Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Boss MD-2 Mega distortion

MD-2 Mega distortion, Distortion from Boss.

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All user reviews for the Boss MD-2 Mega distortion

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 30 reviews )
 17 reviews57 %
 3 reviews10 %
 7 reviews23 %
 2 reviews7 %
 1 user review3 %
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iamqman's review"Mega Distortion"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Back in 2001 Boss set out to build a pedal that would entice low tuning and seven string players to the Boss distortion pedals. there has been this constant need for more distortion as music has changed. Me I find it silly to have that much distortion since you can't even hear the nuances of the playing anymore. But when you are playing the basically on two string and that first string is lowered to A# then I guess you don't care about dynamics and nuances. SO anyway Boss designed a pedal that would cater to the guy who need a ton of unusable but I suppose usable in their type of music.



Controls: Level, Tone/Bottom, Dist, Gain Boost
Connectors: Input, Output, AC Adaptor
Current Draw: 18 mA (DC 9V)
Weight: 410 g (15 oz.)
Nominal Input Level: -20dBu
Input Impedance: 1MOhm
Nominal Output Level: -20dBu
Output Impedance: 1kOhm
Residual Noise Level: -110 dBu (IHF-A, Typ.)
Recommended AC Adaptor: PSA Series


First off since this thing has so much gain on tap that there comes a lot of noise. This pedal can be very noisy when you turn those double gain control knobs up pretty high. This pedal rally emphasizes the low end for the dropped tuning guys. There is even a control knob that effects the low end of the pedal.

The tone of this thing is very heavy. It get s load of distortion, but to me it is way too much and very noisy. It kind of bugs me how much noise is in this pedal. You will definitely have to have a noise gate or some kind of noise hum eliminator.


You can find these pedals new for right at around $89, which isn't a lot of money for a double distortion pedal. This pedal have more than enough gain for anyone to use in pretty much any situation. Some guys though will boost this pedal or the their rig even more because for some there is never enough gain.
MGR/Jerry Mono05/21/2004

MGR/Jerry Mono's review"Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
I bought it at Guitar Center for about $80. Cheap for a pedal that will probably live longer than I will and still sound good.

It's a very strong pedal. It has nice deep lows and soaring highs that ring forever. You can squeeze many different distortions out of it if you're willing to play with it a little. I've done a strong Overdrive to a Metallica/Megadeth distortion to a Nu-Metal distortion from this box and there's plenty more than that.

There's not a lot I dislike about this pedal. Solid construction, great sound, versatility, what else can I say?

I could probably run it over with a tractor and still use it, but I'm not going to try because my tractor is in the shop right now.

If you want distortion, and dont mind messing around a little bit for your sound, the MD-2 is for you. Keep in mind that although you can get overdrive sounds out of it, this thing was made for metal so if you want overdrive, go elsewhere. For all you metal-heads out there, this one's for you.

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MGR/lozza spring03/08/2004

MGR/lozza spring's review"Boss MD-2"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Coda music Luton, i wanted a effects pedal that had a good range but mainly had a nu metal sound

the tones you can create are amazing best way to spend £53 i think

It gets through batteries like i do food

extremely good iv dropped it thrown it in rage and its still perfect.

BUY one you need it especially if you want to have sounds from PANTERA TO LINKNI PARK or even BB KING. Id give it more than 5 but thats as high i can go.

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MGR/Andy Spinningplate12/07/2003

MGR/Andy Spinningplate's review"Boss Mega Distortion"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Sound Control Bristol UK, bought for £69.00

I have a single coil strat copy, so I often had problems with distortion pedals as I felt they did not provide enough low-end, especially when trying to play heavy drop d stuff. Since I didn't have enough cash to buy a humbuckered metal beast of a guitar, I bought this pedal, and it didn't diiapoint. The low end boost is very helpful and makes my guitar sound totally different- much fuller and bassier.

So much bass that when I used the neck pickup when the amp was on loud, I nearly blew my speaker out!(So I went out and got a Fender 90w!)

It's a Boss, so its pretty much indestructable.

If you are tired of your guitar emitting clangy, treble high tones and you want some real substance to your guitar sound, buy this!

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MGR/Metal Manic01/29/2003

MGR/Metal Manic's review"Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
I bought this pedal at Spizter's Music. They were going out of business and I wanted to get a pedal. When I saw this I was like "I'm gettin this." I payed 80 bucks (retail is like $120)

I really like the deep vibes it plays when you put the tone, gain, bottom, and distortion all up. It's great for playing metal. It's good for Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, etc.

There's really nothing I really dislike about this. It's an overall excellent distortion pedal.

The quality is great. It was well made and I really like Boss products.

Be sure to unplug both cables from the pedal when you're not playing it because if you leave in the cables, it drains the batteries faster.

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MGR/FeaRFactorY159's review"Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
Got it from for 79.95 if I remember right.

You can get really bottom heavy distortion from this unit and occasionally if you get just the right settings you can get that one sweet distortion tone that everybody is always looking for, but rarely, if the planets are inline kinda thing.....

Too much low end. You have absolutely no control over the kind of distortion. You can't get any kind of mid scooped crunchy distortion with a lot of bite. I usually have my strings on my six string dropped down 2 1/2 steps, and with that kind of tuning with this bottom heavy of a distortion pedal it's just too much bass, no bite to the distortion. Also you get a lot of feedback when this thing is turned on, I could talk into my pickups and this thing would send the signal going crazy.

It's a Boss pedal, need I say more?....

Way too much low end and no control over the type of distortion. Stick with a distortion pedal with an onboard EQ, like the MT-2. But if you like bottom heavy distortion go for it, I'm just saying the tone this thing gives isn't quite my bag....

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MGR/Sipseb's review"Boss MD-2"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
I bought this at for 80 Euro. (70$)
I needed a really good and FAT Distortion.

I like the good quality and the FAAAAAT distortion Sound.

It was quite expensive.
(But hey, I live in Germany) ;-(

Build like a tank, like all the BOSS single-pedal-effects.

BUY IT AND LET LIMP BIZKIT etc. sound like
a schoolband!!!!!

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lupus69's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not easy craft"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
The effects are arranged distortion (hopefully ^ ^) kind of boosted high gain compressed / mixed which has the distortion can give overdrive, all digital, we suspect ... input output connection, bypass (sympathetic no loss of sound with a good wiring) operates a battery or AC ...
on the other hand for settings it gets harder, you will see below, 5 knobs (level, tone / bottom, dist, gain boost) that interact with each other for some color and sound ...
There is good possibility to vary the sound, albeit a bit complex but I put that 8


The manual is clear in both French and copies englois the configue ... humm ... how to say ... I almost resell, precisely because of this ... ^ ^
available distortion and boost gain, all goes well, the gain changes the sound as a normal gain with distortion, it makes this one cooler (if zero) or dirty, ranging from large distortion, neo metal has a semblance of overdrive, via a large rock has its ac / dc.
Or it gets harder the frankly it's at the bottom and tone knob that interact together on the dist and gain boost in addition to changing mediums and shine, we see that the last 4 buttons form a whole, and that a change of the first two changes everything oO it causes uprooting of hair in all directions! We found quite easily with a nice sound, but with a gap between the bass and treble or with a slamming attack that can not manage to remove without changing everything!


The sounds are realistic, however, we feel the digital side when you push a little ... and especially the pedal looks like the active pickups and lamps :/
The same sound on my les paul (active) is less convincing on my ltd (passive)

Now for the "happy owners" of the machine that is not pounced or sold, sacrificed, burned in a bonfire or other ^ ^ I bring a small contrib some cool sounds that sounds good with the toy:

a kind of large overdrive: level 10/11, tone / bottom 14 dist 15, gain 12

Cold distortion, sharp: level 10/11 13.5 tone bottom 14 dist 10, gain 10

a very big sound fairly balanced year 90: 10 level, tone bottom 13 14.5 10 dist gain 14

heavy sound: level 10 tone 13, bottom 13, 15 dist gain donf

here I put a note above the average for the resulting sounds are good, it still needs the obtenirs lol


There is little time that I have the machine, I tried other models, my musical tastes have evolved (old age) and large distortion, do not interest me, however ds1 seems more simple, this is a must.
The feature I like most is the variety of sounds obtained, sounds muffled the sound antiquated distortionné most current, through the overdrive, but difficult to get out in the settings is the black dot, I think it's better to have a distortion and a separate loop in its overdrive, or look at the competition pedal dist / overdrive exist and are much better I must admit ...
The price is not huge for a new product boss, the average price for a home distortion (well around 80 euros)
Uh honestly and now she is "tamed" I do not part with it, but it is clear that I do not have that choice if I could hack the craft live before you buy

mikolou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" distortion pedal"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion


yeah right


I am served a dozen times and a little too out of breath and not want what I wanted as his personal ...


not so top

B0W's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfactory"

Boss MD-2 Mega distortion
This pedal at Boss offers a diverse palette of sound, say the grunge to nu-metal. Like all pedals brand is the sturdy (metal case).


Not the easiest to solve with its 5 knobs, it's a little confusing the first time trying. Let's say to get the desired sound, must be 2/3 minutes of testing but it is far from complicated. It is at this price you can get many types of distortion.


I use it with an Ibanez RGA42BK. I can get sounds really heavy and greasy, perfectly adapted to the nu-metal. If you want to tackle the most extreme styles (death / black / hardcore), be warned it is not made for that. The only fault I find with this pedal: a bottom knob used with caution, if one goes too low, the sound becomes rough.


I use it for almost a year and I really satisfied. It's a good pedal to the styles in which I like to play: doom / groove / sludge metal and neo.