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Doepfer Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Doepfer Mini System

    Doepfer Mini System - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by didzedid/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I love modular analog synths with many controls and cables. You can finally be the master of sound but watch out because you'll need a good knowledge of electronic sound synt…

Translated user reviews
  • Doepfer RegelWerk

    Doepfer RegelWerk - " allergic southward beware!"


    there is a table faders, buttons, and an analog sequencer with control any MIDI and CV évênement gate and more UTILIZATION you must love books and know the MIDI so it is anything but intuitive and be patient. on the other hand, we buy this instru…

  • Doepfer A-120 24dB Low Pass 1

    Doepfer A-120 24dB Low Pass 1 - " The Moog sound in your studio for a few euros ..."


    Reproduction of Moog 24dB low pass filter in Eurorack Format: - A potentiometer controls the cutoff frequency of the filter. - Two independent potentiometers (CV2/CV3) for assaying the amplitude modulation signals applied a cut-off frequency of t…

  • Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO

    Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO - " My first VCO: Satisfied!"


    VCO Doepfer "entry level" - A switch octave (-2 / +2). - A fine tuning knob (- / +1 semi-tone). - A potentiometer for assaying the amplitude of the modulation signal applied to the pitch. - A potentiometer for adjusting the PW (width of the s…

  • Doepfer Dark Energy

    Doepfer Dark Energy - " Not bad"


    Connection noon and sufficient gate, an output jack was not luxury UTILIZATION Config clear advantage for small fingers SOUNDS The sound rings true, the grain is not as good as elsewhere but it is far from digital Sometimes cheap in extreme…

  • Doepfer Dark Energy

    Doepfer Dark Energy - "It was in the can"


    A small simple monophonic synthesizer 100% analog: a fixed oscillator waveform (possibly a sub oscillator triangle or sawtooth) with PWM control, a low-pass filter 24dB resonant, VCA, ADSR Two LFO. Opportunities for internal patch: LFO1 on the pit…

  • Doepfer A-100 Basic System 1

    Doepfer A-100 Basic System 1 - " The machine having"


    Hello More and more aspiring musicians opt for the "PC ALL", and in the end we are left with a mix without wealth, while flat, everything is mixed? WHAT A PITY The solution is to diversify the sound sources, and there, the A100 is a must: mod…

  • Doepfer Dark Time

    Doepfer Dark Time - " step sequencer to the old"


    see DOEPFER site. The device is smaller than I thought! it's a bit pokey and this may be the only weak point of this unit. the connection is really rich: the old (cv / gate) with at least old (noon) and Modern (USB)! the firmware is being updat…

  • Doepfer Dark Time

    Doepfer Dark Time - " Excellent"


    no sound module, it is not a sequencer not only Ultra full connectivity: CV / gate, MIDI and USB no memory, one button, one function no Mac or PC Utility very simple and intuitive UTILIZATION extremely simple configuration for me, only …

  • Doepfer Dark Energy

    Doepfer Dark Energy - " EXTRA"


    Semi-modular analog synth monophonic. No effect. UTILIZATION Standard configuration and effective. Manuel useless. Editing sounds spontaneous. Recreational use. SOUNDS This machine SONNE. It is effective in the register of bass, percussion, a…