MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

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M134 Stereo Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from MXR.

7 user reviews
Prices starting at $170 Average price: $170

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: MXR
  • Model: M134 Stereo Chorus
  • Category: Choruses for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 06/27/2006

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MXR M134 Stereo Chorus user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 7 reviews )
 4 reviews57 %
 3 reviews43 %
Value For Money :

MGR/Golem's review"MXR Stereo Chorus"

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
It's 'pearl' yellow, footprint is about 4' x 5', and it's not actually marketed as a specifically bass-dedicated device, but there's 2 reasons I'm reviewing it under 'Bass Guitar Effects': 1stly, cuz thaz how I use it, and even WHY I use it; and 2ndly cuz I don't give a ratzass about geetards and their pedal abuse addiction.

I play a lot with just vox, KB and bass, aka 'The Diva Duo' [with ms. d. on kb and sole vox], and thaz got much to do with my 'Reason Number 1'.

I don't recall where I got it or what it cost, but I doubt I bought it brand new.

The 'Why I got it' is cuz sometimes I play fretted bass guitar in the Diva Duo along with Ms. D. on digital piano. Fretless or upright basses do not routinely 'beat against' the lower notes of the digital piano, since the FL notes are not that precicely 'sculpted'. Fretted notes have a more definite 'shape', and since the majority of notes on a fretted instrument will be very very slightly out-of-tune compared to the digital piano, there's a slight 'beating' effect that makes things sound 'not right' [to quote ms.d.]. So the job of the chorus box is to mess with the fretted bass notes such that they are no longer so sharply sculpted, and therefore the 'beat' does not arise.

It has a 2-band EQ that can be handy, but thaz no big deal really. I get the impression that the EQ is only about +/- 10db anyways. The Real Deal here, for me, is the full control over the chorus effect, meaning control over intensity, width, and rate. Without getting into what each one does, I can tell you I do need all 3 controls to find that sweet spot where there's no obvious effect. IOW my sound still seems pretty normal to the audience and Ms D., yet a subtle effect is actually delivered, and it's enuf to avoid the 'not right' sound of the slight difference between fretted bass and Ms. D's left hand.

So, It does exactly what I need. It eliminates Ms. D's complaints. Also it has a non-adjustable shelving-type bass boost, so I guess thaz really a 3rd reason to review this under 'Bass Guitar Effects'. The shelved bass boost is similar to the 'Ultra Bass' button on an Ampeg.

Finally, another good thing is that this is an 18v box, so it's quite low-noise, important in such a duo. We can't get away with the crap that you can hide under rock band sound levels !

No dislikes, so I'll use the 'dislikes' area to mention the 'don't know' or 'no comment' stuff. It's a *stereo* device, but I never bother about that, so 'no comment'. Also no comment on the quality of the stomp switch. I mean, it looks OK, but I don't stomp it, cuz I use it continuously. But I will point out a potential for trouble if you do stomp it: The 'Effect Engaged' LED protrudes from the box about 1' to the left of the stomp switch. Dumb that. So, if you stomp, take two ordinary hardware store washers, like for a 3/8' bolt, super glue them into a stack of 2, and glue that stack onto the box, to put a 'fortress' around the LED without hiding it from view :-)

It's a cast metal box, and it has the well-proven old-school 'leaf-spring' type of jacks, with the usually metal retaining nuts. The more modern jacks with the black plastic nuts do not have the very forgiving long internal leaf springs. The newer jacks can be fussy about what plugs will fit without extra effort or without damaging those jacks. I don't know how old my pedal is, but I hope MXR doesn't switch to the newer jacks for boxes newer than mine ! ! !

The pair of 9v battery chambers are not the hinged pop-up types, and inside is a molded hard plastic 'dual-snaps' terminal, on a length of wire. Not the most convenient, but not so fragile as the pop-up types. All in all, it seems well made with good components, so maybe I am needlessly wary of the LED being near the stomp switch ?

Well made, works for my purpose, but I'm not a stomp-crazed geetard and I don't crank the effect to levels where it's obvious that an effect is in use. I'll repeat here my praise for the 18v power that provides a low-noise device, which is very important for those who use effects in a more subtle way ... like me.

I know that there are some really ultra sooper effects devices out there, at ultra sooper prices, but I feel this one has some 'above average' points, so I'll rate it in between a
'5' and a '3'. There's no '3+' so it gets a '4' [but i don't feel like it's an 'almost 5'].

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James...'s review"very functional hifi chorus"

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
I actually bought this thinking it wasn't analog, but turns out it is, which is great. MXR has really built a reputation for solid construction and I think in that aspect they are up their with some of the boutique companies. The switches are great and the pedals as a whole just feel very solid. This is a stereo chorus, although I never use that function.


This pedal has a few more knobs than some. The bass treble knobs are more there for "in case you need them" situations where certain frequencies do get lost. I don't think they're actually meant to shape the sound in drastic ways. I actually use this with keyboard in addition to guitar. Sounds great for both really.


Now we all know that like most pedals, a chorus' flexibility is limited to the inherent character it has. Some are more vintage sounding while others have a modern flavor. Others do the 80's thing well. There's all kinds to choose from. I feel the MXR is more in the modern camp, however you can convince it to sound a lot of ways using all the knobs it has. The knobs have a pretty wide range, especially the width control, which I feel is the secret to really shaping how you want the pedal to sound. I think everyone has their favorite chorus pedal that gets the tone they hear in their head, or maybe that cops a certain vibe they hear. For me, the MXR is flexible enough to get a lot of the tones I need. It can do 80's stuff pretty well but it also lends well to more "radio friendly" stuff if you know what I mean.


To me this is more of a studio pedal than for live use, although I've used it for both. If I could change one thing, I would probably take away the EQ section because I honestly don't use it much. My motto for chorus pedals is that if you have to tweak the bass knob, there's a problem somewhere else in your gear. But hey, this is a solid pedal and I would buy it again with no complaints.

iamqman's review"Sweet tone"

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
It you need a solid chorus pedal with a little more options than the regular one knob control micro chorus, than this might be your ticket. This is a fantastic chorus in the size of the MXR flanger boxes. It has that classic chorus shimmer found in many records and stages around the world. The pedal is very precise with the EQ knobs and the extra bass filter switch.

MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus Pedal Features:

* Add sparkle to clean-toned arpeggios
* Animate strummed passages
* Widen and fatten distorted power chords
* Rate and Width controls
* Run in mono or use the stereo outputs for a huge, vibrant sound
* Bass Filter button applies effect to HF only


This is a very similar operation the the MXR Flanger. It has five knobs to control the over all intensity and varying EQ that take the Micro Chorus from MXR up to a whole new level. Tailoring your chorus is very easy with this pedal but it will take a little bit of effort finding a sound you like since there are so many options available to achieve with this pedal.


The sound quality is so perfect in the unit. It is lush and warm just like a quality analog chorus should sound like. One thing I don't particularly care for is the bass and treble EQing and the bass shift control knob. I wish they would stick with the parameters of getting the tone rather than the EQing. I like to have my amp do all of the the EQing and not rely on effect units to help with that.

I use this with a Strat and a Fender Deluxe. Is sounds great going into a clean amp. It also sounds equally pleasing going into a dirty amp for that 80's rock tone.

If you want to get that Rush sound try the Intensity maxed and the Width and Rate around noon. If you want to get a good tone to slam in the front of a dirty amp try everything around 9:00.


This is great pedal for the person who wants to use a chorus pedal and needs as many options that will fit on his pedal board. If chorus effect is your thing than the extra options will suit you just fine. If you need something a little more simpler than try the MXR Micro Chorus. Both sound the same as far as the voicing of the chorus unit itself.

I would recommend anyone who likes using chorus effect to try this pedal out . At new they come in at around $150. Which is a great price for a unit of this caliber. These are great to record with and fantastic for live gigging. They will hold up to a lot of abuse.
Herve v.6308/28/2006

Herve v.63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
J uses the chorus for 8 months now and my only regret is ..... not to have it bought before! This chorus has a digital bass and setting trbble and intesity, width and rate + a small switch or the chorus is assigned as the acute (or roughly the last 3 strings for practice arpeggios). It is powered by a fournie.1 input power 18 v, 2 L and R. The sound is beautiful transparent, natural. A good chorus, that is when you do the "mean" but not against when the off you say: "something is missing." The 's case, that is true it is a bit expensive but once that is the' ac 'is for longtemps.J' ve taken the MXR to replace my boss ch 1, IT IS no comparison between the two. In addition, the MXR n 'stuff causes no breath of PRO.


Siplissime. A leslie effect is possible but that is obviously in the chorus he is the best




I remake my choice without the problem we are in the very good, it is the likes of TC Electronic. I have paid € 215

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