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Eventide Factor user reviews

  • Eventide TimeFactor

    Eventide TimeFactor - "Well priced super delay"


    The Eventide brand has always made world class effects with inspiring amounts of flexibility in terms of crafting unique sounds. Until the Factor series stompboxes were released, it was hardly attainable as the larger, more powerful rack units offere…

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "A ridiculously powerful guitar reverb"


    The Eventide Space is a reverb effects stomp box that has more features and capabilities than you can possibly imagine! Loaded with 12 reverb algorithms, including the famed BlackHole reverb, standards like Plate and Hall, and with oddities such as R…

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - "Amazing"


    The Eventide Pitchfactor is a digital harmonizer, and also dabbles in delay, echo, chorus, flange and a bunch of other things including a synth and fuzz patch there are a bunch of hook ups including midi, usb and multiple in's and outs for wet dry se…

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "yes!"


    The EvenTide Space Stereo Reverb is a digital effects pedal .The pedal has a 1/4 inch input for your guitar and has two 1/4 inch outputs and is powered by either a 9 volt battery or 9 volt power supply.  It isn't a rack mountable unit as it is a stom…

  • Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide Modfactor - "Mod this"


    Eventide is known for their great sounding rack units for the studio and now are getting even more popular with the masses because of their great sounding and user friendly foot pedals. They have really done a great job building these pedals for the …

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "AHH yes!!!"


    Eventide pretty much owns it whens it comes to rack units effects that are used live and the studio. They have really taken a grip of the market that needs high quality sounds for professional and amateur guitars and musicians. They have really been …

  • Eventide Space

    Eventide Space - "Think of it as a library of verb"


    This is a basically a pedal version of a high end Eventide rack unit. Has 12 different programs to choose from. Here's the feature set: Wide variety of spatial effects including basic reverbs, delays, and unique combination effects Stud…

  • Eventide TimeFactor

    Eventide TimeFactor - "Favourite digital delay on the market!"


    The Eventide Timefactor is a "do-it-all" digital delay unit that is know for it's studio quality delay sounds. It has 10 different delay types including ModDelay, Tape Echo, Ducking Delay, Vintage Delay, Band Delay, Filter Pong, Multitap and reverse.…

  • Eventide PitchFactor

    Eventide PitchFactor - nickname009's review


    This is one of eventide's digital stomp boxes packed with ten of their signature pitch shifting effects such as : Diatonic, Pitchflex, Quadravox, Octaver, HarModulator, Crystals, MicroPitch, HarPeggiator, H910/H949, and Synthonizer. It also has some …

  • Eventide TimeFactor

    Eventide TimeFactor - "Powerful delays"


    At a high price, the timefactor comes with a high level of features. Some players might scoff at paying this much for a digital delay, but the features are great on paper. Two delays at once, bank mode, repeat switch, a large library of delays incl…