Cockos Reaper 3
Cockos Reaper 3

Reaper 3, General Sequencer from Cockos in the Reaper series.

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All user reviews for the Cockos Reaper 3

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 21 reviews )
 16 reviews76 %
 3 reviews14 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Poor

madchap's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent DAW"

Cockos Reaper 3
RAS. an executable featherweight!
I never read the manual because it looks like most other DAW that I use for 20 years now, but I do not do either of customization. I just use the DAW and existing config parameters without trying to create my own.


i7 / 8Gb RAM. RAS pure performance level. After the plug-ins as it works more or less well. Sometimes Reaper is doing better, some other DAW offers a slightly better performance (AC is not doubled, about 10 or 15% more or less depending on the case, but sometimes it makes a difference ) .dropoff window For example, I recently acquired Recabinet4 and everything in Reaper background I crunches and I can not really use it without changing the parameters of the first DAW X3 but with sonar, it live on. on the other hand with Sonar, if I add a little reverb greedy, I have the same problem as in Reaper. By contrast with Sonar times I can stack 30 plugs before it saturates in Reaper and I get to 35 or 40.
In short all that to say that performance level is kif kif with other current DAW (I also tested the newest versions of Cubase and Studio1).


I use Reaper from the beginning, it's been a long time! What I like most is its simplicity (eg there is only one type of track, no need to choose audio or noon or else!). I love its modularity and the ability to actually customize the interface (it must also know how to program, but there is a good community not bring a lot of good things for those like me who can not program). I like the fact that it does not scan ALL VST / VSTi if one adds that! I also like to mix in Reaper.
I like some of the original interface against, but there has very good skins developed by users.
Short for short because there would be many things to say, this is a great DAW that does bother with nothing superfluous (no sample pack or other instrument of m # $% e), offers good performance (also depends on the PC of course) and everything has a ridiculous price! So if you do not want to break the bank and also have the ability to switch from a Windows platform has a MacOS platform with the same DAW, this is an excellent choice!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real DAW for a ridiculous price"

Cockos Reaper 3
Difficult to make simple, you buy the software via the website, the download and installation takes only 5 minutes to break it all ...

The license works with a file sent by mail, it is recorded on the hard drive and it suffices to indicate its location in the software to start using it.


I use Reaper on CW VAIO notebook, I3 processor 2.13GHz, 4GB of RAM, all under Windows 7 64Bit.

It seems that it is inadvisable to make the computer music on a laptop, but honestly it works so stable and so with such ease that I can hardly believe I'm from mac world and I'm pretty demanding the aspect of "functional" software, nothing wrong in this case.

I carry my music with a MIDI keyboard prodipe some analog synths and guitars recorded through an external sound card M-Audio devices pose no concern for compatibility, no waste of time ... I want to record, I record!


I have long sought a software DAW that offers a good compromise between gas plants (Cubase and co) and software for the general public (Garageband, Magix Music Maker) is done with Reaper.

I bought it last month and have already made some songs composed over, it's really stunning to see how simple it is running, you do not spend 3 hours searching for a hidden function in a menu, the editing midi is intuitive, my vst are easily recognized and is produced loops from recorded sounds (same simplicity as garageband but with much more functions).

Much for so cheap (30 EURO!) I wonder how developers can earn something on such a product.

giosh13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not perfect but finally I WORK .."

Cockos Reaper 3
Implementation? What is it?

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

On MacBookPro yes, several crash .. but on PC it runs without problems.


Probook HP 4720 Professional 64bit Windows Seven
Msi X600 Slim Home 32 bit Windows Seven
Audio Card: Lexicon I-ONIX U42S

On both he turns Nickel Reaper, even with a UV 9600 (X600). On the MSI I got 18 tracks, 4 Virtual Instruments (Sampletank, Kore Player, FM 8, Miroslav Philharmonik) 14 MIDI tracks + 4 audio tracks. Superstable even on a "quasi-netbook"!


What is your opinion about the value for the price?

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

Reaper for life!

What thing do you like most/least about it?

+ Flexibility
+ Design, developers who are passionate and not a "Holding"

- .. I hesitate to say, but the next chart is a bit "old style" ... So I changed the background skin. My favorite?? Apollo skin.

Video made the first few days that I mess with ..


ben_silicate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cockos Reaper 3
Extra fast installation, lightweight file (very well planned, compact and unadorned graphics that may take place)
Basic authorization and fast
Configuration without problem
Textbook perfect: clear, educational, full, but in English unfortunately. It says everything is super intuitive for basic use. After if you want to get into the intricacies of the machine is worth reading. I tested


reaper on multiple computers, and each time it is the highway.


Reaper I know for quite some years. Version 3 is truly baffling and very stable.
I worked before in several DAW with Sonar (which I find very good but still heavy, but I do not know the latest version), live, etc..
In reaper, everything is a simplicity and ingenuity crazy. The software is completely customizable through extensions sws. MIDI editing is for me very full in the piano roll window (contrary to what has been said here and there) and in the main window, you can change clips in midi midis windows editions damn fine and intuitive. In terms of ergonomics, speed is gained, it's really a pleasure. One or the other thing is still perfectible but these are details. Besides the interface'm sober, she is not ugly either. And you can change it.
And the craziest is the price of this beauty: 30 euros!

The total class

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reap 'Reaper' Hurrah!"

Cockos Reaper 3
Implementation? What implementation?!

An executable of 4.9 MB downloaded in seconds and moved as quickly is the exception confirming the rule.

Payment is made online and you get the installation code at once: a simple copy / paste and you're done. Reaper works even on an external support such as a USB key!

In fact, most publishers are worth zero points in this area, particularly those who are emm ... (To say the least) with other dongles and quick to eat junk food resource machine for nothing.

Well, it said. Yes


performance is oddly quantifiable Reaper crushes everything I've tried so far in this area (Logic, Cubase / Nuendo, Sonar, Ableton ...). Moreover it is possible (and advisable) to follow precisely what use of memory and processor cores is made by any plugin: it's very informative ...

Better yet, some of my older plugins like the M-Tron bought in 2003, which did not work very well on other hosts, lost its settings between backups or does not support automation, are now behaving in a manner completely reliable in Reaper.

Again, if there is a problem, it is especially among the other editors ...


Not content to make the most flagrant mismanagement of machinery or the instability of other DAW market, Reaper is also indicative of a real big problem generalized optimization and design on the all tools, all fields, which we bill at full price.

For in addition to being efficient, it also pays for the luxury of being an exemplary and innovative flexibility in routing of signal (welcome to the matrix!), Management and the chaining of plugins, features " batch, modulations of parameters or the overall ergonomics. In summary, Reaper has just a couple of years ahead of the competition.

Another point on which I have always had problems more or less painful at "other": the "mapping" of midi notes to the electronic drum set with the corresponding VSTi. It is done by editing a simple text file used by the plugin KeyMap with the right incoming note, left the note so that changes in leisure. Simple, effective, lightweight, fast and usable several times on the same track with different parameters, for example, compare several VSTi assignments of different notes.

The icing on the cake, the curve of ownership is very fast thanks to a particularly well done documentation and a summary of keyboard shortcuts very clear. In short, I could start working right away without losing too much time. Again, this is not the case with other DAW, far from it.

And let no one tell me that its interface is not "sexy" because it is due to a growing majority of users attached to the form more than substance that we peddle applications increasingly demanding reliability doubtful. It's a tool I need, not a Christmas tree beneath which hides the gift wrap indescribable junk!

Ah yes, I forgot: the changes then it cost me 29.90 euros to acquire the license for non-commercial with maintenance until version 4.99 ... Looks like the other, there's less well but is more expensive! In fact, I have read with some pleasure that this application was not recommended for professional use, definitely in the realm of the blind are not blind ... well seen!

damphil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reaper Forever!"

Cockos Reaper 3
Installing the speed of sound
Configuration child (such as the cube and square the ball into the circle)
No conflict (except maybe one or two mistimed gratos VST)
One day, maybe I'll read the manual.


Config: PC Corei7 XP64bits (soon seven?), But sometimes the Mac osx (imac core 2 duo)
The software is extremely stable and very light for the machine, allowing plugins to override in your projects.
The only crashes I could get were related to hardware, the OS (Windows in particular)
Tried on various sound cards:
-Motu Traveler
Edirol UA25-
Well, it happens everywhere, without any need to redo the config ASIO with a jewelers screwdriver.


I use it for 2 years, he has replaced virtually all of my audio software.
Indeed, this ability to Reaper to make you work. No frills, no buttons and sub-sub menus designed by hordes of designers and ergonomists overpaid and alcoholics!
In this app is a button, a feature, clear, fast and efficient.
I do not want to dwell on all the functions has already been said previously.
It might be objected that this app just is not part of a suite or Digidesign and Steinberg that if you work for a large Hollywood studio, you may be (and I said well "maybe") concerns export in a Broadcast Channel.
That aside, it feels good to regain the spirit of "shareware" from the big time and we feel that developers (former project WinAmp) have rolled up their sleeves to lay a software free of defects and well thought for our little brains full of grease.
Go! Cockos Go! Go!

+ Light
+ Super Audio Engine
+ $ 60 (free if you have no morals)
+ Makes me want to work
+ Config simplissime
+ VST host any bôôôté
+ Waveforms sublime
+ Frequent updates
+ Support ReWire
+ Queue is not his money to shareholders, but to enthusiasts
+ ....

- Bugs? of teething? surely, but as I write these lines, they will already be fixed.

damphil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Forever Reaper!"

Cockos Reaper 3
Installing the speed of sound
Child configuration (type the cube in the square and ball in the round)
No incompatibility (part perhaps one or two bad VST programs gratos)
One day, perhaps, I'll read the manual.


Config: PC Corei7 XP64bits (bientt seven?), But sometimes the Mac osx (iMac Core 2 Duo)
The software is extremely stable and trslger especially for the machine, allowing overloading plugins in your projects.
The only crashes I could get were read to the hardware, the OS (including Windows)
Essay on various sound cards:
-Motu 8pre
-Motu Traveler
-Edirol UA25
Well, is happening everywhere, no need to redo the entire ASIO config with a watchmakers screwdriver.


I use it for 2 years, he replaced almost totality of my audio app.
Indeed, this capacity Reaper you WORK. No frills, no buttons and sub-sub-sub menus conus by hordes of graphic designers and ergonomists surpays and alcohol!
In this app is a button, a function, clear, fast and efficient.
I do not want all the functions m'tendre dj t prcedemment said.
May-be we could just be objected that this app is not part of a Digidesign and Steinberg on and if you work for a big Hollywood studio, maybe you will (and I say good "maybe" ) of export worries in a string Broadcast.
This put hand was good to recapture the spirit "shareware" the great era and we feel that the developers (elders WinAmp project) have retrouss sleeves to lay a free software any default and well thought our little brains full of fat.
Keep it up! Cockos Go! Go!

+ Lightweight
+ Super audio engine
+ $ 60 (free if you have no moral)
+ Makes you want to work
+ Config simplissime
+ Hte BTBR any VST /> + forms sublime wave
+ Put frquentes days
+ Support ReWire
+ Is not his money leading shareholders, but enthusiasts
+ ....

- Bugs? defects of youth? surely, but at the time when I write these lines, they will already patched.

Dedzep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cockos Reaper 3
no CD!
just an installer (version winsows seven 64-bit) 5.32 MB!
ah ah ah j'me tired ...
after a few minutes: it works!
management options, define my midi and audio cards

go hop! at work!


my setup
OS: Windows 64 7 pro
COMPUTER: Dell Studio 1747 with a core I7 + 6GB RAM 2x500 GB HDD including one reserved solely for recording audio

Reaper works perfectly: a clock!
Stability TRANQUILITY AND ESPECIALLY in my work that I had lost my old Cubase and Logic ...

Only a few have not turned VST old.


used for 6 months
I have all switched to Reaper!

What I like most?
- Tracks are assignable to each other
- Tracks created on the fly becomes: midi, audio, vst synth or folder
- The effects provided dx and vst
- Scripts!
- The connection matrix

What I like least?
- Duty franciser menus (but is it mandatory?)
Ah, if the facility could do so directly .... (5 MB says this setup!)
- Management of the south, perfected against the "old" software that has the advantage of age for editing noon.

value for money? a joke! FREE as long as you want! without restriction other than a screen that asks you for a few seconds to pay the license!
The cost of the basic license (if non-commercial use) $ 60!
How Cubase already?

A MUST then it is a software Agile!
according to the needs of users!

the community is very active!

I'm going cow, I am not 10 because of the translation!

Slode's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cockos Reaper 3
The installation is done it without problems?

No problem very fast and more

The general configuration is easy?

Very Easy

Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

few VST does not work, can be just ca Reaper Reaper himself or VST


What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..)

Ace Rock - 3.20 GHz Pentium IV - 2 GB - 400 GB - Line 6 TonePort UX1 - UX2

This software + hardware is stable?


The software works he correctly on this configuration?


What performance? (If quantifiable)

N / C


For how long have you been using it?

1 year

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

Cubase, ... Reaper and for me the best

What thing do you like most/least about it?

Plus: Soft light a few MB, cheap, complete, powerful, intuitive, easy to take in hand.

The least:?

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ...


TheBiloute's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cockos Reaper 3
Downloaded, installed, launched, selected my midi keyboard and my ASIO sound card .... 10 minutes is packed at work!

Zero crash (except with a vsti not very clean;))

not yet read the manual!


My PC: AMD Quad Core, 6GB RAM, Sound Card SB Audigy 2 Platinum
as stated above, no crash unless it uses vst gratos programmed with your feet!
Perfs exellent (but good config pc too ...)

No problem either with my MIDI keyboard: Evolution mc249c and M-Audio Axiom 61


installed to March .. I never had before sequencer (apart from a Quartz almost 10 years ago!), I had a MIDI keyboard récupperé
and I wanted to test it .... without reading the manual a few hours I re-Fade To Grey Visage
with excellent vsti ElektroStudio free! What else? !

Everything is simple and intuitive, I'm going to go read the doc really into it ..
Frankly, buy it .. for the price it is an amazing tool