Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide TimeFactor
VishNuRoXoUt 11/30/2011

Eventide TimeFactor : VishNuRoXoUt's user review

« Favourite digital delay on the market! »

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The Eventide Timefactor is a "do-it-all" digital delay unit that is know for it's studio quality delay sounds. It has 10 different delay types including ModDelay, Tape Echo, Ducking Delay, Vintage Delay, Band Delay, Filter Pong, Multitap and reverse. Then has a 12 second looper. The unit has stereo ins and outs with switches for both sides for line level or guitar level. Very convenient. It's many features can be controlled via midi, expression pedal or an auxiliary footswitch. The firmware can be updated via USB and a download from the Eventide site. It's very simple. Everything is solid when it comes to construction. The pedal and the switches feel like a tank to me.


This pedal has a lot going on and can be somewhat overwhelming to someone who is new to Eventide's pedals. But once you understand how to edit the sounds it gets very easy. You can pretty much get any delay sound out of this thing. The 11 knobs control an insane amount of parameters, if you cannot get the sound you're looking for it's probably your fault. The manual goes over each knob and how to edit the presets very clearly. One of the more usable manuals I've used for a pedal. This pedal really opens up with the 3 button auxiliary switch. I would completely recommend getting one if you purchase this unit.


I've used my TimeFactor for guitar, keys and vocals. It works wonders on all of them. This pedal is very silent and has true analog bypass. I haven't experienced any popping when I engage any switches. I was very happy about that.

More than any other sound I use the modulation delay and the tape echo the most. They can be tweaked down to the tee. I have a very nice Deluxe Memory Man sound on mine, it's very accurate. I also really like the multitap. You can set two delays to numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and get some very very cool sounds with that.


There is nothing about this delay unit that I can complain about. It was everything I expected and more and I have had zero issues in the entire time I've had it. I've used the DD-20, DL-4, RE-20 and a few other small digital delays and this thing takes the cake and more. The quality and sound is above par with anything I've used the price is sort of high but it's definitely worth it. I found mine on a forum with a auxiliary switch built by Dan at T1M for only $325 in very great condition. Worth every penny.