Doepfer Dark Time
Doepfer Dark Time

Dark Time, Sequencer from Doepfer.

revega 09/10/2011

Doepfer Dark Time : revega's user review


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Analogue sequencer, the latest addition to Doepfer in the register.
More info:


Operation is simple if you know how a sequencer. For the novices, the fact that the machine has no internal menus and everything is done in front fixes the grip.
The manual on the Doepfer site is sufficient, no need to drag it easy.
You turn the knobs to find the right voltage (the note) and up to 16 enchaine not all changed at will (number of steps, skip a note, read alternately, transposition etc. ...).
The advantage is the appearance of a USB port, added in addition to MIDI and CV / gate can transpose via an external keyboard while turning the sequence through another 'time clock' (not possible with Regelwerk one and a little painful with a 16-QAM / 3).


No sound sequencer is up to you to play.


In the end it's probably the most intuitive sequencer and more interactive than I know. It is very close to the ARP sequencer in its possibilities. I, in my opinion, found more interesting than the models heavier type Regelwerk or 16QAM / 3 of course, have memories, but their approach more 'pro' are less pleasant to use.
With this model I think Doepfer sequencer quite strong and can surf on a technology alternative to computer music and therefore more organic.
Can be a bit expensive for a device as small but look at the price of a PRA, a SQ10 or an old Model 800 Sequential home.
Here at least we have the advantage of reliability, low congestion and the benefits of modern architecture, namely the Midi port (in + CV / Gate) and USB. Its direct competitor, the MFB, although it has advantages is miles of Darktime.
One of the best sequencers that I know.