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revega 12/13/2011

Doepfer Dark Energy : revega's user review


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Good for the features I'm not going to see prior reviews. But in a nutshell:
All there!


The use of such instruments requires a little knowledge in subtractive synthesis. At the same time it is very educational and requires from you a little imagination, curiosity and patience. For here is all done by hand, so bye bye preset, memories and other programs of assistance. Back to the roots!
Manuel hyper but clear English (on site) or German (paper) that allows only hand made quickly and without headaches.


The sound is very binary at the same time this enough to play DE in the courtyard of the self-sounding instruments varied and constantly evolving.
We can get this little box a lot of bass sounds, leads, fx or string (mono) are very good bills. No need to get a compressor or a tube amp, the issuing his departure a clear, powerful and alive.
The sound resembles a bit of a Moog, I said a little and a little through the modulating LFO you find yourself out of it very retro atmosphere.
Or there is fun to grind, patch, adjust the various inputs and outputs of the module. Excellent! Within 15 minutes we can engage in editing sound surprising and completely barred.
Well it is best to get its signal in a delay / reverb, it makes the sound more enjoyable and less 'raw casting'.


Bought 2 years ago and sold for a trifle foolishly I bought recently and I do not regret it. The newer models seems more results in terms of filtering, unless it is my ears (which is possible). Although it is hardly bigger than a cigar box, the little Doepfer not be ashamed of its size or its possibilities. So for less than € 400 you are the owner of a fascinating instrument, scalable (modular), powerful and super easy to use. Must!