GE ...).
With the new effects processor ZOOM ZX-3, we go groping and everything seems to come naturally! What happiness! Even if we regret the absence of a looper Intgr like its cousin the BOSS GT-10 ... But hey, we forgive him happy when discovering the amp simulations that are absolutely stupendous, and effects .... hummmm a rgal!
And attention ladies and gentlemen, there are two pedals of expression ... including a one possdant rglage vertical and horizontal, so that you get to the final three pedals! of happiness ...
However, I am lover of vintage analog sound, but I must admit that this bug me bluff. I play a stratocaster 96-US as well as a deluxe reverb reissue 65 and I play mostly blues, funk, reggae, and this allows me to pdalier have more varieties of sound as int drought, although I only use basic effects like a phaser, a wah (ALSO TRY THE SIMULATION OF THE VOX V847 !!!!!!), delay, tape echo, etc ...
But .... breath ... little, but the same breath as ... That said, I'm a little perfectionist on the banks finally ...


Apart from the first steps with this pdalier, use is actually quite simple. I do not know, moreover, too many advise dcortiquer the manual with the guitar on hand.
But one thing to hell on this little wonder is the USB interface that transmits the signal from a PC avecun Sampling 96kHz at 24 bits (the processor as it processes the signal in 32bit).
On scne, a self-evident, if only one ale prpar patches and banks of effects that dchirent the sound barrier ... All fawns in this thing there is a total of 200 patches, so there is room unless you Soyer David Gilmour and Jean Michel Jarre.
In the studio or home, you have a sound Stereo, trs useful for 2 channel effects spars or a nice panning


Excellent, pdalier normment respects the instrument! Aside from a little breath that the only efficiently remove noisegate


I use it for a year and ....
My that!! It is given that the price! I LIKE IT!
I do it again 569 times if this purchase c'tait possible (one in the car, a home, one at work, on the terrace ...)

azertyvince's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
The ZOOM G9 2tt is an amp simulator and a multi-effect (2 time)

Attention, although sturdy and heavy gear.


The edition sounds manually is not what I prfre, I got used to the PC edition, so much more comfortable. The edition is hand may not be the most intuitive.
To change sound patch, go on:
" http://giasso.s42.eatj.com/ZooM/home.jsp "gnial.

Giasso thank you.

Otherwise, you will appreciate the management on the PC.


APRS over two years of use, I can not say enough boxes:

- Beautiful;
- Superb;
- Large;
- Hot
- Pure;
- Trs net;

It's beautiful.

The lamps of origin may be not the best. They can be changed by tubes and get better quality sound even better. However, APRS trying even if you can have a more expressive and richer still, it is not obvious that new lamps are adapted to the simulations, which are, I think, Established on the basis of original lamps (with new lights that I tried I could not find the sound of boogie msa Fidler also the original home with the lights).

Effects (including reverb and chorus) trs are good and enhanced by the sound of the lamps.

Never seen until Submitted with a built-in sound as good.
Some say the lights are for the Global Warming sound. From a technical point of view this may be the case, your exact as it is HUGE.


APRS 2 years of use:


- The warm sound, natural.
- The basic sound is trs "end" means finely the sound of each string. sounded more "end" with the acoustic simulation, add a chorus on the whole and is ultra thin and Christalin.
- The game concervé of elasticity and rebound (a trs is important).
- Possibility according rglages (eq, comp, or to obtain gain ...), sounds so sweet trs trs sharp / slammin, through sounds very fat or very s sales (bcp opportunities, jazz, and grungeman mtalleux surely find their happiness).
- Configuration from the pc, it is simply gnial (plus, no need to break the back).
- The expression PDAL 3D is really nice, although not too useful (vzaiment luxury).
- I particulirement simulations Msa Boogie and Marshall.
- Other effects are good and trs trs own (flanger, trmolo, rverbe, chorus and many others).
- The acoustic guitar simulation: trs good.
Other simulations interreassante: metal zone, tube screamer, fuzz, Proco RAT.
- J'apprcie really qualiser strips (6 strips), I prfre qualiser this one parameter.

Or the + or -:

- The distos paratrent may resemble each other. This is true for some. In fact, some are similar.
To get the best of each simulation, it is the rgler qualisation. It is true that without some rglages Prior may be similar. And that can dcevoir at first.
At the same time I think every multi-effects sound basis of its own and I say that APRS having a Zoom 3000, Boss GT8 tried, heard on VOX ToneLab who all have their basis of their own (I did not like at all for that matter, that of the BOSS GT8, too sharp, snapping and cold (numrique)).
- Contrary to the opinion of "Greenbean" above, there is no breath of clean sounds and sometimes a little breath on distos shoots, but the gate is effective and trs every breath is withdrawn in the blink of an eye, with an ease dconcertante, without detriment to the sound.

The -:

- No sustainer (see with the existing compressors), it was a shame.
- No simulation of the synth (but the effect can vibe reminds the synth in a different kind).
- The effect "String", which can delay the arrival of sound to imitate the sound of a violin is not adjustable enough (it should be possible to further shorten the time limit minimum delay (the effect comes with too much delay)).
- No arpgiateur, it was less severe.
- Attention buttons rglages numriques may have problem with running time (and not rare when it happens irrmdiable).
- Manual editing of the sounds could be more intuitive (especially for qualisation would have required manual drawbars).
- The rponse of BCAN frquence in the pc via a graph for qualisation t would be the icing on the cake (too bad).
- The pedals are well whawha but to get a better prsence (I think that is worth the real high-end analog pedals dunlop crybaby type and others ...) however the potential for r adjuster are quite large.

Q: Some people want to change the lights to install better.
I tried the JJ Tesla and Golden Dragon, not bad, silent sound warmer, but less prcis. And finally, some sounds are dnaturs from the original. The simulation becomes more msaboogie any, when she was the characters.
In the end, I think the original lamps were chosen for t go with the amp simulations. So I choose to keep them.

I say, thank you for this pdalier ZOOM bold, who really wants these promises sound issue. The best sound I've encountered this type of pdalier.Il Only VOX ZOOM and that I take up this challenge, others will do well to consider.

alex42xx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
Everything was preceded tell ment with an amp simulator lampe.Possibilité of the patch was edited using the PC and a USB MIDI cable


This is my first multi-effects, so I learned to use it without any basis in the field:
very simple configuration, it is industry, we support the small button and op is fun to party with the following patch for the standard edition is easy to see how it works my day is enough to know everything changed. Well, since I'm not very good I did not have midi-usb cable and therefore I recorded all manuellement.Le manual is pretty clear on the general use of the device but to connect it to pc still a little fuzzy. very good point nonetheless the g9!


The standard sounds are really so so I play with two days and after I modified against the possibility of parameter setting are enormous patch is an extension of thought almost illimitée.donc for sounds bad at first, but as soon as we know it all settled we're happy! I use an ibanez with steve vai and an amp marshall 30th anniversary all-tube and a roland cube60 (the sound is obviously ...). meillure with the marshall distortion with excellent simulation and mesa boogie marshall are very good I think the wah-wha are good especially the "vox" and "cry" which are beautiful.


I use this multi for 3 months and have a blast like crazy by repeating and loved me (not test it live) I love the amp simulations and the ability to set as its desired sons.c ' is also my first pedal and I think it's simply the best value for money because I am not misinformed before you buy to get things right. this is my four that I have that choice and I would do without hesitation.

tangowapvil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom G9.2tt
A lot of things have t say ... But the characteristic that enchant me was the opportunity to play without effect and without simulation. For the sound of my amp just.
Another good point, the names of the amps are clear and inchangs, no need to refer a listing to find out what amp are talking about. It is pleasant.


Quite simple, you have to dive into the manual to go a little further in programming. But the possibilities are gnial.


So l ... I must say I n'tais not a convinced simulators and other numriques effects, I found the sound cold and dformant sound.
This is the sound of the pass is stunning in quality (realism, I do not because I do not know ... compare each amp).
I changed the lights to turn the same as my amp and the sound does not undergo any change.
Is happiness because the possibilities of his infinite GOOD SOUND.

Small bmole in the factory sounds there and take leave.


I test Line 6 pod pro, xp pro pod, vox tone lab, tech 21 GT6 boss, I have always been of the sound reproduction and the impossibility not to simulator. ..dropoff window
I pass by the analog pedals, nothing but repeat his ct ct programming, you have to tap dance ...

Excellent qualitprix, when looking at the number of pedal it takes ... Ms. changing lamps ...
I remake that choice without hsiter.