PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the PreSonus FireBox

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a.k.a's review"Sturdy and reliable"

PreSonus FireBox
The features that motivated my purchase are basically the inputs and outputs: I have the need to connect a bass + mic + sampler and record all this, which this soundcard allows.
I t has two high-impedance inputs with two preamps and 48V phantom power, two standard line inputs, 6 outputs, S/PDIF and MIDI In and Out, headphones output. There's also the AC connector (but no power switch) and two Firewire 400 connectors (which is an important detail, since I needed to buy an adapter to go from FW 400 to 800 when I changed computers).
I've used it for 8 years in different but recurring setups: audio recording of electric instruments (guitar, bass), digital instruments (sampler, synths) and acoustic sources (didgeridoo, flute, percussions, and vocals). I also use it to arrange and mix my songs. I have never had the need to use the mixing and routing software included with the soundcard.
I connect it directly to my computer (a 2011 iMac) via Firewire.


From 2006 to 2011 I used PCs and the stability of the soundcard depends a lot on the system itself. I had incompatibility problems with the DVD player of one of my computers, which was a real pain for months. It worked fine with my other computers.
On the Mac I've had no issues. There are no drivers: You just connect the soundcard, it pops up in the audio peripherals and that's that. I use it with Live to make music, but also with VLC when I listen to music or watch a film. It is always connected to the computer. I have never been limited by the number of tracks during recording, but I usually use it alone or with two or three musicians, tops.
The total latency I get (input and output) is 14 ms, which is pretty decent.


See the compatibility problems above and the threads regarding this problem in the forums.
On a PC, there's no guarantee of compatibility unless you have a solid chipset and a real Firewire input, I guess.
On Mac it's smooth and silky, you don't even need the manual.
I give it 6 because I had a hard time with my previous computers. If I were to only consider the time I have used with the Mac, I'd give it a 9.


I've used it since autumn 2006. I didn't test any other model before buying this one: I simply identified my needs and an interesting opportunity arose.
I love its stability and sturdiness, I know it's not gonna fail me while I'm working on my music, it never crosses my mind.
Two details bug me a bit after several years of use: To use MIDI and S/PDIF you need to add a snake cable to the rear of the soundcard. Furthermore, the level knobs (input and output) on the front panel are small and very close to each other, which makes it hard to get to the master volume. But you get used to it.
Great value for money, as far as I'm concerned. I bought it secondhand, still under warranty and for a very decent price.
Odds are high that I would buy it again... Maybe not if I have a PC.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"handly interface"

PreSonus FireBox
The best thing about using the PreSonus Firebox I that it is very easy to use and understand. it’s a very small interface that worked great with my laptop. You can get your DAW to recognize the Firebox very easily in the audio out settings of your daw. As long as your drivers are up to date you will have no problem getting Firebox to work great. If you need more stuff plugged in at the same time I don’t suggest getting firebox, you will only be able to record one thing at a time so this was more of a laptop on the road thing for me. Though I have seen some people use it at home in there bedroom studio just because they don’t need a bunch of mic and instrument inputs to record at the same time.


PreSonus Firebox is very easy to install and use, it is very small you can fit it right in your laptop case with your laptop. In fact, that is where I left mine at, right in my laptop case so that whenever I was going somewhere I automatically had an interface with me so I could record.


The program that came with it, I cant remember what it was but I didn’t use it to record because I already was using a few other programs but just in case you are new to recording it does come with a software so you can record with.


It’s a great buy, just make sure you have a fire wire port on your computer and you will be good to go. If you have an older computer you may have some issue’s though and some serious lag. Just be careful of which interface you buy, you should also check out it will work with your computer before you buy. Read the specs.

goodbyebluesky's review

PreSonus FireBox
In this price range, there were only a couple interfaces to choose from and presonus has a good reputation and from reviews I read the Firebox produced less latency due to the high speed firewire connection as opposed to USB.
I used this interface with a homebuilt 1.3ghz PC with a gig of ram, and Cubase LE which was free with the Firebox, and my wharfedale 8.1 monitors. I was mostly using it (and its phantom power) to record acoustic and electric guitar with a large diaphram condensor mic, I rarely went direct through it except for bass which it handled nicely. Having 2 quality XLR inputs right on the front is nice so I'm not groping around back. It would have been nice to have all the inputs on the front, but.... I only use 1 or 2 anyway.
I have to say, this thing is pretty beefy with its metal case and metal knobs. As small and portable as it is (a huge plus for those of us on the go with our gear) it would have been nice to get a dedicated carrying case instead of a foam lined package it comes in.


The software installed no problem, compatible from the get go which is great because I am NOT a techhead. Cubease LE was a bit of a challenge getting the settings on the Firebox ready to record, but the manual helped.


Once I got it rolling, I never had a problem with the software. I only got noticeable latency when I was using my Drumkit From Hell which hogs up the ram on my computer, and it was bad. I only recorded one track at a time so I guess I've never really put it through its paces, it can record 4 simultaneously.


What I like most about it is its simplicity, I would think its ideal for an informed beginner like myself. I dig the way its small and sits right up on top of my wharfedale monitors easily within reach.
It was pretty comparable to a few other manufacturer's interfaces, so I feel like I got a good deal. I wish we had affordable technology like this and the FirePod back in my band recording days, decent quality preamps and 24 bit digital converters all in one package.

Knowing what I know now, I might fork out a little extra money for a more dedicated field type recording unit and do without computer software for an even more portable setup, but for PC/Mac I would still use Presonus, either Firebox or Firepod. Most definitely.

efbie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent quality / price ratio"

PreSonus FireBox
My choice was motivated by the reputation of Presonus and the user-reviews on AF.

It is connected to the monitor speakers output and a JP-8000 is connected at the input and the MIDI IN and OUT ports.

Old config:

XP SP2 32bit
Athlon X2 4800 +
2GB of ram
2 of 36GB raptors in raid 0

New config:

XP SP3 32bit
3.3 GHz Core i5 2500k
8GB of ram
HDD: WD caviar black 1T0


The drivers are super stable, I toured with the original version. They are (or rather were) regularly updated.

I use it with Cubase SX3. I shoot with an average of 50 tracks for a latency of 3 ms on the new bike and 6 to 8 ms on the former. Everything is ultra stable. No cracking or audio drops. See the trick I posted for those who have problems.


Installation could not be more simple, as is the configuration. The manual is simple and clear.


I use it for over 6 years and is really happy.

The drivers are really on top. In general, I had problem with almost 0.

The convertos are of relatively good quality. on the other hand, the amplification stage is rather feeble entered on lines 3 and 4 but we can fix all this by boosting the signal of 12 dB through the config panel of the card.

With experience, I do it again this choice and if mine were to let go, I repeat the same.

philtales's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" rather satisfied"

PreSonus FireBox
I chose him after researching the web to its small size Anisi motivated my purchase some good reviews, but I do not remember very many details, the price probably 150euros.J 'm generally satisfied, I've never had any technical problems except sometimes a few disconnections (especially Avoid touching or even to touch the cable connection Firebox-laptop which is very sensitive). It should also avoid using it with too many electrical devices operating simultaneously in the same room. I plug in synths and guitars, a microphone, regardless of the source in fact.


On my PC I use cubase
I have no latency issues, or other driver, I have made no updates. I write so I only use a single track at a time, but there came in two


I have a little gallery for the instalation but back then I was really a blue cock in this area not a reference. In fact it is especially the instalation and registration that was tedious CUBASE (Cubase was joined with the PRESONUS), the manual was clear but I think you always have a bit of intuition in this kind of manipulation. The problem is that this kind of doc always seems made for engineers or at least knowledgeable technicians which is not always the case for users.


I think 2 years, 3 can be
I've never tried anything else since I've never had any problems
ease of implementation, simplicity. Sync problems with cubase, but rather just the problem of cubase, but nothing redibitoire, all finished pa work out.
very good value / price
I do it again the same choice even if I have a little concern about the compatibility of the firebox with Newest computer, I will inquire about it the day my old Medion laptop I loose.

Tugano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good products"

PreSonus FireBox
What motivated my choice, it is appropriate to have this new product under warranty at a lower cots .. This card is totally my expectations (ie to compose and record voice instrumentals) ..
Moreover it is well Submitted Aesthetics and is a Prsonus.


The drivers are super stable, I turn on W7 32-bit 4 GB and report no problems ..
Latency is imperceptible (I 8ms) for the nickel compound, and audio recording.


Quick installation, no problem. Prvoir buy a firewire pci card texas instrument to use is optimal.


I use it for over 1 year now. I bought a beautiful 24 D TC electronic Konnect era but I did not know how to operate FireWire cards, I saw myself then return the product against heart .. But now I have no regrets because the FireBox is top ..

I cot is easy to use, compact, the knobs are solid ..
I like the least ... I have not much to say it does everything I ask him, it must be said that my sound card 1, so the back is dlicat ...

Lexprience with this choice I would do, knowing that it no longer marketed MODEL I will discuss the FireStudio Mobile ..

Mighty_Jeff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Solid, reliable and transparent"

PreSonus FireBox
Small interface, lgre, transportable, and complements.

4 in (2 XLR combo jack in front with 48v power supply, 2 line in jack on the rear)
6 out jack in the rear
Midi in / out and SPDIF in / out via the rear exploded
Headphone volume with front master indpendant

2 firewire 400 port for possibly chain multiple tricks

I use a MacBook Pro 13 "mid-2009.


She begins to have a few years derrire her, and I more often dcrochages.

The firewire interface loses sync for a second, then everything works again as normal.

The pramps not gain either madness ... With a microphone that does not much below the elbow (type B2 for a vote this week dernire VCU) pramp the bottom and it is still far from saturating ... Fortunately, the background noise is far trs, thus pushing the gain APRS has done everything is exploitable.

Do not esprer grain of any color coming from the pramps is a neutral end point, nothing flattering.

Trs correct latency, normal for an interface of this range.


It can not be easier with the macbook: full plug and play. You plug the firewire, it works and appears in the panel config 'gnral the mac and the input / output DIFFERENT software. (I use Ableton Live, Logic Pro and ProTools 9. Simple small compared Reserved ProTools, it works perfectly out, but I can not save. Has does not bother me because I do not m 'to serve as the mix, and my version of Pro Tools HD 9 is not exactly very strong LGAL, m'voyais?)

With my pc before, c'tait almost as simple. Just a quick driver install, which worked perfectly as I remember.


Perfect for my needs, good price, I have for years and not spare me if it slams. And as late as possible!

Reserved because of one small firewire dcrochages from time to time.

greg_dvs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality / price ratio"

PreSonus FireBox
Full details of the sound card available on the manufacturer's website ;-)
Used with a quad-Pc, 4x2.3 GHz, 4 GB RAM
2 FireWire card with Texas Instruments chipsets


I use it for my records homs studio with Cubase 5 (previously with a less powerful PC and Cubase SX3). I get a latency of about 4ms.

To me the drivers are stable, I fished regularly for updates on the manufacturer's website. Some people do not agree with me, maybe some incompatibilities with some hardware.

This is not pro gear, we agree, but I could record personal projects of exceptional quality with the Firebox.


Trouble-free installation.
Personally I had some trouble detection until I change my FireWire card, I was advised to take a Texas Instrument chipset with 2 and indeed, never had any problems.


I have 5 years, I am very happy.
I have not tried other, I wanted a card connected external FireWire and a phantom in order to register with a condenser microphone.
Well maintained, I have never had any problems with the knobs and input / output ... in short yes, I would do this choice, I have what I wanted to record tracks one by one, very correct quality and cheap.
matthico aodyo10/28/2011

matthico aodyo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Presonus Firebox"

PreSonus FireBox
Configuration at the time (2006), the first "dual core".
Instruments, keyboards and guitar to record with Ableton Live.
There was often a crackling sound when recording or listening, probably caused by the configuration PC.
That said, it's a very good material, provided with a set of software and plug-in interesting.
He had been advised at the time by the store where I bought it.
I use it forever!


Possible incompatibility of drivers, since on my setup dell inspiron 9400 with dual core, I often cracking that made some bad recording.
Perhaps this was caused by the firewire?
But it was in 2006, I think there would be no problems now with the new configurations.
Latency was rather limited, no perceptible lag, so pretty interesting.


Quick and easy installation, very intuitive.


Since 2006, he still serves.
I have not tried other models but at the time was already a good product, equipped with two FireWire.
Good value for money, I'm not disappointed, but if it were today I would think more and compare.
Alban Le Goff03/09/2010

Alban Le Goff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireBox
My first sound card. And for that I owe it a debt of gratitude! I wanted something compact with lots of inputs and outputs to experiment with synths sound effects used in inserts.


Before finding this card solution, I spent hours on the AF forums! My first year of use was laborious!! Then (with time) it stabilizes ... Latency is relatively low: 3ms. The mixer app that comes with the card is pleasant to use, while the control panel is a little less. At a frequency change the control panel indicates the new frequency while the card has still not synchronized with the computer. From time to time we get it right, always at a frequency change to a total loss of connection, the method is a bit barbaric disconnect the PSU and then plug it back.


The installation posed a lot of little problems for me. It was on a laptop Toshiba Satellite M40. Clicks recording and playback, loss of sync, large latency. In hindsight I think the Firewire did not help because the installation itself was quick, card immediately detected.


Four years to be lugging a studio in the studio, from scene to scene, from hotel to hotel. It even underwent an emergency brake in a truck and went through the whole cabin caught by the Firewire cable like a shooting star. In short sturdy! So robust that it is now ...... rinsed!
Two outputs connections, the preamp and knobs are well worn, one of the preamp is tired, but it is now stable level software. The price is good value was the same right to S / PDIF.
With experience I think that's a nice little card to get started with. I now use a PCI card solution with the RME Multiface II and with installation ... can't compare ... and also can't compare ... the SOUND!