Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer

JH-1 The Jackhammer, Distortion from Marshall in the Effects series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 36 reviews )
 23 reviews64 %
 8 reviews22 %
 4 reviews11 %
 1 user review3 %
Value For Money : Excellent

mooseherman's review

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
This is a basic analog distortion pedal, with quarter-inch input and output jacks. This effect is not MIDI capable, and can't be edited with a Mac or PC. It's not rackable. It has a 9 volt power supply and also runs on 9V batteries.


This is an interesting pedal for an overdrive, as it's got a bit of a different setup. It has a "mode" button, which will switch the tone from a specific kind of overdrive or distortion, all of which vary in intensity. The next knob is for volume/gain, followed by a tone knob which controls the amount of low and high end on the pedal. Finally there is a contour/frequency knob, something you don't always find on a distortion pedal. I liked the uniqueness of the pedal in this regard, as these knobs are generally found on the amp itself, not a pedal.


I like to use this pedal with my Strat and Fender Twin, and I've also tried it with my Les Paul and the Twin. I was expecting a lot out of this pedal, and I expected the sound I got with it to resemble the sound of a Marshall amp. It didn't really come close. Considering that I'm not totally in love with the Marshall sound anyway, I wasn't too disappointed as much as surprised. I did get a few good sounds out of it, but I found more often than not the distortion effects were subpar. I think that I was fooled by the fact that it was a Marshall pedal.


I would recommend it to any younger, less experienced player who doesn't want to spend a ton of money on a distortion pedal. I did get this thing pretty cheap, so I would have to say that it's not a totally bad purchase. Player's who've already shelled out the money for a Tube Screamer or Big Muff and are looking for something on the same caliber would be wise to look elsewhere. The sound quality is versatile enough for a beginner but nobody else really.

moosers's review

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
The Marshall JH-1 JackHammer is an analog overdrive and distortion pedal. It has a 1/4 inch input and output and is powered by a nine volt power supply that comes with it. It is not a rackable unit - it is a guitar foot pedal.


The configuration of the Marshall JH-1 JackHammer is pretty basic, but it still has a good number of parameters to use to get your tone. It has a knob for mode, with fixed spots to choose between overdrive or distortion, and then it has three knobs that each have two switches for different parameters. The first is for both gain and volume while the other two are for bass and treble and for contour and frequency. It is easy to use all around and no manual is really needed.


The sound quality of the Marshall JH-1 JackHammer is pretty good, but didn't live up to my expectations simply because my expectations where pretty high. I was expecting to get a sound comparable to the overdrive on a Marshall guitar amp head, but this wasn't really the case. However, it does have a pretty good distortion sound and will provide a variety of different types of sounds. The sound quality is good, just not as good as on a Marshall stack, which in retrospect is pretty understandable. I usually used this pedal with a Fender Strat or a Gibson SG into a '76 Fender Twin Reverb and I was generally pretty happy with the sounds I could get with this set up.


I've been using the Marshall JH-1 JackHammer for about three years and have found it to be a pretty good overdrive and distortion pedal. However, don't expect it to be a Marshall stack in a box, but it is a nice sounding pedal. It has a very reasonable price that makes it a great choice for beginners or intermediate players looking for a good distortion pedal that sounds good with a cheap price. It has a great built and is a pedal that can last a few. All in all, the Marshall JH-1 JackHammer is a great option for those looking for a lot of bang for their buck, just don't expect too much because it has the Marshall stamp.

Heavyspender's review

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
This is a straightforward overdrive/distortion pedal. It actually has a mode for both overdrive and distortion. I believe it is digital. It cannot be edit via computer. It has input and output, as well as connector for 9v/dc power supply. It is a floor pedal, so it is not rackable. It has volume, gain, treble, mid, bass, and frequency in stacked knobs.


General configuration is simple. Even though certain knobs are stacked on top of each other, it's not really hard to figure this unit out. This pedal can get a large range of sound or effects and editing is easy. I bought this used, so I don't have a manual. However, if you go on the Marshall website, it has some pretty cool presets that you can set up.


You can get some tones that are fairly close to several Marshall amp models with this unit. For distorted sounds, I have as much as put this through a Fender Twin, and it sounds huge and amazing. It's like having a Marshall amp with the purity and thumping low end of the Fender clean. The distortion mode on this pedal has a ton of bass to it, which I like for solos. However, in order to switch back to rhythm sounds, you would have to bend down and switch the mode to the overdrive mode, which is not very practical in a live setting. The same goes for switching from rhythm in the overdrive mode to playing a solo in the distortion mode. So basically, you need to have another distortion pedal or a dirty amp for playing rhythm, then kick on this pedal in the distortion mode. Or you have to use this pedal on the overdrive mode for rhythm, then have another pedal as a gain booster, such as a DOD YJM 368 when you go into a solo. So it's pretty impractical, when ideally, you should only need this pedal to switch between rhythm and soloing, and back. Since I have a multi-effects pedal as well as my DOD preamp/gain booster, this pedal only gets used for specific applications.


I have been using this pedal (less nowadays) since the beginning of this year. As I said before, I am a little turned off by the lack of functionality when switching between the two modes. However, I can't complain about the tone that comes out of this thing, as it is pure Marshall. I've played numerous distortion pedals both recently and over the course of my music career. I just think that Marshall is one of the best distortions out there, so why not get it in a pedal? In addition, I don't like the Marshall clean that much. So I get an amp with a very nice clean, and then I put this pedal through it to get that trademark Marshall distortion. I think what I paid for this unit is right on the money, no pun intended. The lack of functionality when switching between the two very different modes on this unit really turns me off, though. Especially since my multi-effect pedal can do Marshalls fairly well, I am just keeping this unit for posterity and authentic Marshall sound.
MGR/Mark 06/08/2004

MGR/Mark 's review" Marshall Jackhammer"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
A freind purchased from Michael's Music in Irving Texas for me.

Despite the fact that this is a tweakers pedal, it has numerous settings that produce solid Marshall bad a$$ sounds. They are warm even though this pedal has no tubes.

Perhaps that it doesn't have that much variation in sounds. Not enough to make a huge difference. I mean, it has an older Marshall crunch and a modern heavy sound, but no spectrum other than that.

Metal construction, not plastic. Very durable - gigged on and off for years with no problems or a backup. Very reliable.

This thing is awesome. I use it to get different types of distortion other than my Deville amp. Definitely recommended.

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MGR/Adam's review" Marshall Jackhammer JH-1"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer

Its has a great distortion and overdrive sound. it has the lil switch thing bettween each mode so u have to pedals in one. the gain is great, you can go from a smooth bluesy tone with it at 8 o'clockish to full metal style gain all the way up. the contor and ferquencey conttrols give u sooo many sounds. seruiouly about 30 decent different sounds

its a tad noisey and with a wah in front you seriously need to invest in a noise gate

you could throw it out of the window and it would work. the foot switch is a bit weak, you have to go easy on it, unlike boss

if you need any sort of distorted sound get this - cheap - sounds great - covers all styles

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MGR/That kid with the guitar12/08/2003

MGR/That kid with the guitar's review" Marshall Jackhammer JH-1"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
I got It as a Birthday present, but I know that it was acquired from one man band, in Banbury, England.It cost £45 which is about $78.

It has a really good heavy metal fell to it when you're using it. It also has some great looks compared to most effects pedals (Iuse this term loosely)

I dislike the way that you cannot control how heavy the effects are, as it is merely turned on with a button, meaning tedious time spent fiddling with gain. Also there are two different effects (overdrive and distortion), which could be considered a good point... exept the fact that they both sound exactly the same!

Extremely good. the look and wieght are just right for a marshall product, it will take any amount of bashing,and will last forever.

A good effects pedal for begginers,but if its rapid effects mellowing and strengthening again you want then I'd shop around for something else.

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MGR/Derek Mok11/17/2003

MGR/Derek Mok's review" Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
Bought from Musician's Friend for $79.99 on special because I wanted to find a pedal that could create a good rhythm crunch. Also, wanted to try to recreate the "Zoom A1" lead sound without using the Zoom 505.

Small point, but this is the most eye-pleasing pedal I've ever seen: Golden chassis, mirror-smooth, die-cast control knobs, extremely rugged and very solid. The Overdrive sounds have soul, and I was able to realize my objective of using only one distortion pedal to get the sounds I need.

Partly due to my inexperience with pedals, I couldn't really get the kinds of tones I have in my head. But what I do get with this pedal ends up working for the guitar parts I'm recording.

Very high. I've read complaints about the on/off button on the Jackhammebeing flimsy, but I don't agree. I also don't use my pedals as often or as aggressively as most players; that could be the reason.

I love this pedal. Except my Fender pedal tuner and my trusty Zoom 505, there is no other pedal I use more.

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MGR/Marc's review" Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
I acquired my JH-1 in a store called Music&Audio (Harrow Productions) in Losser/Holland for 85 euro's.

I like a lot of thins about the Jackhammer:

It looks very slick, the sound is killer and it has a lot of tweaking possibilities!
It sounded great through a Marshall VS 100 stack, and it also sounded great through a Fender Frontman 15 watt with a 1x12" speaker cabinet attached to it, so it's a very versatile distortion pedal that is suitable for pro's and beginners.
I used it with my new Jackson DXMG and with my old Aria strat and there are differences ofcourse, but the sound remains very good at all times.

The separate volume knob is a very cool gimmick: tweak the JH-1 just right, turn the volume up all the way and then switch the Jackhammer on, It makes you feel like you're being hit by a train!!

There are loads of gain and the switch works very fine, It really sounds like a marshall.
The distortion and overdrive modes gives you two very different sounds, the dist. more sounding like a jcm 2000 and the OD sounds like a jcm 800.

With the contour pot you can scoop out the mid sounds and the contour frequency gives you the oppurtunity to make the sound more bassy, or trebly.

A wide variety of sounds can be achieved with this pedal.

Well, the only thing that I don't like is that you need half an hour to tweak it just right, but when you're done...

Marshall has a good reputation when it comes to building quality (and sounds!!!), and that goes for this little monster too.
Solid steel body with a rubber like backside that can easily resist a fall.
The brand name is also engraved in the steel.
The battery compartment cover won't open if you don't want it to, you're able to screw it open with your nail or a coin for quick battery changes (if it runs out during a gig).

I think the jackhammer is a well build, good sounding and fine working distortion/overdrive pedal that can fill everybodies needs.
The footswitch seems a little weak but it turns out to be strong enough.
You've got to like the marshall sounds to have fun with your jackhammer.
If you're considering of buying a JH-1 then test it very well, and see for yourself!!!

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MGR/S.M.L's review" Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
I purchased the Jackhammer @ 'Musicstop'in Bedford, Nova Sotia. I wanted a quality distortion pedal without the 'Metalzones' price tag. I Tested it on site, seen enough versatily with the multiple controls for frequency etc. I bought it right away for only like 65% of the metalzones tag =$99.97 + 15% tax Canadian. appr $70.00 U.S

Like I said, there is a lot of control over how you sound, it has a wide range of control, 8 controls to mess with and give you almost any sound you are looking for. I can drop it to a more mainstream sound, or crank to speed/death metal sound with only a few adjustmants. bottom-line, customized pedal. I love it.

the draw backs are obvious, marshalls' pedals literally have a button that clicks to engage the pedal opposed to boss' smoother stomper, this makes it a must that you are wearing something on your feet.

Built like a Brick! smooth and sleek. superior paint scheme, hell it looks great.
the chrome is quite reflective so beware of stage lights!

you get twice the value with bang for buck with the jackhammer. eliminates high price for high end pedals. Bottom-line, I am not seling it!

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MGR/MLawes's review" Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer"

Marshall JH-1 The Jackhammer
I got the pedal from nevada music shop in portsmouth a couple of years ago for i think about 40 quid

Fantastic dist sounds, like having another Marshall amp in the rig!!
Metal case provides very good protection.

Uses up batteries very quickly and the switch seems very weak, like u could easily break it if u stomped on it too hard

Very sturdy construction, has been dropped many times (accidentally) but the metal casing gives very good protection.

Great sounds from a very affordable pedal. I've heard so much worse!!

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