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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 18 reviews )
 9 reviews50 %
 9 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent

ericthegreat's review"two different delays!"

Line 6 Echo Park
This thing has two types of delay (digital delay and a tape echo simulator)with tap tempo and doubles as a phrase sampler. This is a digital effect.
There is no editing except with the knobs and buttons on the device. As for connections, its all 1/4". There is one in, and five out. It is not set up to be rackmounted.


The sampling section did throw me a little, but once you figure it out, its not to bad.
-Start recording by hitting the right switch.
-Stop recording and start looping the phrase by hitting the left switch.
-To overdub, hit the right switch again.
-And to stop playback, hit the left again.
May sound confusing, and it does screw me up sometimes. In reality, I rarely use this section of the pedal.
As for editing, the delay side, its 6 knobs and 1 switch, pretty easy. I explained the loop side above.
The manual will guide you through most if not all your questions.


I use the normal delay the most and I love it. Nice and clear delay. It sounds great and with the tap tempo, its all I could ask for. I don't use the tape echo as often, but it sounds good also. They did a good job capturing the analog feel. The loop function i use only when I am practicing and come up with a quick idea. I have a roland rc-50 for all my live looping needs. I use this as the last effect in my Rhodes Piano/guitar effect chain. The normal delay is what I prefer.


I have been using this pedal for 6 months. The best thing for me is the built in tap tempo feature. Every digital delay pedal should have one. I own a Boss dd5. This thing sounds way better, and I got mine for only $100. They usually go around $125, which is still not bad. In the end, I am saving up for Diamonds Memory lane analog delay with tap tempo, which is probably the greatest delay pedal of all time. Its just like $500, so I will happily hang on to my Line 6 Echo Park . even when I do get the Diamond. Because most people like myself can't afford $500 on a delay pedal, I would totally buy this again.


moosers's review

Line 6 Echo Park
The Line 6 Echo Park is a compact delay pedal, similar in sound to the DL4 without the looper.  The pedal is a digital one, with standard 1/4 inch connections.  It is powered by either a nine volt power supply or battery and isn't rackable as it is a stomp box.


In terms of parameters, the Line 6 Echo Park has a good amount of them to offer up.  You've got knobs for mix, repeat, time, modulation, and mode, which there are 11 of them to choose from, including the tempo tapping options.  There is also a switch for choosing between either tape, digital, or analog, as well as turning trails on or off.  If you're familiar at all with the Line 6 DL4, you can see that it has some similarities in terms of parameters, and I really view this as compact version of that pedal.  I've never had a need for a manual so I can't really say anything about it.


I have used the Line 6 Echo Park with a Fender Telecaster and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, so I got a good read on what the pedal actually sounds like.  While the effects are definitely more than useful and are versatile, they do come off a bit too digitally enhanced sounding for my taste.  Having said this, I feel that most users will find the sounds to be more than adequate as they are generally pretty clean sounding.  I just look for a bit of warmth with my delay sounds.  While I haven't had extensive use with Echo Park as I have with other delay pedals, I feel I've used it enough to know that it isn't my favorite delay pedal as far as tone goes.


For those looking for a compact digital delay pedal, the Line 6 Echo Park will definitely do the job.  However, for those of us who are looking for a warmer and more vibey sounding delay pedal, this probably isn't the best choice.  The price is definitely reasonable, which is a main reason that I think most users will find this to be an attractive option.  If you're looking for versatility, Echo Park definitely offers that, but only through a digital means.  While Line 6's Echo Park wouldn't be my go to option for a delay pedal, for those looking for a budget delay pedal with versatility, I'd recommend giving this pedal a shot.
Audiofanzine FR12/09/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Line 6 Echo Park
(Originally written by jacqn/translated from Audiofanzine FR)


Very easy to use. In the beginning I thought I would have to study the user's manual, but it's very intuitive especially the tap tempo function which keeps flashing when the effect is not active (very good idea!)


Really excellent. I use almost exclusively the analog and tape modes.

When the effect is on and you turn the knobs it works like a tape echo (funny, but confusing).


I sold my old Pearl tape echo in 2000 thinking I would never play guitar again.

But I started playing again and I missed an echo/delay effect.

I bought this Echopark after reading reviews about almost every affordable product:

- Three different effect types, especially the very nice tape emulation

- Integrated tap tempo function (unlike the Marshall)

- Multiple settings

I'm not disappointed, it's an excellent product!

I strongly recommend it.

LazyStupidDuck's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Lack of fishing!"

Line 6 Echo Park
Good delay pedal with switch "type", "digital" and "analog". This is a stereo pedal, always more fun when it comes to delay. There are quite a nice effect, as the swell, the Sweap ... This is actually the sister of the DL4. The bypass also serves tape tempo. You can press gently to lock it. For the skeptics, there is no risk to extinguish during this manipulation ', you really want it ^ ^
Warning, this pedal is very ugly! Really x)


Setup could not be easier if you know a little delays. We have a mix knob, repetition, rhythm and modulation that is depending on the mode (chorus to tape, the digital modulation, and a kind of "squish" to get close to analog). After there is a lot of effect, but the pedal quickly took charge.


On this point I was a little disappointed. I had read almost as good articles and I found that rehearsals lacked life dynamics. But it is enough to add a booster, and the case must be set ... Otherwise I love the analog with this "gurgling" organic, and there are a lot of different fashion which can be interesting ( rhythm tap tempo function, ping pong, and especially the swell that allows you to save a volume pedal x))


I use it for a week or so, I find rather good effects, but there is still the lack of dynamics in rehearsals that bothers me a bit. After I also have a stereo memory man I prefer for its livelier side, but less effective and therefore less fun!

-Strength (bosses are now pale ...)
-The number of effect
Switch-tape, digital and analog
The tap-tempo
-Value / price

-The rehearsals might be a little more realistic, but the sound is ok
Him, but requires strength weight

goldorock's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good pedal"

Line 6 Echo Park
digital delay, but delay that lists all reverse to slap 50's to analog tape echo
for that, it is perfect, but we will not all.
Me, I'd prefer the digital delay that reproduces the notes.
there is a tap tempo foot big advantage.
the pedal is very strong but ... see below.


use is very simple.
there is rule set as delay, time, mix.
ON adds a chorus or not.


The quality is good, but there are drawbacks qq:
The chorus is not very far.
I noticed that when the pedal engages the volume increases and there is even a little reverb
then we like it or not.
I think noise could have been done better, but the pedal has everything you demand a delay
all types.
tap tempo.
and chorus / vibrato: light for 2.


IN the end, after qques years, I think the plug to the adapter and messing overnight: red: lack of battery!
but I had never put battery!.
In the opening, I saw nothing special, but closing it, it broke.
Other search conditions, it has always worked well.
There's very little delay as complete.
to choose, I'll go to another brand for a better more realistic sound
digital or less.

Moondog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A horror, but ..."

Line 6 Echo Park
see descriptive


Simple setup.
No manual and no need ..
Editing sounds can not be easier ...


I use it on my guitar.
The dwell is practical (sometimes!) And very correct, the reverse also (less nearly as beautiful as a Empress, of course). The preset sweep is awesome, I love the gurgling very organic, especially in fashion tape (a little more acute and longer scanning). Otherwise analog modulation is approached with much of the Memory Man (we do not completely heat, or wealth or depth, of course, but it was much more than a tap tempo + 550 + 1 / 3 of OCCAZ price + other possibilities ...). I do not use the digital mode.

Otherwise, if there were an award for the most horrible aesthetics, I think l4echo Park (and the full range Line 6) would win hands down.


Cheap (especially used), great sound, no breath, convenient, easy (in terms of reliability, for the moment ...). RAS Line 6 could still really make an effort to design our way out instead of the horrors of the 80 worthy. If they gave their product aesthetics a bit more "boutique", it could not hurt their sales, on the contrary!

I had Maxon AD-999, AD-80 vintage, Lovepedal Baby Echo, Line 6 DL4, Empress VMSD, Subdecay Echobox, Mad Professor DBD, Boss DM-3, Arion Sad-1 ... I confess look towards a Strymon Brigadier or a Memory Lane Jr., but for now the Echo Park for me, especially for the price, I can buy for my guitar ... Lollar

spouks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"The darling of the pedalboard"

Line 6 Echo Park
Does everything said. Trs is complete, and yet I have not had the opportunity to exploit the stro.

Edit 2 years later:
1. The Stereo, it works
2. A force, we say that having presets would be really nice. I go down to a nine, knowing that the pedals of this format to save presets do not run the streets either.


It is simple to use for a plutt delay. The tap tempo che simplifies a great Manir. The manual is brief but complete, with some examples of rglages to learn. Any fawn, I have a little trouble imagining a small pedals made to be accessible is a day tural difficulties. Just something that has nothing to do: when I tried it at the store, there were people. The seller, trs occupied dbrouiller me left me all alone with a Laney VC 15 and a wonderful Start. J'tais a little lost, and I could not use it. In fact I dared not press hard enough on the switch into place! Hum hum, ridicule does not kill ...

Edit 2 years later:

- Yes it's simple, but there are a lot and it is described very small, even when need to be careful. Squint like me who is not allowed, I know the list of DIFFERENT ways by heart knob bottom left, and I turn the number of notches ncessaires ... Live, this may include small risks.
- Trails feature is really fantastic. If we could switch the foot that would be great ...


Nial Gnial .. ... ... nial nial! I will never Echoplex, I've never tried but I can say that this delay numrique is hot, hot. A rgal! Full of possibilities, all sounds INTERESTED, whatever rglages. I agree with Previous notice: the Mod knob, also a gateway to exprience music should not be pushed back, especially in analog mode, has a bit too much in the dgradation. It's really a dtail This delay is really great. With an electric or electro is good as good bread! I love the sweep has makes you want to dub. The swell, Designed for violoning, IDAL is not a car for the sound rises to a single fawn. However, good rglages offer new sounds. The pedals, besides the high quality sound reproduction is an absolute weapon for the composition because it opens doors, in a dizzy, even if it is really not difficult to use.

Edit 2 years later;

Now I use the machine on all the lights and I've tried other stuff, I'm ... always delighted to Echo Park. I was in the hands of Maxon Analog Delay, something for once philosophically opposed vintage well. My conclusion: what the Maxon, it does rev well. It is a chouilla hotter than the Line6 (not standard either), and especially the rendering is better with distorted sounds dj. BUT score more than the Line6, whose remains trs good sound reproduction, and in fact some 100 times less prs. If it is that you show for a delay, take the Maxon. If you want to have fun, try new things, Echo Park is for you.

Indeed, these two toys are more than they oppose compltent.

I use the bte also an old keyboard. It makes a world of good (one day I will learn to do majscules). Whether with the guitar or keyboard, the ability to enter into self-oscillation is something that is fun and rev his little effect on scne (condition not fuck around, otherwise people are going).


I am eyeing it for a long time, and I'm the offered about a month ago. The PDAL is larger than a Boss, a little higher too, but the good pedalboard house is planned, so good. And why would it be the Boss REFERENCE? After all, we can also say that ToneCore is much smaller than many EHX ...

I knew the DD3, DD6 of the Digidelay. It is incomparable, for me it is not the same range, the Echo Park flies quietly competition. J'hsitais with Danelectro Reel Echo, Echo Park complte seemed more and more fun, and I do not regret that choice. Being given the price of a DD6, the ratio quality / price of the Echo Park is good trs. In addition seems a solid, good stuff.

Note that for my part I did not buzz with a One Spot power supply that provides the juice for a dozen other pedals, Boss Jp and Taiwan, Dano, Korg, Marshall ... I thought I was forced to buy a spare power supply for Line 6, and then no problem! Many people have trouble with the Line 6 ToneCore when they are not powered sparment, it is possible that a deuxime ToneCore in my set and a common power supply could pose a problem my, I do not know. Some of One Spot fair game, others do not. Me, I'm lucky. Anyway, Do not hesitate to buy the Echo Park for a simple matter of power supply, you would spend a delay fantastic for that price. It's as if you do not buy the amp because it is light sensitive ...

Edit 2 years later we say stupid things when you're young ...
1 - The pedalboard is still home to the same point ..
2 - DD3 and DD6 in their style, are great delays.
3 - I confirm the completeness of the characters trs Echo Park, which, as such, not too much competition. Likewise I had a lot of times the opportunity to play with Verbzilla, and I am surprised every time rsultat.
4 - trs is solid. I was afraid for the footswitch to beginners, but it is like new.
5 - I'll have a real m'achte power supply even when one day, but Echo Park is one of my pedals of the Poins rcalcitrantes ct l.

Edit 21/06/2011: I'm still hooked. And my pedalboard is over!

nicolasjag's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Echo Park
This is one of delay pedals on the base (clbre) big sister the DL4, but the format type boss. The effects are not programmable via PC, it would have t can be a good idea.


The config is easier than it was in the air, you'll quickly in the hands bte. And in relation to musical possibilities of the BTE, we say that all fit in a small box, with the same ease of use is really a performance. The trs good job.
The tap tempo function is really gniale for the live and trs simple to use, not dicey.
It connects easily to a string of power supply (in my case a one spot).


The sounds are standard, I had a boss multi effects that I had to sell, I said "good I must rinvestisse at least a delay, it was good I know, no surprise" ... and he was wrong on Garon! I redcouvert delays the pikes of groups like Pink Floyd, Hendrix ... The sound "analog" delay give a dirty wish, but trs hot and vintage sounds "tape" we ramnent a delay hendrixien more ... I am using the delay ultimately more "classic"! Not to mention all the other functions (more or less useful, but many) including a reverse delay, a delay that does not start until your sentence ends, various rhythmic modes of delay, a delay that attack gum ... There's short for choice!


I have over the past year, I conquered. For me simply the best on the market with its big sister the DL4.

magnus3's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Echo Park
Delay pedals numrique with a simulated analog echo and cho band.
input / output mono and / or Stereo

+ Design original design
+ Pedals while massive mtal
+ Good readability and the resistance knob mcanique
+ Easy access battery
Tap tempo well pensbr + />
The -:
- Trs pedals fit in the big pedal board
- Need a spare power supply for compatibility problems when you have other brands of pedals. I wonder if it would not shuffled to the pedals and analog numriques, this is absolutely not an assertion I ask myself is all ... Besides, if you have the rponse: MP
- Not the possibility to save presets, but its not really that good a least considering the price and features offered (and then the proposed DL4 - 6 line does sell more if the echo park proposed this function ^ ^)

gnrale note: 8


5 knobs and 2 switches can be a fear, but the pedals trs is easy to use for who knows how to use a delay ...
for those discovering the delay, a walk in the full manual and preset trs Provided will easily take over the operation of each knob / switch, and to take control of the trs rapidemment b you to find the sought-.


The sound ...

So for the record, I'm a big fan of analog, only when trying / testing a delay, we quickly realized that:

1: analog expensive and the delay time is not long trs
2: the sound, it is ptetre more "hot", but on a clear bin is also much more dirty on delay time longer ...

In short we say that IDAL is to have a digital delay for clear, long delays, and to have a delay in complment analog sound with what inimitable strengths and weaknesses .

the budget is being explored so the numrique. several "standard" pedals are available in the format:
the digidelay, the boss DD6 DD3-and echo park

I have not the digidelay AIM ....
DD6 DD3-bosses have a lot to me plaisiat, some would say cold I say Fidler ... There's more ergonomic level but ...

APRS everything blah blah useless (you might say ...) we come to Echo Park, which for a price equivalent to DD6 offers a simulation of tape echo and analog delay and full of features (rptition the eighth, was black, was the eighth leading fashion swell, reverse, back slap ....).
this is my PDAL possssion since July and here's what emerges:

digital mode: echo trs clean sounding equivalent to DD6. no color signal impeccable!

analog and tape echo:
Incredibly, I require trs and I usually boycott simulation, but the I have to say I won t! the only complaint I have is that when you push the knob back modulation, the dgradations couraging the signal line starts to become too pressed (the edge of caricature ). Other than that, there is the typical sound of these two type of echo is really surprising! (Legris staining and degradation ...)

On modes of treatment on offer:

normal - tap tempo:
nothing exeptional, trs simple to use RPET ca we play according to the demand mode (note, eighth point, black ...)

Slap back:
excellent, it feels like an old barn to play his or her contry blues!

interesting use for background music or to make a pseudo violoning This mode blurs the attacks, APRS is not something that we use every day ..

I scan the filter not really exploit I'll come back when I
detailed ...

very practical especially on the long delay, it cuts repeats qd eta is played when the rtable is stopped, I would say it's necessary There's moments!

Multi 1 and 2:
trs useful stro yet thorough

ping pong:
trs classic trs well made!

ca password that you play backwards, trs useful and good rendering of the pedals on the rhythmic rockabilly 60's

It's really a good trs PDAL


I wanted to offer I have been offered for my birthday!

I would do without this choice hsiter ... I think the best delay pedals numrique in ormat on the market

boboson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Echo Park
See above

Full of possibilities

PDAL massive, very heavy, very stable ...


Super simple setup, a lot of Settings, tons of possibilities.

We must look not bad for his wish to find.
Tap tempo super convenient

Big problem if the buzz does not use power supply SPECIFICATIONS, I shot a while to understand where was the monstrous buzz of spacial orde gnrait that the animal has avoided the battery and power supply of the whip ...


Trs trs good, good is the biensur numrique, let's blow raliste we never n'aurau the sound of an old tape delay, but the cot practice (except I alom I rpt), tons of possibilté make a great product.


A good product trs, trs good report quality price, but power supply spare ...