Doepfer Dark Time
Doepfer Dark Time

Dark Time, Sequencer from Doepfer.

pilip 04/11/2012

Doepfer Dark Time : pilip's user review

«  step sequencer to the old »

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see DOEPFER site.
The device is smaller than I thought! it's a bit pokey and this may be the only weak point of this unit.
the connection is really rich: the old (cv / gate) with at least old (noon) and Modern (USB)!
the firmware is being updated: no major bug with the latest version 1.10.
(Remember to update the firmware if you pick one, earlier versions have bugs.)
PSU included


"The usual functions are they easily accessible?"
yes, then one of the big strengths of this device, we have everything on hand, like a good old analog machine (but it is digital sequencer! is also to our advantage because more stable, especially at the "quantize" that finds the right note with ease)
I use it in cv / gate with my dotcom modular, it works perfectly: an online CV to the VCOs, and a line to CV2 the VCF, a gate common to the VCA.
I transpose the midi sequences via a MIDI keyboard, it works perfectly well.
(It is possible to have the first line of eight steps that control the oscilloscope example and second line which runs the pulsewidth (= gate length) of each of 8 ratings)


no sound is a controller.
But it can bring out your synth sounds not previously identified.


It is a machine to improvise, to find, for the curious.
The range of editable parameters "live" allows the evolution of a loop haunting (in a good sense), this is pretty huge for the fans. Manufacturing is strong, the machine has the mouth, it's my opinion (and thanks to the advice of another member of AF for that matter) the current step sequencer to have if you are looking for.
defects: pokey (the kind Moog knobs 18 are 1.5cm and 2cm non: the photo of AF-size), the sides could have been varnished
qualities: stable, solid, beautiful, updated firmware
a beautiful machine in general.