Eventide TimeFactor
Eventide TimeFactor

TimeFactor, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Eventide in the Factor series.

SonicPulverizer 10/09/2012

Eventide TimeFactor : SonicPulverizer's user review

« Well priced super delay »

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The Eventide brand has always made world class effects with inspiring amounts of flexibility in terms of crafting unique sounds. Until the Factor series stompboxes were released, it was hardly attainable as the larger, more powerful rack units offered were thousands of dollars. The TimeFactor is my first experience with the line, and so far I'm significantly impressed with what is offered. The unit features 10 individual time based effects (Digital, Vintage, Tape, Mod, Ducked, Band, Filter Pong, Multitap, Reverse, Looper), 100 factory presets, as well as midi capability. The front panel of the unit sports an impressive number of rotary controls for effects parameters as well as selecting effects to use. Touching on the looks of the pedal, the TimeFactor is very sleek and modern. An expensive looking pedal bound to add flash to your pedalboard.


The amount of real time control available through midi support and expression pedal compatibility, coupled with the stereo options in the I/O make this pedal a dream for gigging musicians. The sound quality may be not quite at the level of other boutique manufacturers such as Strymon and JHS, but the amount of presets and the room to create large volumes of instantly recallable patches makes up with quite a competitive edge.


The sounds of the TimeFactor are great. The loop feature is very well laid out with the footswitches, allowing you to create nice ambient moments inside a set. A lot of the presets are perfectly useable and make for light work dialing in a sound that fits for a particular part.


The Eventide TimeFactor is an excellent delay for gigging musicians especially. If you need midi control and enough storage room to fit patches for recall, you will be served well with this pedal. The direct competition to the TimeFactor is the Strymon Timeline. The TimeFactor can be had commonly for around $299 on the used market, while the Strymon is a rare catch altogether in the used market.