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  • [NAMM][VIDEO] A looper for the TimeFactor
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] A looper for the TimeFactor

    07/19/14 in Eventide TimeFactor

    We learned at the Eventide booth at Summer NAMM 2014 that the TimeFactor delay pedal will soon be updated with an advanced looper.

  • Eventide is shipping the PowerFactor 2

    Eventide is shipping the PowerFactor 2

    10/10/13 in Eventide PowerFactor 2

    Eventide introduces the second version of its PowerFactor multiple power supply for stompboxes, developed in partnership with Cioks.

  • Eventide PowerFactor

    Eventide PowerFactor

    05/30/11 in Eventide PowerFactor

    Eventide has announced the availability of the PowerFactor.

  • Eventide Space Shipping

    Eventide Space Shipping

    03/09/11 in Eventide Space

    Eventide has announced it is now shipping Space, a versatile reverb effect stompbox.

  • [NAMM] Eventide Space Video Demo
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    [NAMM] Eventide Space Video Demo

    01/15/11 in Eventide Space

    New Eventide Space Video on AudioFanzine

  • [NAMM] Eventide Space
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    [NAMM] Eventide Space

    01/13/11 in Eventide Space

    Eventide take the wraps off their little black box – an Eventide Reverb in a compact case for Guitar, Stage and Studio.

  • Eventide PitchFactor Shipping

    Eventide PitchFactor Shipping

    03/17/09 in Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide has announced that the PitchFactor Harmonizer stompbox is shipping.

  • [NAMM] Eventide PitchFactor

    [NAMM] Eventide PitchFactor

    01/27/09 in Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide announced its PitchFactor stompbox, which includes Eventide's pitch-changing effects from the past 36 years.

  • [NAMM] Eventide Modfactor

    [NAMM] Eventide Modfactor

    01/20/08 in Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide has unveiled the Modfactor, a stompbox like the great TimeFactor, but for modulations.