Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter

Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter

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1403 Guitar Xciter, Guitar enhancer from Aphex.

6 user reviews
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Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Aphex
  • Model: 1403 Guitar Xciter
  • Category: Guitar enhancers
  • Added in our database on: 10/17/2004

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Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %

MGR/vincent's review"Aphex 1403"

Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter
I purchased the unit from my guitar tech for $150 He recomended it to me and said that if I didn't like he would take it back,
he can't have it back!

When I first pluged it in I thought it was
very simple to use, set everything to twelve o'clock turned on, then off, it was amazing the phat lowend I got, it seemed to tighten up my B string, even in my 2-10 cab

turning it off

These guys at Aphex were thinking, there is a DI that you can switch from wet/dry on the output,ground lift,and a active passive switch. I was also told that is a true bypass switch,and the paint looks good,cool blue

This is this best thing that I have found in years, often when I show up at the gig
I'm not playing through the same rig every time, with this little box dialing in a great sound is easy

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

ToneZone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter
It is a small red pedals used for consistency to boost the sound of the amp on which we play, and also used to prampli. In addition, she serves as a direct recording PDAL online (DI). The connectors are simple, namely between an output and an XLR output for direct recording of mixer.
Feeding sefait either by a 9V battery (about 150 hours of autonomy) or an AC adapter (not supplied) type IBNA DC109 (shared).


The configuration is very simple, there are four knobs in faade "lo tune", "L Bend", "hi tune", "hi bend" and a switch on / off enables or disables the p dale. The edition of the sounds is easy and instinctive, but it takes a little time to find the right rglage This n'tant a lesser evil, it is necessary that man by himself RULES even a minimum! the manual is short trs, while English, but relatively straightforward.


Precision: this is not an effect pedals propore said, because in essence it does not change the nature of the signal, the Relva frquences Aiges or severe according to the SETTING THE user. Clearly, he adds a big EHJV amplification.

The ism is striking. In the first test of a marshall 30 watt, one felt the diffrence in the clear, but saturated c'tait less obvious. However, once plugged into my stack (or half-stack for the purists veterans) line6, we take a pie in the middle of truffles! take more serious dimension, The definition is better and the couple prsence / dynamic speaks last. Absolutely stunning! The gap with the Previous is huge, and just dye the pedals to realize the cot fade of the original sound.

My current config is a guitar Ibanez rgt42 (Di Marzio PAF Pro / tonezone), a multi-effects and a Korg AX1500G two bodies Line6 spider II. The branch is Xciter APRS multi-purpose, and directly in between the amp ... sidra is to your exact "all transistor" (with the modlisation pdalier), I have a power and a inspre DEFINITIONS clearly improved. Addicted to calm the lamps that do not believe in anything else, we must put things in place Whereas the budget, and in this case here, the sound is clean, not upscale, but really int Ress.

I am tempted to put 10, but it should leave a margin of hope for perfection.


C'tait purchase instinctive minded opinions and recommendations (especially amricaines). The commercial price gnral varied from 199 to 230 euros, but I got it for 150 with a new bass player not having had the utility. The price itself, as the whole guitar hardware today is plutt lev or even abusive, but from the quality of the product, the purchase will be quickly profitability .

However, I have not had the opportunity to test other pedals of the same ilk, but believe me it worth the dtour. To say that I do it again the same choice, it would prfrable to test other models, but it's even an excellent product that gives life to amp means.

Try to adopt it.

wardho's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter


Super simple!


That, or I'm going! Then c is poustouflant, bleuffant, thundering, and Dtonn!
The pedals gives you dynamic sound, fishing, adcoll wallpaper, and all without cel dnnatur your sound!
Tech21 trademark300 with my head, and a behringer 4 * 12 (in Mount JENSEN), c is awesome!
J I can be a tandence EXAGRES some things, but l, c is the slap, have s take the full ... e g., when I am in the mesa, or tweed, the sounds become round and has both incisive, sharp and crystal! J have the impression of having an all-tube amp tellements have sy believe!
I advice to anyone finding their sound a little hollow and round without, because it n not increase the bass, I insist, but it rounded!


I've had the can, and I LCTR say that c is a pedal which I do not think I spar soon, it is essential, without it the sound is dull!
I bought the new one on ebay, United States, I do not st dollards the price, but all with the delivery, I got it in for 112 euros, nine!
In other words dutout cheap, compared to 190 euros in France, and I have the Reue in 5 days!
N hsitez especially not, c is a small bomb that Xciter

ProgTony's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter
The Xciter of aphex is a frequency booster. It does not increase the volume or the low or high ... but he finds a way to change the sound. In fact, with four knobs, you choose exactly which frequencies (two different) is to expose and how.
Otherwise, it's a guitar pedal base with a solid case and a true bypass. I put 10 because the product is original and features are sufficient.


Aye, from the start, it's scary! The sound is totally distorted. It is nothing more beautiful or more ugly, just different. So we decided to play with the knobs, and you realize that they are very effective and useful. We can actually control the effect. That said, it takes a long time before finding a nice adjustment to the ear.
I put 8, but we hear: this is the least important ... I've never seen a guitar pedal too hard to use!


Well let's get the facts. I'm the kind of guitar player who likes the effects of boutiques, the original sounds and rich in harmonics. My (short) chain is: Gibson ES-137 in Super Catalinbread Picoso in Chile in Retro Homebrew Compressor Aphex Guitar Xciter in solid state amp Traynor (pretty clean). No distortion, clean boost only.

The Xciter me a new sound. Dry, snapping, high frequencies (low and high notes ...) are incredibly emerged as a Treble Booster would. That said, I do not like this sound very criart too. It sounds very "pro" and can give pleasure to many people, but it is not too much with my game interesting but tiring.

Low frequencies, for against (the Big Bottom!), Are beautiful. The Xciter clarifies the game, makes a great household and gives the air amplifier (air, no breath: P). The attacks are betting value and it feels good.

Small problem, however. The Xciter seems poorly absorbed my other pedals. As if two boosts (Xciter and PCS) and a compressor, it's too dynamic! Serious distortionnent a little bit, and that at any amp volume. But hey, it's a bit my fault.

Last little point, try this pedal after a distortion, this is where it comes into its own. I tried it after some overdrive, and it is the slap. As a treble booster lecture, a "professionelationeur" makes you say "waa I'm awesome, when are we recording?"

So, one more time, original, interesting, high quality but hard to use and enjoy.
I bought it and told me it would be a pedal that would remain lit at all times (like my other for that matter), but I feel obliged to use it only in certain occasion, which is a disappointment. I am harsh, but I'm not alone!


Still, I found a rather interesting use of "pending" to find the silver bullet. As I like to have a clean sound strange, I plug in my equipment as follows:

--- Guitar SCP (two outs) - CPR --- Homebrew Channel 1 of the amp, set ultra treble
-------- |---- Xciter Channel 2 of the amp, set ultra low

So I separate my highs and my lows and the Xciter does my bass. It's pretty cool ... but hey I hope to integrate it into a real channel soon.

Xciter The original is a great product, but can not fit all. The subject deserves a 9 or 10, but I would put 7 in my case ...

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  • Aphex 1403 Guitar Xciter

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