Doepfer Dark Time
Doepfer Dark Time

Dark Time, Sequencer from Doepfer.

Maxidingue 03/23/2012

Doepfer Dark Time : Maxidingue's user review

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no sound module, it is not a sequencer not only
Ultra full connectivity: CV / gate, MIDI and USB
no memory, one button, one function
no Mac or PC Utility
very simple and intuitive


extremely simple configuration
for me, only connected via USB, Ableton Live has synchronized (master)
2 tracks necessary: ​​the first with Darktime in MIDI in, Arturia Minimoog with an instrument inserted into the second with my master keyboard with MIDI in and MIDI out in Draktime
and voilou, my sequence is synchronized Darktime turns of Ableton I start playing and I can pitch in real time with my master keyboard
Simplissime manual available in French knew the forum


I remember, its NOT in the sequencer


I bought my Darktime a week ago, used very intensively for

until now I only sequençais on my Mac with Ableton
now the little Dark does the job
you can either use a sequence of 16 steps of 1 or 2 channel sequence of 8 steps on two MIDI channels
if we just thoughtful, price is a bit excessive for my taste
few switches, a few knobs, a simple box and two wooden sides: a little expensive for what sequencer
it says the build quality is impeccable and components rather good

for now I do not regret my purchase

no memory or stage
sequencing not possible to CC (maybe in a firmware update)
the price

The most:
Simplified Deployment
USB connectivity (including feeding Darktime)
tips (jump, stop on each step)