Eventide Space
Eventide Space

Space, Reverb for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

JeffTadashi 05/23/2012

Eventide Space : JeffTadashi's user review

« A ridiculously powerful guitar reverb »

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The Eventide Space is a reverb effects stomp box that has more features and capabilities than you can possibly imagine! Loaded with 12 reverb algorithms, including the famed BlackHole reverb, standards like Plate and Hall, and with oddities such as Reverse and Shimmer. It is fully capable of stereo input and output, which makes it perfect for studio use. It is software upgradable via USB, and it is fully controllable via midi, and it is also controllable with external footswitches. It is capable of saving presets, but the presets cannot be saves or transferred to the computer via the USB connection.


This pedal is a bit confusing to use; notably, changing presets versus changing the reverb type can be confusing, especially since the first new factory presets are the exact same names as the reverb type (Hall, Plate, etc). It also doesn't help that both of those are controllable by the same knob. However, editing an actual preset it fairly easy, just turn the knobs, and the name of the parameter shows up in the display. The general names of the parameters are written on the box, but for some presets, they switch it up.

There is also a hotswitch function, which lets you change the parameters within a preset instantaneously, back and fourth between two settings. A cool function, but I'm not sure when I would ever use it.


The sound quality of the Eventide reverbs is top notch: with so many controllable parameters, these are some of the best non-convolution reverbs I've ever heard. In fact, they certainly beat many convolution reverbs I've heard as well. When the mix and room size are turned up to extreme levels, the reverb doesn't hide, it shines. Eventide is famous for their delays and reverbs, and it certainly shows here.


Overall, this is a great (but pricey) reverb box unit. Is it worth buying for a guitar setup? Probably overkill, unless you are utilizing some of the more unusual reverbs, or if you need huge reverbs. Is it worth using in the studio? Possibly, but sometimes using VST or software-based effects can be easier. If you're looking for one of the top reverbs available in a physical hardware stomp-box form, then this is the pedal for you.