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Eventide Space

Reverb for Guitar from Eventide belonging to the Factor series.

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TheJeff666 TheJeff666

«  Space not only ... »

Publié le 11/04/13 à 03:20
This is a pedal "reverbs" produced by digital eventide, stereo or mono, stompbox series connection very well thought out and complete (with selector level input and output allowing any type of use).
12 reverb algorithms of processors from prestigious brand. 11 parameters "only" to edit a preset ... connectors for expression pedal and a button hotswitch funny ...


There is a manual in French, interesting to get to know the action of some knobs depending on the algorithm chosen.
Any changes live on the machine is usable (no staircase effect, immediate response).
The general configuration is relatively simple to handle.
Editing sounds is easy? ca is another story ... if you stay in the field of predilection of the machine, the reverb space (think Blade Runner for example ...), and what is done to it and it's broke, a preset is chosen , turn knobs and interstellar journey begins .... To use a more "classic", the book is important because four more standard algos (room, flat spring and hall) are not to decorate and it would be a shame not to use such a machine for the FX. ..


The sound quality is simply impressive, it really is very pro and is far from any kind of plugin or multi-effect base, we are in the high end professional and uncompromising. The first time I plugged in my home studio, I had the impression of being a good fifteen years back and find myself in one of those big studio who were the only ones who can afford to time of the lexicon, the TC or eventide .... Slap!
Space is the home connected auxiliary and can handle everything I want (vocals, synths, guitars, rhythm ...) and I'm not tired. Once passed the stunning but very effective side reverbs space (the relatively annecdotiques use ...), we go to work seriously and there is the foot. The Room is the best I know, the lobby is beautiful and huge, in the spring you ammene ennio morricone or shadows, the platform is awesome with a guitar or snare .... that's very good ...


Used for over 3 years, I am very demanding with reverbs and I found my Grail home studio, especially for a more classic than space-...
It's very expensive if you use it only as a space and special effect ... If we know also use it as a simple reverb ... value for money is huge ...
Should I redo this choice? well I must say that having two or three in the space of my ca table would not mind to make treatment bus batteries or voice ...
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