Eventide Space
Eventide Space

Space, Reverb for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

marsupio37 07/13/2012

Eventide Space : marsupio37's user review

«  The Space of Eventide home, a single Reverb! »

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See the manufacturer's website.
The number of reverb proposed is sufficient for all styles of music.
Depending on the type of reverb chosen, complementary effects such as chorus, flanger, overdrive, delay, pitch, etc. can be offered. The sound possibilities are very extensive ..

The connection is more than complete since the Space has a stereo input with line or guitar coach, also a stereo output with amp or line selection, an expression pedal input, USB, auxiliary switch, and a midi In and Out ...
Also build quality and choice of materials inspire confidence ...


Its use is quite simple, the manual (in English) is explicit. It is very useful for the operating mode (System mode) of the Space.
When editing a rule a knob reverb function.


What about the sound quality reverb finally ... bin in three words, beautiful, fabulous, stunning.!
It does not get tired ....


I use it mainly with synthesizers, some demos are available on Youtube, including one with a superb Prophet 08.
Due to the quality of its effects, the Space is a premium pedal (489 € new) which can be use as well as the studio scene. It may be a little expensive but I think it equals some widely Lexicon rack that occaze cost of € 600 ..

Choice to repeat without hesitation!

Recently his brother, The time factor is at his side, and both are fond of very well together! :)