PreSonus FireStudio Project
PreSonus FireStudio Project

FireStudio Project, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
 2 reviews20 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mrjason's review"works fine, preamps are decent"

PreSonus FireStudio Project
The PreSonus FireStudio Project is a rackable interface that is 10 by 10 with 8 mic preamps and digital ins and outs as well as analog ins and outs. It comes with recording software that I was not a fan of because I felt like it was very basic and it was difficult to work with 3rd party plug ins with it.


Setting this interface up with the “Artist Recording Software” was simple, but I wanted to use it with Cubase and that took a little more wheeling and dealing because for some reason I was having problems getting Cubase to recognize it. Eventually I got it to work properly and start recording right. The microphone preamps are pretty good, they are clean and quiet and do not color the recording sound at all. I did notice that recording vocals with this interface sounded a lot better than recording instruments with it. I didn’t think that it was a microphone issue as much as it was with the preamps and the interface.


The monitoring is very close to 0 latency. It came with a bunch of drum loops and instrument plug ins that worked with Studio One software. Studio One software works great with this interface is you want to use it but I have moved on from it by the time I got this interface. Studio One is one of those programs that the user will eventually outgrow when they want to get into adding plug ins and other effects into it.


This interface is rackable taking up 1 rack space and for the money it is built really good. It has 8 mic preamps and phantom power. It is no Bus powered though so it does require a wall connection. This interface is not portable and belongs in a home studio that works with FireWire connections.

meecow1490's review"Outstanding!"

PreSonus FireStudio Project
The PreSonus FireStudio Project is an outstanding, affordable audio interface that offers a wide variety of features, including 8 xmax preamps, more than 10 imputs, midi, and much more. Some of the features include:

- High-Speed FireWire (IEEE 1394) Audio Interface
- Up to 96K Sampling Rate
- 8 XMAX Class A Microphone Preamplifiers (+60dB gain) w/ Trim Control
- 8 Analog Mic/Line Inputs, 2 Instrument Inputs
- 8 Analog Line Outputs
- S/PDIF Digital Input and Output, MIDI Input and Output
- Balanced Send / Return for Channels 1 and 2
- Zero Latency Monitoring with FireControl Mixer/Router
- Separate Balanced Main Outputs and 8 Balanced Analog Outputs
- Software Package including PreSonus Studio One Artist, 20 new PreSonus Native Effects plug-ins and virtual instruments and a bundle of third-party loops, software, and instrument sounds

In addition, it connects you your computer via firewire, making it faster than any USB audio interface and much more reliable. I connect it strait to my Mac and use it with Apple's Logic to record drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals.


The driver that come with the PreSonus FireStudio Project are indeed very stable and include a software mixer that is very useful. With the Firestudio, you can record up to eight tracks at once, more than any other audio interface out there.


The only issue you could possible have with this interface is if you don't have a firewire input. Other than that, this is an easy to use, affordable unit.


Overall, the PreSonus FireStudio Project is an amazing unit for recording both in the studio and at home. It's incredibly easy to use, and the sound is amazing! I have never been happier with this unit, and I am actually considering buying another!

So consider it too, this is as good as it gets for the price!
Audiofanzine FR11/02/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

PreSonus FireStudio Project
(Originally written by studio2records/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

8 preamps with combo XLR/phone connectors.
1 or 2 HiZ inputs for guitar or bass.
8 + 2 + 2 separate analog outputs.
2 inserts (channels 1 and 2).
2 SPDIF inputs/outputs.
Comprehensive Midi implementation.

I chose this sound card for its preamps so that I can record and mix rehearsals with a decent quality.
I have two systems:
- Macbook laptop
- PC with old CPU (XP 3000+), Win XP Pro, 1 Gb RAM.


Installation with Mac: 30 seconds... It works very good with the included version of Cubase 4 LE.
While on the PC...
I searched on the manufacturer's homepage and on the web and I finally found the problem:
Presonus FW sound cards are not compatible with all PCI FireWire cards. So I went back to the store and bought a new PCI FW 400 with VIA chipset (the other one didn't have a VIA chipset).
Then the installation worked in 2 minutes (install the drivers first, reboot then plug the external module).
I give it 10/10 with Mac.
I give it 5/10 with PC because of the compatibility problems not mentioned in the 5-page user's manual.


Until now no drivers stability problem, no noise nor drop outs...
7 ms latency with my system; I can record 8 simultaneous tracks without a problem.
I use it with:
Cubase 4 LE on Mac
Nuendo 2 on PC


- Front panel VU-meters (but they aren't very accurate)
- Control panel software (allows to make independent monitor mixes for the musicians)
- Preamps sound.

A great sound card if you already know what a pain it is to install it on a PC.
The preamps and converters sound great, not even comparable to the gear I've owned previously (Motu 2408, Digi 001, M-audio 1804FW, Alesis i/o, etc.).
My friends are impressed with the sound I get without having to spend an eternity placing the mics...
I give it 10/10.
I'll repeat it again even at the risk of sounding boring: this is the first sound card that has ever satisfied me in terms of sound!!
Someday I will buy a second one to have a 16-track system.

hazafa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" electronic too fragile .."

PreSonus FireStudio Project
Home studio and live use to manage input / output 8 lines.
Battery recording
midi input and digital I / O
I know others that are very well FireStudio.

Used with pre-amp TLAudio lamp with various microphones (AKG C414, SE electronics, SM 57 ...)
with computer dedicated to her: 4g ram ... quad-


The drivers are stable despite some stalling on major projects.
Latency is 6 to 8 ms no problems managing the large mix full of plugs and beats with Ableton and Virtual cubase sx


bof is installed there is not the same steps in the manual but it works.
The general config is top and super clear


I have 4 years
From the first use as with a keyboard config in cable connect the FireStudio noon on the map unhooked without stopping! Large series of bug and unexpected flashes ... impossible to manage the problem, I call the sav it to me again.
Second card same config (only yamaha keyboard midi connected behind the sound card) same concern and even worst christmas tree unstoppable! all LEDs are flashing in all directions when nothing is plugged in (except the keyboard) ... the card dies!
third card after resumption of the second service I decided to buy a converter midi / USB no longer pass over the map .. no problems flashing .... there's 240 in the south ..??

For a year the card break problems preamp that spits everywhere and have absolutely no gains ...
with a static sensitivity 10mv/pa gain is pushed to the maximum without the input reaches saturation ... and that on every input! (no pad no ..
I have therefore no part functioning normally ...
The volume controls have always cracked when I turned.

I specify that I take great care of my equipment and that the card has never blurry its shelf the connection / disconnection are rare.

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ Number inputs / outputs
+ Pre amp sound not too bad when they walk
+ Software management truly comprehensive map
+ Management phantom power per pair

- Quality electronics too fragile
- Noon
- Not sure at all live!

Short as problems with a card that may seem attractive.
Instead, choose the model below which works very well (FireStudio) cascade without latency config mac, motu or bought in the price range!
I now I take it as Apogee we talk more!

c.barda's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good but ..."

PreSonus FireStudio Project


Very correct




I use this sound card with a MacBook Pro late 2009. Excellent product in its functionality and especially for its price range a very good sound quality. For details all is said below

but one thing bothers me that I would point out: after a few tens of minutes after ignition it emits a continuous sound that I hear very sharp and is extremely unpleasant.

Other than that all is well

kikiln's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent sound card"

PreSonus FireStudio Project
8 Front Input preamp connected to the PC. Top!


Drivers not always on top, especially with Cakewalk Sonar.
Finally, after much adjustment, it works correctly.


Settings not always easy with a recording software (Sonar), but I'm an amateur.
Moreover, I do not have time to read manuals.


Very good sound card to record your songs in a group. I play in a rock / pop (bass / guitar / drums / vocals / harmonica / keyboard). Ideal for registered our songs and make very good models.
The mic preamps are excellent card.
Possibility to record 8 tracks simultaneously (provided you have a good PC behind).
Midi interface to connect a master keyboard or synthesizer. Everything is there to have fun.
I had an Edirol FA101, which was not bad, but the PreSonus FireStudio Project surpasses it on all points.
Brief but good. It remains a reference today.
For a reasonable budget, it manages to have big sound!

gluon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio Project
8 inputs, quality preamp.
A friend who had FIREPOD I had recommended. I do not regret it and appreciates the report of this carte.Je not looking for high-end, but something that could properly adapt to changing my setup.
I use it mostly at home with a D50, U220, and a Rhodes MarkII, more plugins. Under cubase (LE4 delivered with, or version 5), Reccord + Reason, studio one, it works nickel. On several occasions I have taken in concert with an old Toshiba laptop, and I have not encountered any problems.


Purchased in the USA, comes with the FaderPort I had déccrochages from the start. In fact, it was a power problem that now seems resolved at the national level, which for me has been settled through the importer. Earnings for the purchase has become zero by changing the PSU (120.00)!
The VAS Presonus is very reactive and will provide support by email.
Apart from the power supply, RAS.
Minimum expected latency: 13ms, and I can not do better but it's manageable.


Easy installation even for a novice like me.
Incompatibility of the PSU, I repeat, USA / France.
It is advisable to use a carteFW400 only, not combo FW / USB or FW800, with a preference for a Texas Instrument chipset.
The manual? Bof!


Past 3 years, my card works fine. I like the fish she brings to my old style, it colors slightly without distorting their sounds.
Value for money: pretty good considering what it offers.
I do not regret that choice.

SamHell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good map"

PreSonus FireStudio Project
I chose this card for its inputs / outputs. I wanted a card with a lot of preamp for a mobile recording project. Then my needs have changed, and I wanted to have many outlets to power a mixer. So I bought one, then two other FSP for strings and get 24 outputs to feed my console 24 channels.
The mobile recording project has still not materialized, but the material I was there in case.
So I used the 24 outputs of the 3 jacks symmetric PSF.
I also made the registration point to 1 or 2 microphones, which have always given satisfaction.
I used the boards with 2 laptops (Dell and Lenovo) with an express card with Texas Instrument chip for firewire.


The drivers are not a rock-solid for my part, but a number of settings allowed me to improve all this:
- Good ventilation to prevent heat maps
- Buy a express card to Texas Instrument chip for Firewire
- The passage in "safe mode" in the presonus drivers.
With that, I turn without stalling, but with a latency of 12 ms and 20 ms input output. It is not that great, you can hear it a little, but it still allows work without too much trouble.
I use it with cubase 5.
In my mix sessions, I used 3 x 8 outputs, thus 24 outputs simultaneously.
The drivers have been updated regularly it is 1 or 2 years, and since they no longer shake (well, I do not think!)


The installation went smoothly problem. It installs the driver, you plug the card, the LED Sync card turns solid blue, and AC drives.
Integration with cubase was done without any worries
The drivers can make a mix "internal" between inputs and outputs, thus bypassing the computer's software. It's pretty simple to use, but it did not fit a need in me, so I have not really tested thoroughly. But from what I've tested, it works well.
Incompatibilities, release from the worries stall noted above.
The manual is very good. It gives ideas of connection, the ideas of settings, although it details everything about the map, so good. I use my 3


FSP 2 years, and I am perfectly satisfied.
I do not have the skills to judge the quality of the preamp, but I've never had to complain about the records that I did.
I still have a Tascam FireOne I used before, and I did not feel a change in its extraordinary, simply, more inputs / outputs.
What I like most is the number of inputs / outputs
What I like least is the latency on my machine. However, this parameter is very dependent on the computer used. Perhaps with a MAC, just'll have been simpler and faster. That said 12ms 20ms input and output is not death!
The value for money is very good for those who want a lot of inputs / outputs. 8 preamp + 8 analog outputs, with the possibility of chaining, all for 400 € it's still in trouble!
I remake that choice without hesitation, but with 3 FSP, I do not think I need more!

supablah's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio Project
Motivated by the possibilities offered by the card: # of entries (yes it's good to have multiple inputs / outputs), noon, no ADAT (damage).
Use primarily for recording and secondarily to live in the south.
Used on a Q6600, 2GB Ram, 2 HDD (30GB and 150GB).
-1 Star for the lack of support ADAT


Perfect fit and quick.
No problems with stability / compatibility.
The management software of the card is an example of simplicity and efficiency.
The manual in English ... -1 Star for that.


Drivers stable, dating back to last maj qqls months but it runs itself!
Software used: Cubase VST32 (date but yes it works very well with the card).
7ms latency! that we change our old Tascam US122 (32ms).
Not tested the multi yet.


Used for qqls days, we'll see over time.
The +: nb input, MIDI support, management software of the card, VU meter (Simplified) façade.
The -: no ADAT (-1 star)
Before we had a Tascam US122, nothing to do so ...
Very good quality / price ratio and I insist on it!
With the short time of use to this day, I would do this choice. We will see over time.

Very good map, do not hesitate in this price range, it's all good.

BluMaroo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PreSonus FireStudio Project
-8 Pramplis of quality (combi jack / XLR), routing software 10 in 10 out, firewire interface, not ADAT.
Demo-registration, drums, vocals
PC, CM Asus, AMD Dual Core 4400 +
Pending-Rode NT5, sm 57, beta 52 and monitors yamaha HS50M
-Command to the United States and used in Switzerland, fully compatible (internal PSU)


-Quick and simple updates Most recent internship with the site, rapid implementation, intuitive mixer trs.
-No problem of compatibility with Cubase SX 3 and Live 6
-Concurrent users with M-Audio Ozone problem without
-You do not have the manual up now!


Drivers-stable latency varies the amount of sample buffer with 64 3 ms (minimum)
-Playing a dozen tracks full of plugins without problem (in cubase)
-No record has more than two track, but everything is fluid.


Utilis-two weeks

+ Everything works as planned!
- Peuttre latency slightly raised, but the card allows direct monitoring, so no problem.
No-ADAT Compatibility

The quality-of pramps seems much higher that of a M-Audio Ozone.

Trs good value for quality control prices in the U.S., with $ 500 Fader Port.

J'diterai me in the weeks after having tested more hardware!

Contact me for questions in the IMMEDIATE.