Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 29 reviews )
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Hatsubai's review"My favorite stock crybaby wah"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Dunlop has quite a few wah pedals out there, and this is probably one of their more popular ones due to all the options. This is generally the wah I compare other wahs to thanks to its flexibility. The wah features a range selector which controls how much of a range the wah has from heel to toe, a volume knob and a Q knob which controls the sharpness of the sound.


These pedals are built like tanks. They can withstand nearly anything you throw at them, short of spilling your beer all over them. The casing is extremely durable, and you can chuck it across the room without much of an issue. About the only thing that occurs is dust and grime getting inside the pot, but you can just spray some contact cleaner in there to fix them, most of the time. The wah is extremely easy to setup, and everything is laid out in an easy to understand matter. This has a few knobs on it, so there might be a quick learning curve, but it's nothing bad. Just turn the knobs until you get the sound you want. The manual explains everything in clear detail, anyway.


The sound is what most people want to know. First of all, this wah is not true bypass, so keep that in mind. They might have changed it since I wrote this article, but I can tell you for a fact that mine was not true bypass. Because of that, it did suck a little bit of tone. The things I really like about the wah are that it's extremely versatile and easy to dial in a sound you're looking for. The knobs have a good range, and there are some great options to choose from to truly get that aggressive wah sound I usually go for. However, it can get a bit thin at times, and it might not be as musical as other wahs out there.


I have a custom built wah, but if I had to get another wah, it would probably be this one. It's my favorite out of the entire Dunlop lineup because nearly every store has it, it's got tons of options, built like a tank and sounds good. There are some better and more boutique wahs out there, but I consider this the standard when it comes to comparing versatile wah pedals.
MGR/Glenn Danzig03/28/2004

MGR/Glenn Danzig's review"Dunlop Crybaby 535Q"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
I was in search for a good wah. Got it from guitar center for about $120 (with tax and what-not).

This thing is not only versatile, but loud like
a mad man! It has so many options: from classic
Jimi wah to straight-out overdriven lead wah. In fact, when I want to push my leads out there, I simply cranked it up (Q-knob, boost, and range) and play, leaving the wah pushed down! And ofcourse, you can turn it off via toe-switch.

The only beefs I had with it is that when you push the switch, turning the effect on/off doesn't always happen so fast. Also, it did not come with an adapter.

This thing is one rockin' heap! Great construction and always a pleasure to use. Very smooth action and even if I push down in rapid movements, the wah is responsive.

Don't waste your time on that "classic Wah" from Morley. I tried it out and it takes your distortion and shits on it! This wah can add distortion (in fact it's very good at doing that) or give you clean, buttery wah! BUY IT!!!

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MGR/Bobby Winder.11/28/2002

MGR/Bobby Winder.'s review"Jim Dunlop Cry Baby 535"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
I got this pedal out of the friday ad a local newspaper that sells things second hand. I got it for £50. I got it because i really wanted a wah pedal and as this one was surposed to be good i got it.

There are numerous things that I like about the unit like its amazing sound and numerous wah effects (six in all) it really can wail. It is also good because it makes no noise when pluged in, most pedals make a sort of fuzzy sound of scream on certain effects but with this bastard they don't.

err ummm err well it has no distortion so if you want to play heavy you need an amp with good gain or an overdrive pedal. (four words Electro Harmonix Big Muff.)

This thing is built very strong, it is made mostly from metal and thick plastic. So it ways a bit. It was second hand but in perfect condition apart from a slight scratch in the toe.16

An INCREDIBLE wah pedal it has it all good sound, multiple effects, well built, good looks and it even locks so you can't accidently use it during a song. GET IT. I got it for a great price but it would probaly be hard to get it for less but if you shop around I'm sure you could get a good deal.

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MGR/J.'s review"Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah535Q"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
I bought this wah because Crybaby was the only brand of wah I had continuously come across. I figured I'ld get some room for tailoring my sound with the tone-selector pot. I had just turned 15, and hit my farther up for it as a birthday present. He liked saying "wah-wah" and hence thought it a good idea to get this gift for me. I think it cost around $300 AUD from

I like it for the sole purpose I aquired this unit...It lets me wah. Sometimes it puts out pristine steel like angelic quantitys of wah tone. It can also double up as a frog burping sounding pedal.

However my flying carpet feeling is pulled out from under me when it makes my sound appear to be squashed out the backside of a hippo. This isn't nice to the ears of others nor to the solo that just started to go up a notch and thus collapsed to the sound that would find itself more at home in arse.

Exterior is tough and would protect it's guts if dropped. I've heard others refer to Crybabys as having some false harmonics. My Crybaby has false sounding tones that come and go but I HAVE ALWAYS RUN IT OFF A 3.6 - 12 volt AC/DC CONVERTER. Even though it's set to 9volts, these types of AC adapters ARE BAD FOR YOUR TOYS.

I wish I had researched more and found a wah with the tone I find my playing lends to. I like Quality but prefer sense of character. I would of liked to try a vox or a RMC wah. I have however found a setting on my faulty wah that gives me an incredible distortion tone. I give it a four because it could be your dream pedal. It's just not mine.

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legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very well"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
wha multi adjustable from anywhere with an integrated boost !!!


everything is simple and clear presets are provided with the same instructions !!


sound ... yeah, so since it is adjustable from everywhere, it should not be a problem for anyone .... everyone should get to find his account and he wants his !!!

I find the sound very good, either qq guitars !!!

and effective nikel and super boost !!!!


I used almost 10 months, from time to time on qq rehearsal ....
And ... the only flaw I found the pedal travel a little short ... I liked most !!!

I got to 70% in-store, a super deal.

to compare with my ex BBE wha, I put them on the same level.

two very good pedals. (Avoid GBC95 !!!)
Tiger foods04/27/2012

Tiger foods's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ouahhhh ..."

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
1. CARACTÉRISTIQUESQuels are the effects, or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) Are they editable? Via an editor for Mac / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is it a rack or rack-mount model?

bin is the Dunlop wah, but configurable.
On the outside there is nothing apart from other, except the large knob (6 catches, 6 sounds, sort of EQ), the two trimpots tiny little mushroom and pink on the side (boost of + /-15db)
To the left is the mini pcb inside and Fasel red (+ hot), power input. Everything is solid, no complaints.
I take just one point because not true bypass, but hard bypass ...
There's a small stain not even switched on (^ personal, it does not bother me, but for manic or if I had a upmarket config + ...)


2. UTILISATIONLa general configuration is simple? Editing sounds and effects is easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

Easy to use, yes, but to find the right combination of sound, there's a lot of possibilities in fact. Small trimmers are too small, there's nothing written on it and I'm wrong every time, but it's better than if they were in the housing.
Ah yes, some pleignent that the effect is hard to enclancher, bin simply remove a rubber sle penny tray and voila, 2 X easier!
Otherwise, you appuies bin, and you enclanches Wawate you, nothing complex.


3. QUALITY SONORELes effects are they effective, responsive and realistic enough? Which instruments do you use? Which ones do you prefer, you hate?

So I had an old VOX, sold and regretted later (sound sooooo sweet).
So I bought it after seeing it and playing Satch for versatility, I was happy, but hey, I also bought a new Vox 847 USA made, but disappointed (they are actually Dunlop réestampillées in my opinion), so I stay on the 535 that satisfies me


4. NOTICE GLOBALDepuis how long you use it? What is so special that you love the most, least? Did you tried many other models before buying it? How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ...

2 years
tried two Vox

I love the multitude of sounds, I use it mainly for solos filter, I like to have a sound very serious but not stifled.

It would take a true bypass, an LED lamp ignition (I think Rondat made this mod), and trims with a marking on it to get lost, if not very well. Attention, according to the power supply it can rumble. Personally I use the one spot and it's complete silence and I also use the adapter on the stack for well over clip

Matbethyname2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" try"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Any analog pedal with possibility to choose the frquence mdium of "Wah."
(6frquences choice) according to the desired effect. (Glossy dark)
It can also trigger a boost of +20 dB, convenient for solos (Warning, this too will add to the distortion)
It also provides a true bypass, which means that your basic sound (no effect) will not color the wah when not in use.
There is (still) two small buttons (not really failes use) on the cot top left of the pedal for an alternative frequency drives, I do not really use truth, the bulk of its making is with the main rglage.


I do not remember if there was a manual, (surely a small cardboard explanation as often with Dunlop) but either fawn, a Wah, it's quite understand faile ...
Power supply: battery or mains a choice ...


The sound is will you make, believe me!
I also use it well with my JS 1000 in solo or with stratocaster (funky rhythms in clear or solo) double or single microphones, little gain or bottom, it still sounds! A must ..


I use it for 2 years and I have never regretted my choice, and has never shown a single sign of weakness. (Uses in RPTES / live)
I was playing earlier on the Digitech EX-7 which had 2 numriques Wah, so there is no real comparison, you really feel the sound "rl" analog.
What I love most: the choice of frquence the "Wah" you can really have his desire.
What I like least: (looking good) A little too chre ...

Pepitow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The ultimate cry baby!"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Ba is a wah pedal, basic, no frills, nothing editable. Analog solid pedal, jack in, jack out, supply and access hatch to the battery (very convenient). A knob has several notches to select frequency ranges, two mini knob to adjust the boost and the total frequency range used by the wah, and a button to activate the boost (20db I think it is adjustable through a mini knob on the side of the wah). A small LED ca was not refusing, but I quibble!


Very simple, the wah is activated via the switch on and balance the sauce!
Edition of its very simple, just one knob to turn and has enabled a boost when you want, the rest is the movement of a classic wah with your foot!


Ba is the sound cry baby wah, ca sends the sauce, it is expressive, what the legendary!
Frequency ranges proposed by the knob's fairly well defined, but honestly, I expected to hear the differences more "obvious", it was certainly different sounds in order to find his wah sound according to his tastes, but not a huge versatility either.
With the unit can be a good funk, even if it is cut for solos rather large rock or metal sounds.

Small flat, the boost only works on my clean channel of my amp, I do not understand why, maybe because it's digital (line 6 spidervalve 212), but basically the boost fulfills its office in clean ( not really my use), and distortion, ba ca me add unwanted noise and ca "dirty" sound ... pity it was still one of the arguments justifying my purchase to boost my solos ...

But if the level I was not surprised, having already had a GCB-95 under the foot. With my ltd KH-202 is the sound of kirky in his solos with my Bc Rich, I can touch has it all: funk, blues, big rock, metal.

So -1 for sounds not too different and -1 for the boost.


I use it since February, and before she had the GCB-95. Specifically it is the same except you can change the sound and there is a boost.

I especially like the sound, but I have a bit of my hunger when differences in the sound knob, and the boost does not work on my distos.
The price / quality ratio is good OCCAZ, I find a new chouillat expensive, especially if the boost does not work everywhere.

But the choice I would do without hesitation to € 100 it's worth it was just "the ultimate" cry baby underfoot (I do not mean of course the model rack and there you can edit your complete his A to Z) to test whether the Dimebag version is better and if the price difference is justified.

The 8 / 10 is justified by the small disappointments mentioned above, otherwise it is good stuff.
C'est moi !08/30/2011

C'est moi !'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A wah wah robust and broad parameters to find the Son!"

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
It's a pedal Whawah inspired by the famous Cry Baby but with some settings and more. This allows for the choice of sounds depending on what you looking for vintage to modern. Including more or less to overload the amp distortion.


It's simple just turn the knobs and listen to what changes and voila!


The quality is there is a wawha!


I have not tried much before buying it and I admit it fully satisfies me. A good product, simple, strong and effective, I do not see what might look for more.

Sam(edirien)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Bah it did click, and after whawha.
Analog ...
The mine operates in 18v. And she still works as well.
by Jack, I wanted to edit this to put the Speakon, and in fact it is not practical ... Ok I'll stop.


Being able to choose its frequency range is a big advantage that made me choose it. I have one of the first model, with the settings under the pedal. No little red switch on the outside. the boost is activated at the same time as the whawha.
The manual gave some examples of sound. When we know what we want, they're going very well.


Bah nothing to say to myself, if I had finally been less con was young, I have the chopper power supply at the same time, instead of telling me that it also works in 9v (which is true, but file some hum ...) So today I got older, I'm finally less stupid, then that's all right. And well it may be frothing tjs saying that your guitar player is also playing with idol (NOT THIS IS NOT A SHREDDER! Adam Jones ...)


Bah I returned to my rig, and in fact it feels good. I try not to put across, but it sounds so good ...