MOTU 896 Mk3
MOTU 896 Mk3

896 Mk3, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 896 series.

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All user reviews for the MOTU 896 Mk3

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 1 user review14 %
 1 user review14 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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loudfunk's review"What's not to love!"

MOTU 896 Mk3
28 channel in/28 channel out firewire interface.
8 instrument/mic in and outs
16 ADAT/Toslink i/o
Spdif and AES/Ebu i/o
DSP powered effects.


On Mac I just love Motu. This is my 3rd Motu interface. On PC I'd rather use something like a Fire Face.


Set-up is insanely simple, install drivers, connect, turn on...record.


There is nothing I don't dig about this interface. AND it sounds great.
Whether I use it for a mic pre or as my word clock.
It comes with a software mixer that lets you run separate mixes. Actually I have used it as a stand alone mixer without computer. The small interface is a bit fiddly for this but it does work as described by the manufacturer.

When you open the software mixer you have three panes. One for inputs, next is mixes, next outputs. You can run effects on the inputs or on the outputs. SO you have the choice to print them or not. It comes with soft clipping so you can hit the inputs without too much worry of digital distortion.
My favorite of this is that when you're using it with another interface that has a fixed sample rate and you connect them via AES/EBU you can run the Motu at your project sample rate and convert at the AES/EBU outs. Or vice versa. Ingenious!

Plus the fact that you can send different mixes to different sources, at this price makes it a great value for the money.

jubjub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful, strong, reliable"

MOTU 896 Mk3
I was looking for a sound card with multiple inputs, reliable and a higher range.
I use it for recording vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, and my samplers
(And mixes!)
It is interfaced with a PC Motherboard Asus Quad core 8GB Ram windows 7 pro.
I takes only 8 because it does not have a MIDI interface.


The drivers are stable, there is nothing to say except some crashes when I turn on the compressor and / or external preamp. Just turn it off and restart (a 10aine seconds).
I use Cubase5.
Next record, I record one track. Mic, guitar, samplers and MIDI tracks.
Side reading, 20, 30, 40 tracks and more.
I have a latency of 12ms. I never really set this option. 12ms is the last proper limit and it suits me.
I put 8 because the drivers are not updated, the Hybrid is preferred.
But they are stable.


Quick installation and trouble-free!
Setup is simple, you just understand the CueMix (software management inputs, outputs, EQ, Compression, and effects for each track), but it's fast.
No inconsistency, I had interfaced with a Tascam FW-1082 on its second Firewire port: no problem.


I love its appearance, beautiful and strong. The master volume knob is a bit small, and as I often used my fingernail has etched a little facade, so more paint near the volume button. I intend to take a case management monitoring to mute the output with a volume button.
The Main Output and Headphone volume management is not terrible, the headphone output is connected to the Main Out 1/2. So, if I want to use THAT headphone, I must turn my monitor speakers. (Or so I missed a config routing in CueMix? Send me a message if you have a solution ;) )

Before I had a Tascam US-428 (beautiful blue) and a FW-1082. I wanted more inputs, better converters, m ^ me if those are the Tascam respectable, and a rack-mounted.

Side converters, nothing to say, no breath, transparent.
It lacks an interface MIDI.J 'I had to get an external USB, from M-Audio.
mister o07/26/2011

mister o's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For the price nothing to say"

MOTU 896 Mk3
What motivated my choice is the price for the number of I / O, the number of preamps ...
Having The AES-EBU and SPDIF at the same time.
I use one hand on the move with a rosetta 200 AES, my DTC SPDIF and ADAT card Creamware A16, and a set of preamp to go to catch at the other end of the world with a MacBook Pros.
And fix in the studio with a Mac Pro and a Soundcraft 2400 right now.


Everything is stable, with Logic Pro 9, I recorded up to 28 tracks simultaneously without worry.
Latency is negligible a few milliseconds.


No problem.


I use it since its purchase, I had a lot of other sound card.
I like the quality for the price, the preamp, I / S. ..
I do it again without hesitation that choice in this price range.

badablow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 896 Mk3
◦ What characteristics have motivated your choice?
8 mic / guitar pro quality, 16 channels ADAT, S / PDIF to AES / EBU, we can all connect to this interface.
◦ For what purpose?
Sound card and mixer with DSP for stage or mixing. Tested in conjunction Guitar / Vocals / Hearts / Bass / Drums Electronics, as a mixer with reverb, compressions, EQ ....
Tip for use as a VST effects BFD: BFD is a virtual instrument drum and can be configured with many separate outputs: Kick, Snare, Hat, TOM1 ..... To apply DSP effects on each slice of drums (For example, a compression on the kick, an EQ on the toms ...), simply connect inputs and outputs with 2 ADAT optical cable (12 € for two) to see 16 extra tracks in the software mixing. Next, in your preferred CAD, we must assign the outputs of BFD:
Kick ADAT = 1
Snare = ADAT 2
ETC .....
You find all the separate tracks and VST mixer in CueMix FX, a 24 track digital console. You can also link the inputs and outputs S / PDIF and AES / EBU to add another 4 tracks or 28 tracks with DSP (8 analog and 20 tracks for VST)
It is even possible to make tracks for the entire Drum group eg: in the FX mixer CueMix must use the bus (BUS MIX Drum Appoint and assign it to a digital output also called Mix Drums) in the table corresponding mixing, transfer all the tracks except the drums. In the mixer main mix (Master Out), mutating all the drum tracks kick, snare ... Runway Mix group except Drums. That's the trick "how to use DSP live on VST)
◦ What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk ,...)? MacBook
◦ With what instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) you are using and how connections?
I'll buy a motu 8pre to add 8 preamps and to record an acoustic drum.


I use Cubase 5 and BFD with electronic drums live. I arrive at a total latency of 4MS without cracking and with no crashes


My little sister has installed the drivers and softwares


Awesome! 3 months, used in home studio, live as a mixer is much smaller than an N12, quality preamps is to go.

Mheyos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 896 Mk3
What characteristics have motivated your choice?

-The large number of inputs and outputs of the beast
-The ability to switch to stand-alone
It manageable via direct monitoring interface cue-mix, to make 8 different mixes for musicians.
-The ability to assign each exit has a different bus.
The mode-192KHZ

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk ,...)?

MacPro Quad-core 2007, 8 gigabytes of ram.

For what purpose?

-Live recording or studio bands.

With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) do you use this interface with? ...

Motu-coupled two ADAT Octane preamps MAUDIO
5002-A preamp Tla Ivory to light
Yamaha preamp-ha 8 8 channel transistor has
A pro-Pod X3 coupled spdif
A lexicon-pcm90 coupled AES / EBU

Yamaha-tapping HS80M

I give the score of 9 as perfect in every way, just missing a PAIR entry noon ... incomprehensible to a product of this quality ...


The drivers are stable?

-Perfectly stable on OSX snowleopard

What software do you use most often?

-Logic studio 9

How many tracks do you manage to record / playback simultaneously?

-Recording up to 34 tracks at 48 kHz, half in 192khz


The installation is done it without problems?

Mac-happy ...

The general configuration is easy?

-Yes and no ....
As long as we get to think like the designer Motu is very easy
THE PROBLEM is that it may take time ...
Example ..

hand out in the motu .... it's the Master General of the bike ... that on which branch the speakers ...
So in the DAW if you want to do a bus 1 / 2, we must assign to outputs 3 / 4 because the engineers consider that the 1 / 2 is the hand .....
However, this requires us to plug th famous bus 3 / 4 outputs on 1 / 2 of the motu ...

Except that, all is happy.

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?


The manual is clear and sufficient? ...



For how long have you been using it?

-8 months now

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

- I can not even begin to count them ....

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

-Without hesitation, unless I'm offered a Pyramix for the same price ... 
What thing do you like most/least about it?

Like more ....

the direct monitoring
transparent preamp
the numbers of inputs and outputs

Like less

the clip is activated when a pad on a wafer
logic output patch cue mix
the view meters poorly operated
the side a bit plastic.

wizley's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 896 Mk3

I would like to order this card with the purchase of a new generation iMac that I just bought, I wonder if the imac map is stable, especially if the chifset is compatible. Thank you in advance


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chandrasekar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU 896 Mk3
MOTU 896 HD has added the functionality I rvais, namely the effects of Intgr trs good quality (Rverbe, EQ, Compression, Limiter), so as to increase re substantial comfort in the musicians' recordings.

Surcrot of all rglages is available in "Stand Alone", which makes it a good rev mixer for live!

Used as a converter with a Neve 1073, TL Audio Valve Classic, etc..


Extremely simple installation in 3 minutes ...


Drivers stable.
Used with Cubase & Samplitude.
Recording 16 tracks simultaneously by combining my other HD 896.


Reue 2 weeks ago.
What I like most:
Versatility of the card (pramplis transparent, good converters).
Trs Intgr effects of good quality (can also be used for mixing ...)

Trs qualitprix good value given the fact that this interface is actually a sound card, a converter honnte trs, table 8-track mixer with effects Intgr!