Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger

Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger

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AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger, Flanger for Guitar from Ibanez.

4 user reviews
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Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Ibanez
  • Model: AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
  • Category: Flangers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 07/28/2009

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Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
 2 reviews50 %
 2 reviews50 %

Hatsubai's review"Good, but it didn't blow me away"

Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
This is the new Airplane Flanger released by Ibanez for Paul Gilbert. The flanger is an attempt to help replicate that old school A/DA modded flanger that he used to use for special divebomb effects and what not. The pedal itself is roughly the same size as the old school A/DA, and it has some slightly similar features. There is a knob for manual, speed, range, enhance, and it has a special knob for the "Take off" feature which makes the thing sound like a plane getting ready for...take off. Cleverly named, I know. Aside from that, it has your basic inputs/outputs as seen in most other flangers.


The pedal itself is built quite nicely. It's sturdy, and it could easily withstand some long tours without much of an issue. The switches are pretty good, but I'm not sure how good they are compared to some of the higher quality switches that the more boutique builders tend to use. The knobs are easily accessible, and while the names of the knobs are somewhat funky, it's pretty easy to understand what they do once you start turning them. The manual in this is laid out fairly nicely, and it helps walk you through some of the different settings, but I tend to just prefer twisting knobs until I hear something I like. Setting it up is as simple as setting up any pedal. Just plug this into the front of your amp, and you're good to go.


The sound is where it's kind of lack luster. For a basic flanger sound, it does a pretty decent job. It's not the thickest or most 3D sounding flanger on the market, that's for sure. The old school A/DA also sounds way better than this. However, this is pretty good for that standard flanging sound. The one thing that was a real disappointment was that take off feature I spoke about earlier. It seems to be on some sort of fixed interval, and it never works quite like I want it to work. It's just like a fixed setting that keeps repeating itself or something, and it doesn't emulate that old school Paul Gilbert sound that I'm so used to hearing on his Racer X albums.


The pedal itself is decent if you want that basic flanger sound, along with a few other features. However, there are better flangers out there for the money. One issue with flangers is that one doesn't seem to do everything you want it to, and the one or two pedals out there that DO happen to have all the features you want cost a fortune. I tend to have a few different flangers around for different tones, and this kind of setup seems to work better for me than buying one huge, complex flanger that costs an outrageous amount of money. In short, decent, but don't expect to get that famous Paul Gilbert A/DA sound out of this.

HorrorshowMusic's review"Solid Flanger and Then Some"

Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
The AF2 comes with two modes, the first of which is Taxi; this is just your standard flanger, and is 80's-tastic. In case you were wondering if you could relive "the good ol' days with this," you can, whether we like it or not. The second mode is Takeoff, which can best be described as the dubstep remix to a dying elephant. If that needs any further explanation, you can just stop reading now, this one ain't for you.


The Taxi mode is straightforward and pretty applicable to most situations if so inclined. I loaned it to a guitarist for a show and he left it on for like half the set, if that's any testament. All of the knobs give a good range and you can pull all of the basics out of this side, but don't expect anything way out there. Takeoff is a whole different story, this monstrosity, or masterpiece, (I have yet to decide which) is really designed for those who need a little extra dose of crazy, but aren't ready to drop $150 on something as useless as a Whammy. I've yet to find a legitimate use for it; I'm probably too much of a traditionalist for it, but I'm sure someone will make it useful, I hear Paul Gilbert is pretty into it.


Despite my well documented predisposition to phasers, I quite like the sound of the AF2. It can sit back in the mix or make giant wooshing noises, which always make for a good intro when you're feeling lazy. While the Takeoff seems like it would be utterly useless in any situation excluding "I'm bored, let's see how long I can do this before someone calls the cops," (which, while being a noble cause, doesn't seem to be enough reason to buy a pedal) it really does sound quite cool, so I guess that's something to say for it. If you're gonna make stupid noises, make sure they're awesome.


Is half of this pedal totally useless? Yes. Does that make it any less fun? Not at all. If you're into noisemakers, it's a fun one for the budget, and the fact that you can easily switch between reasonable effect and Courtney Love is a definite plus. It's fun for a few hours, but I'm sure most people, like myself, will flip it and move on to something that really specializes in a specific sound, rather than making a decent tone in conjunction with something useless. But to each his own, give it a try, see if it strikes your fancy.

audiopat.krz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GROOVY BABY!"

Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger


After numerous tests, the best config for me is to put the pedal in front, so before the saturation of the amplifier.

The presentation of the effect on the Ibanez site gives really want. We still deal with the model shaped by the master of the flange, which gives us the way some of his settings. Personally, I found myself as a kid with his new toy!


Finally, I experience a genuine flanger sound! This pedal is monstrous. You can really spend a cold, metallic effect (EHX style ELECTRIC MISTRESS) a flanger to warm and organic (style MXR EVH Flanger). Similarly, one can obtain results from the color fairly low profile until the sonic blast completely "over the top"!
The settings are complete and effective.

I notice that despite all the race of the "rate" is not linear at all: it remains in slow rotations until 3/4 and we cope with what is left to deal with a rapidly rotating (so imprecise that level). For the defense, I must admit though that the rapid rotations are not well adapted to the flanger anyway, so no regrets. Can be trusted to Mr. Gilbert!

Also note: the positions "static" (emulating a stuck wah) are very convincing and completely useful for coloring various phases of a solo instance.

I confirm the previous opinion on the quality of the voice effect in the middle position: it borders on talk box for once: I love! This is also the issue that prompted my purchase.

Last but not least, a "takeoff" is a killer: it is an effect altogether oversized living and let loose. Its grain is completely analog and its nature makes it happily unpredictable. Of course, now is the signature of Paul Gilbert so we can not use it without bowing to the virtuoso passage. on the other hand, beyond the aspect of "gadget" denounced "by some (which I deny because this mode is part of the effect), it is a platform for experimentation in this field and noisy is your imagination is the limit. Namely that Mr Gilbert already sought this outcome when combined with the MXR BLUE BOX MXR PHASE 100 in the loop (the two effects being triggered simultaneously so) in a previous config pedalboard. Today, he uses this pedal for extreme settings and uses another flanger sounds to more traditional, which enables the user to switch between "taxi" set example in siren mode and "takeoff" calibrated to the cleat by definition.


I use this pedal for a little less than a year and I do not get bored at all, on the contrary. Nothing aesthetically, I find it torn, which makes it a little forgotten a lot of space.
I can not believe how many different combinations that can be obtained, all being completely credible (and I have not been around).
I had the BOSS BF-2 of the past: sorry for the fans of the brand but for my taste, this thing is so vile I will do without the comparison to the fabulous AIRPLANE.
Before choosing the model IBANEZ, of course I hesitated and the EHX Electric Mistress Flanger MXR style (EVH or not) but AIRPLANE looked downright groovy over (even on youtube videos like those of andy in proguitarshop and others)!

In short, a droning pedal sexy: off ...
Von Bek07/13/2011

Von Bek's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wonderful!"

Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
The AF-2 Airplane is an analog flanger designed by Ibanez in collaboration with guitarist Paul Gilbert.
Format pedal that shows the logo of the Ibanez JL-70 Jetlyser.
No memory, no presets, no MIDI outputs.
It is characterized by the presence of two modes:
- Mode Taxi: flanger "standard"
- Takeoff mode: continuous scan of oscillation (according to the manual)

- 2 switches: on / off and Taxi / Takeoff
- 4 settings for the mode Taxi:
* Manual: delay adjustment
* Speed: speed of the flanger
* Range: depth
* Enhance: volume of feedback
- An adjustment mode for Takeoff: Speed ​​(sweep rate)
- An input IN
- An output OUT
- A power input type 9v Boss (200mA transformer supplied)

Dimensions: 134x180x65
Cons: 39mA max
Weight: 740g


Before using it, it must already be in place pedalboard.
With its 18 cm wide (or BB type 2 cases and nearly 3 Boss) will have to make room!
Fortunately, everything is beautiful in this object (color, screen, knobs), it changes the gray boxes aluminum gross a certain brand made in NY ... He is impressive and attracts attention.
The IN / OUT and connect the power supply from above.
True Bypass (without power supply, the sound goes anyway).

The manual (translated) is two pages and describes the function of each button.
A fan of Paul Gilbert would no doubt like some goodies, we are satisfied with a short intro in 3 lines of the master.
Ditto for the typical settings, nothing at all you will find it all on the official website of Paul.

Otherwise, the use is consistent with what is expected of it for mode Taxi (flanger is a standard 4-way).
A small problem for Takeoff mode that would warrant additional settings and features.


FYI, I use it to Van Halen or Paul Gilbert: before saturation.
After various tests, it appears that this is the best he has made.
I use a Washburn WI67pro (semi hollowbody, mahogany / maple table / set neck) equipped with SD SH1/SH11, plugged into a preamp AMT SS20 (direct console).

Taxi Mode:

It's amazing.

Manual closed, is a small chorus.
Manual open, or pushes on the Enhance, the jet takes off. A little further and that feedback is a big twist the ear.
Speed-bottom, depth to the mini: it looks like a ring modulator, which is adjusted with the remaining 2 knobs.
The amazing thing is the setting for "medium", the sound is very "vocal", closer to one or phaser whawha that what is usually expected of a flanger.
It turns out that the AF-2 is a formidable versatility, and it keeps all its settings in a very strong personality.

Takeoff Mode:

In this mode, the flanger effect going on over the sound of the guitar and produces a huge uncontrollable oscillation. Basically, a feedback through a flanger: sometimes dive-bomb, sometimes whammy ...
It is striking, very fun, very well done. From there to use it regularly, no.
The only setting this mode is the scanning speed. You can not just decide to do up or only down, so it's very hard to stall on an intervention in a song. on the other hand, when it sounds, it's huge.
After some tests, with octave tremolo and delay support, there's a good way to do something noisy ... Must love.


I've used for years a Boss BF-2: no problem, it's a lot of things very well and often.
But Airplane Flanger has dethroned easily.
It sounds divinely, it is versatile and does not spoil, it is beautiful.
In addition, its price / quality ratio is just stunning: I got mine used for about € 90.
Taxi mode is perfect, the way Takeoff less clear for general use, but produces its small effect.
Cons: must be able to fit in PB!
If there is instead is a must have.

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  • Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
  • Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
  • Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger
  • Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger

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