Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)
Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)

CE-3 Chorus (Japan), Chorus for Guitar from Boss.

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iamqman's review"No real differene that the Taiwan"

Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)
This was the third edition to the chorus line from Boss back in the 80's. The reason primarily for this pedal to become produced was the need for two outputs. The CE-2 only has one output and there was a need to run the pedal in stereo, so this pedal was created.

The pedal looks unique in that it has the three knobs level in a row. This is the only 3-knob pedal that has three knobs in a row. This caused the LED light to be hidden and it was a design that was soon changed in favor of the V shaped 3 knob control layout.

Boss finally stopped making these pedals in 1992. The Japan one had two labels. The first being a black label and then the green label which was introduced in 1984. The tone wasn't changed but people will often times sell these claiming the Japan label as there is an allure to get the Japan made ones over the Taiwan. Some pedals suffer d in the transition but not this one.



Controls: Rate, Depth, 2-way Mode Switch
Connectors: Input, Output A, Output B, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 13 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 400g/0.88 lbs.
Input Impedance: 1Mohm
Residual Noise Level: -90 dBm (IHF-A)
Recommended Load Impedance: 10kOhm or greater
Recommended AC Adaptor: ACA Series


The sound quality is pretty much the same as the Boss CE-2. The sound quality s pretty much he same as the Taiwan made pedals. The only real change is the output section and the added stereo output. The tone is the same and the EQing of the pedal is the same with simply the rate knob and the depth control knob.You get a nice shimmering watery chorus tone. The liquidity of this pedal is remarkable. It sounds very lush in nature and springs up some nice modulation tone. This is the kind of pedal you use with a nice clean guitar or a distortion amp that you need to add a little bit of beef to.


These pedals have long been gone from production so the used market is the only way to to go at this point. The Japanese version goes for a little more because of the allure to have the first editions. The black label being tom most famous and later moving to the green label.I haven't seen them on the classifieds in quite some time and have no idea what the going rate for them are in this market.

I would recommend this pedal if you can find one at a decent price in the classifieds. They are lush sounding and will add a great amount of depth to your tone.

Stormleader's review

Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)
The BOSS CE-3 Chorus pedal was made from 1982 to 1992. The model that I have is a Green label that was Made in Japan. The feature set on it is pretty standard, but there are a few interesting things. The features are as follows:

- Mono in, ability for Stereo out.
- Runs off of either a 9 Volt battery or a 12 volt power supply, but can easily be modded to run off of a standard 9 Volt PS if desired.

It has three controls, which are:
-Rate: Sets the rate of the chorus, IE how fast it moves around.
-Depth: Sets the depth of the chorus (No duh eh?)
-Stereo Mode: This is something a bit different from other chorus. In mode 1 Output A (The main output) outputs both the Dry and Wet signals. Output B then outputs only the Dry signal. In Mode 2 Output A sends out the Wet signal only, and then Output B outputs the Dry signal only.


Tweaking the sound to how you like it really couldn't be much simpler. Just set the Rate and Depth knobs to taste, and if you are running stereo set the mode knob to what you want. Simple eh?

Since I got it used I can't comment on how clear the instruction manual is, since it didn't come with one, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. I will say that this pedal is the only BOSS three knob pedal that has the knobs in this configuration. That is because with the knobs like they are on the CE-3, it blocks your view of the LED indicator, so you can't visually tell that it's on unless you are standing up and hovering over it. That's why all three knob BOSS pedals now have the controls in a "V" pattern.


I run a Peavey Ultra 60 watt tube amp that pushes a 5150 Straight cab with V30's and G12T-75's. I mainly play Thrash metal with some drop-tuned stuff thrown in. My main use for chorus is to add depth to leads and cleans, so I don't really use it on any distorted rhythm stuff.

The CE-3 sounds decent, not amazing, but not bad either. It is a pretty natural chorus, and not cheesy sounding at all, so if that's something you are looking for this may be the chorus for you. It just never really jumped out at me as sounding all that amazing, and in fact, I've got an DOD FX-68 Super Stereo Chorus that I modded that I use often, which, in my opinion it sounds better than the CE-3. That being said, the CE-3 is still a decent chorus, so I'd suggest you check it out.


Overall, my opinion of the BOSS MIJ CE-3 is that it was pretty mediocre. Not anything especially good about it, but nothing especially bad either. I got mine in a trade, so I really can't comment on if it was a good value or not, but looking on Ebay they seem to go for $50 and under, so they might be worth checking out if you are interested in them. I like that it has different ways to implement stereo, and I dislike that it really doesn't stand out at all.

Before_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)
Analog chorus from beyond the grave, is no longer produced for a long time, is in taiwan and japan.
3 knobs, Rate, speed and to select which output you want to use.
Two outputs so if you want the sound coming out of the pedal:
- Assigned to the two directions
- Sound chorusé on one, on the crude side.

9V battery or when transformer (ACA PSA not I think from memory), it has a tip, use a string and it will work 100%, if you put a battery or transformer and only recently, the chorus will not be fully effective .
Robust manufacturing a pleasant aquatic blue.


Yes, no need for manual, tweaking knobs What is the speed Rate is sensitive and noticeable, so adjust the depth with Depth.


Yes a very kind chorus 80th Police, I use it to dress discreetly clean sounds, but also distortion, love it or do not like (it can turn old métalleuse well cheesy ballad of 80th or otherwise magnify sound ).
The chorus appears differently if you choose the type I or II (II is to be a non-sinusoidal chorus but more "niche" which is curious but not uninteresting).


I use it for 3 months, it remains attached to the pedalboard next to his sister the modulation BF2.
I prefer to CE5 which seems much colder here either, it spins, the settings are sensitive to what you charge him very aquatic. It's different, more subtle than the EHX Small Clone and the H2O VS (less pronounced).
Yes I would do this choice, between it and the CE5 there's no picture.

bniklazz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Beautiful and vintage"

Boss CE-3 Chorus (Japan)
Analog Chorus made in Japan (black label) in 1983.
Battery power or mains but 12V.
Not true bypass ... at the same time it dates from 1983 ...


Easy to use.
A jack and two jack outputs.
Depth sets the intensity of the chorus and Rate oscillation. Stereo mode allows to connect ... in stereo.
I do not have the manual, but this pedal is easy to understand.
The chorus is very easy to find.


My chorus is plugged into the effects loop.
At first I thought this feeble chorus as the red LED.
In fact the food was 9 volt. As soon as I put the 12 volt, then everything changed.
Ok it is not true bypass but it affects very little about the sound (effects loop). on the other hand, if it falls in the harbor ... bah you have more sound at all.
The chorus is very fine and subtle, very "organic" hot.
Do not push the settings to give substance if its environmental sick (seasick). That said we can start on experimental sounds ;)


I use the chorus for 8 months, I once had a built-in chorus amp Rocktron. The Boss gives a more warm and round it was the analog anything.
Less clear and precise as digital and this is why I love this CE-3.
But it's good, then there are better yes, but at what price?
Then she has the mouth this vintage Boss!
Above all, do not forget to supply 12 volt! Otherwise, it is flat.
I got to 60 €, at this price you do not take the risk!