MOTU Traveler-mk3
MOTU Traveler-mk3

Traveler-mk3, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the Traveler series.

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Average Score:3.5( 3.5/5 based on 3 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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ouindel's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a veritable Swiss Army Knife"

MOTU Traveler-mk3
the number of tracks, the two I / O ADAT and then the firewire ...
, unwanted with a mac pro or quad core pc or just with my toshiba. In all cases, no worries. I record mostly nomadic in concerts, festivals, répèts ... sampling and some little studio


Yes the drivers are stable but you need to download the latest version of latency, 4ms input and 6 output to 128 ms as buffer size


one must understand CUE MIX is not obvious at first but when you do it, you can do great things with. no particular concerns


2-3 years since I lost a preamp (actually all of Unit 4 does not work anymore, Buzz) nickel if it works. I had and still has a whole slew of sound cards (hercules 16/12FW, Fireface 800, digi 03rack +, Motu 2408mk3, mk2 ...)
most is the number of tracks, and being able to supply it with firewire (but only with the 6pin pin, with the small pin, it does not work)
least, is the latency that makes a record for a percussionist or drummer you need a powerful machine or activate direct monitoring with zero latency
value for money very very good

Tolteck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for professional use"

MOTU Traveler-mk3
The characteristics are well described elsewhere.
I bought it to replace a MKII Traveler: DSP functions interested me.
The EQ is very effective. The signal analysis functions are handy.


Nothing to say about the use of: operating systems run on Mac 10.6.4


The microphone inputs are noisy under 48v. Another new card had the same problem. The card is part of SAV in August 2010 (French official importer sends the U.S.). She did not return to 23 January 2011. The importer does not respond to messages or the mail.


very effective, the only model standalone-dsp before the release of EMR Fx
Importer inadequate for professional use. It's money blocked. Avoid it.
Motu is done under these conditions. To avoid

mrcroche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MOTU Traveler-mk3
The number of trips or pad 4, the quality of that pramps dfendent trs well and especially the possibility of qualiser, compress and / or limit the in and out ind pendently in hardware ...
- For what purpose?
dplacement studio and ... a joy in the studio with a good mixer!
dplacement in a small 8X8 multicore jack is Necessary for the entries pluguer analog outputs. because it is not possible in-house or soft.

- What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
Dell PC 2006 2GB RAM Centrino Duo, supports 30 tracks with STREO samplitude 8 without problem and some effects. I open at 8 or 9 vsti logic (but it died on PC software it difficult to say whether we can do better ... my processor is 50% maximum limit)


Problem-free installation

The manual is not really enough ... for use grows.

Cue mix software that gre card and stand alone mode (without a computer accessible from the faade) is a bit complicated to beginners ... Ralite it is in a logic all make classic mixer ... This could be simplified ncessaire but if we make a real working studio multitrack. 28 in and 30 out ... it's cool!
but two days of breaking even when head to realize that logic is finally old and it was me who was looking for the complicated o there had not ...


The drivers are stable

and often put day

7 ms latency, I have not tried below ...

Stereo playback 30 tracks, can be more ...

for now I read 18 Stereo tracks while I recorded 4 Stros playing simultanment VSTI an open stand alone ... in 48 kHz 24bit

Easy to bte ...


I use the card for 2 months
+ small, the quips are pramps gain (attention because a clip as real gains in dB dB adjustable mixers) and volumes of (without noise) by accssibles menu faade easily stand alone mode.

small - I have apprcier gain and volume pramps under the fingers, the card can be supplied by external battery, it could almost serve as a mixer 4 documentary tracks .. . with a 4-track recorder for example and without computer.

there is also a rverbe but not gniale, a concert can help if you have nothing else.
outflows really EHJV

+ right: the qualiseur is really powerful and enjoyable work.
before I used an M-Audio 410 ... and not do it again ever!
Difference of the sound input and output is not comparable ...
The 410 m audio sounds really rough ct the traveler! and I'm nice.
I tried a motu traveler MK2 and waited to have money and when I heard MK3 version has!
I tried a 800 especially for the RME pramps, and the Difference is a story of its color and price for me ...

in the end there is more to the traveler on EHJV dynamic mics ... some o the same mixers of good quality roads are falling due to lack of gain, the traveler to trs trs dfend well for its price!

finally with the powerful DSP, the good pramps, the stand alone and external power supply is the best quality at prices ... we will see what we RME prpare but for now they are beaten!
I redo my choice without any problem