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All user reviews for the Fender Performer 1000

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 15 reviews )
 8 reviews53 %
 6 reviews40 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Poor

ericthegreat's review"small but great sound"

Fender Performer 1000
This is a 5 watt tube amp without any frills like tone or gain, just simply a power switch, volume knob, and a 1/4" standard guitar input. Any tone shaping can be done with effects equipment, but not in a loop, prior to the gain/volume stage.


This amp really opens up the louder you put it. There really aren't any choices, such as through using different settings, to get a good sound because there are no amplifier settings: simply on/off and whatever volume level you dial up. That being said, this amplifier sounds pretty good, especially in a bedroom or for a home studio environment.


There is a lot of versatility in that there isn't anything to fiddle with this amp - just whatever effects equipment that gets set up in front of it. So, this amplifier is capable of producing many different tones that all encompass the type of "tube warmth" that us guitar players seem to strive for. This could be the clean kind of tones, the ultra-clean tones used in New Wave (like the Cars) or lots of heavy metal distortion from a pedal for thrash and hardcore music. The higher the volume knob is set, the more the tube is driven, the warmer the tone. Fortunately, with only 5 watts, it doesn't take a whole lot of volume to start driving the tube.


This is a neat little practice amp, even if it is kind of expensive since it doesn't come with any type of tone shaping controls at all. Still, nice, clean tones are easily delivered from this amp, making it a great combo for someone who just "has to have" tube warmth in their bedroom rig. I ended up passing on this amp, but did go back and forth for a long time, agonizing over whether I'd pick one up or not. I've played a couple different ones for a couple different hours; I would suggest being able to play one the one that you intend to purchase, because they don't all sound the same.

Stfsatan's review"Very nice hybrid!"

Fender Performer 1000
It's a hybrid amp (1 tube for the preamp and solid-state)
The connections are more than enough for what I use it.
You can use it zapping the preamps with a footswitch, it's awesome!!!
Normally, it comes with a footswitch with 3 switches, 2 for distortion and crunch and 1 for the reverb!
In terms of controls, it's very simple: volume, bass, treble, and middle for channel 1
Channel 2 has volume, bass, middle, treble, gain 1, gain 2 and reverb


Yes, it is very simple!
I don't have the manual but you can find it online!
Generally speaking, FENDER has a superb clean sound but less so in terms of distortion; and this is no exception to the rule! As long as you know how to dial in an amp! The distortion is more limited, but still credible!!!
Be careful, this amp is very loud!! When the volume is set beyond 2 the level is pretty high!! Read the tricks on the product page to solve this problem, it works great!!!


Yes, it suits the music I play, which is mainly punk but it also allows me to surf different musical waves and I use it together with a jcm 900 4501 so I won't complain!! I have the FENDER treble and the MARSHALL bass, so it's unfair to whine about it.
I play a JACKSON DX10D guitar equipped with DIMARZIO SUPER DISTORTION and PAF PRO pickups! For effects, I have a ZOOM G92TT pedalboard.


I've been using it for 11 years now. I know it by heart. It's a good companion, but it's a bit heavy. It's quite the bigmouth even if it hasn't had too much to drink. They don't make amps like these anymore!!!!

Dish1's review

Fender Performer 1000
See other reviews where everything is detailed.
Big power reserve, comprehensive connections (speaker, send return, direct line).
Three channels, controls on the front panel, like on a Deluxe reverb or a Twin.
Nice black color.
The pots are a bit cheap, like the handle.
Grey speaker covering, Fender Made in USA logo.
Rather light (big plus!). Footswitch included.
Nothing negative in this regard.


Nothing too complicated.


Its biggest advantage is the clean sound: ultra simple settings, Volume, Treble, Mid and Bass.
It unquestionably has the Fender touch: Brilliant and responsive sound — a classic. This Performer is really worth trying out, at this price point it's impossible to find something better
The lead channels are quite usable, the tube plays well its role.
These are my dialings:
- Clean: Treble set to 5, Mid to 5 and Bass to 7.
- Distortion: Gain set to 2/3 on the rhythm channel, 5 on the lead channel, Treble to 5, Body to 3/4 and Bass to 6. You only need to adjust the power with the volume.
- Reverb at 4 (I agree with the other reviews, it's excellent).

I get a nice clean sound, but it's not aggressive, since I reduce the Treble.
A very nice crunch.

Reading some reviews, I have noticed that certain lucky owners of the Performer are annoyed by the power of the amp. Don't worry, every problem has a solution! You only need to link the Line Out and the AUX Send on the rear. And, oh miracle, the Effects Mix pot on the front works as a Master control! What's more, you will be able to use your amp at home without risking bothering your neighbors. And the sonic capabilities of the amp also increase by mixing the Master you created with the volume and gain controls. Isn't life nice?

The pros: I use it with a cabinet that I made myself with a 15" Eminence, which boosts the low end!!! (Careful: 8 Ohms min)

Don't forget that it's solid-state, meaning that the sound is almost the same, regardless of the power used. On a tube amp the sound changes, evolves, benefits when being pushed. This Performer is generous but it doesn't have the compression nor purity of a tube amp. It has a somewhat clinical side, which is characteristic of solid-state amps.


I solved the speaker issue, the amp's only drawback.

For $325 it's an excellent deal.
My advice is to add to that around $120 for a good speaker or cab with a 15 incher: Is there an amp capable of rivaling with it in terms of sound quality and connections, but also aesthetically, for $450?

RickD's review

Fender Performer 1000
- What type of amplification (Tube,transistor,...)?
This is hybrid: a tube for the distortion channel preamp, and transistors for the rest, i believe.

- How much power is delivered?
Too much!
100W RMS and the volume is unusable: turn it a tiny bit and the sound gets stadium-loud...i just can't see the point!

- What connection types are there?
It has a footswith jack, and the supplied one is good: clean, distortion 1 or 2, and reverb.
FX loop too.

- What are the setting controls, effects?...
3 band EQ, volume, gain...reverb...the usual stuff.
The EQ is not bad.


- Is the general configuration/setup simple?
Oh yeah.

- Can you easily get a good sound?
I don't like the clean sound much but when i had this amp i was using a crap Washburn KC-20V guitar with real bad mics.
I used to like the yellow distortion though, unique & nice!

- Is the manual clear and sufficient?...
No idea! Who needs a manual with an amp? If you do then you need to get a nicer amp... ;-)

Never managed to get a decent sound out of the FX loop with my Boss ME-6 or my Digitech RP-5.


- Does it suit your style of music?
Not really...but i think the guitar was to blame...the distortions were good...very nice to have 2 to choose from.

- With what guitar(s)/bass(es) or effect(s) do you use it?
I used to use a Washburn KC-20V, awful guitar!

- What kind of sound do you get out of it and with what settings ("clear", "heavy",....)?
Nice yellow distortion when you curve out the mids a bit. Great for rhythm.
Nicely aggressive red distortion for solos.


- For how long have you been using it?
I had it for 2 or 3 years i think.

- What thing do you like most/least about it?
Was too big, too heavy, too uselessly powerful.

- Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Nah, i just wanted a very powerful Fender or Marshall amp i could afford.
This was 3150 Francs at the time (about 470 € ie £360).
After this i got a Marshall tube amp, a real one: JTM-60. A very different story...

- What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Looking back, i paid only 25% more for my 60W Marshall tube amp...
Probably much wiser to get a second hand tube amp than this...

- Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?...
Nah. Go for real tubes, and much less powerful. Probably 30W is way enough for any indoors use. I mean my 60W amp is litterally deafening on 10. So 30W would still be enough.

J-ft's review

Fender Performer 1000
Nice big Fender performer 1000, mainly solid-state amp but with a tube for the preamp on the lead channel.

According to Fender, it is rated at 120 watts, but I'd say its more like 200. This amp is a true bombshell. I have never dared crank it beyond 6.

Treble-Middle-Bass for the clean sound and 2 gain-treble-body-bass for distortion. Nothing could be simpler. Everything controlled with a 3-button footswitch (clean/distortion, Gain1/Gain2 and Reverb on/off).

Regarding distortions/effects, you have two distortion channels with two independent gain controls. It's ideal for solo/rhythm mode. It also features a reverb, which is quite good and very useful live.

A small drawback is the absence of a master and the lack of restraint at low levels.


Nothing is easier than using a Performer 1000. There's no head breaking. Just plug your guitar and rock on.

Now, when it comes to sound, I found the love of my life. The famous clean fender sound, very round and balanced. I don't like to drive the gain too much with distortion, so I always have a nice and round sound, perfect to play some blues. It's true that if you want something more powerful you need to resort to effects (personally, I use the legendary electro harmonix Big muff and a boss ds-1)

I recommend this amp to blues guitarists, even if I use it mainly with a rock/psycho/ska band.


The sound is magical. I use it with a Fender cyclone humbucker model and a single coil Strat.

It sounds just like you expect a Fender to sound. It's perfect for blues, and it's also very good for rock, but metalheads should look elsewhere.

A small amp with a huge power. However, you have to use it with good effects. If you use a pedal like the metal zone, your ears won't tolerate it very long. Aim for a more bluesy distortion.


I've used it for 1.5 years and have never been disappointed.

I paid CAN$300, secondhand. I have never found a better value for money.

I would buy it again anytime. I love it and will never part with it. However, I'm starting to find the sound a bit weak live.

I love everything about this amp, but it does lack a master, which poses some problems when you use the distortion channels frequently.

A nice little gem, especially for blues lovers.

necrokill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 1000
Transistor amp with pramp lamp and disto

-100Watts (a friend of mine who has a Marshall 150 APRS have told me that silent test more powerful than hers!)


-Configuration is not complicated in its clear, with distortion of 2modes switchable and adjustable gain to spare

It is frankly very clear sound, there are fender sound with the reverb (really gniale on this amp!) Is a rgal ...

for the mode with the distortion we can say that has sent the proper way! the bluesy, crunchy, and limits mtal when pushed sounds superb!
Lower Submitted is as well when you shoot what is trs apprcier!


It should be all who love are clear to the big crunch, combined with 100 watts was fun!


I would do without this choice hsiter!

Dèj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 1000
Transistor amp with 1 single lamp on the 12AX7 prampli of distortion.
It is given to 100W but personally, without any exaggeration on my part, I will give him 300! BTW, this is what it consumes ...

Especially since mine is a 2 bodies !!! And yes! There are two bodies!
And this is a true wonder !!!

It can store the crankset in the head thanks to the Detachable Faceplate (velcro) and PRVU velcro to hold it during transport. (Perso I also put my link cable head / cabinet and my whawha and power supply)

* Effects loop with adjustable gain (3 positions)
* Outputs 4 and / or 8 ohm speakers for
* Outputs Line out and Phones
Lack the power to contrler the effects loop (On or Off)
I put 9 story to say that it is not perfect (as consume 3 times the return has seems a bit much and lacks the switch to the effects loop)


Super simple to use!
Its clear: low - medium - acute - volume with a switch to remove much of the mdiums
Its saturated 2 channels with 2 rglages gain but qualisation and common saturs volume to 2 channels. Ideal for passing rhythm sections / solos
Crankset 3 buttons (Clean / Crunc - Channel - Reverb) with stro jack.

Nothing is easier to use !!

I put 10 for the characteristics for I have found no fault him (perhaps from the eternal problem of Fender: the sensitivity too presents knobs at the start of race Leure )dropoff window


Its clear .... Then the typical Fender: slamming, clean, bright ... In short, indtronable even very strong power!
As against the distortion ... The lamp is that's for sure but to play the metal, either you take a good prampli, a good kind Pdal distortion or warp factor Mtal zone or metal plant.
Personally, I was amazed by the sound that could take a Mtal area on this amp (with a limited series Strat Nono)

The original lamp is good but mine was a little tired ... I replaced with a Mesa Boogie 12AX7 and ... Better, but not great when even for the m tal.
on the other hand, even with the original lamp, the distortion are ideal for blues, jazz (lightweight satu with reverb), rock style franais Black Dsir, Saez, Matmatah etc ...

I put 9 for her because damage to the mtaleux!


I use it for 1 and a half years now and I'm really not in! I use it with a GT-6, the distos bientt will be replaced by the pramli Rocktron the Gainiac 2.
I sell the head because I spend rack but it's really against heart.
So I use it with a Strat Nono, a Peavey Raptor with Seymour Duncanc 59 Little easel. Moreover, with a microphone like the the distortion of the amp is more than enough to make Mtal !!

R-dition 20/12/2006: I finally have not sold the head, but I spar of Gainiac 2 (gos very sound, but ... I'm too fussy about distos to be satisfied).
I play in the final with a GT-Pro (I came GT-6) and .............. HUGE !!! Super Sim Rectifier Mesa through the Pramp Fender !!

Very good quality for money (I find it also not quite expensive for what it is but ... Good for us !!)

I I appreciates the most is that it is in a cabinet with 2 body mount 4 * 12 original with the signature Fender! It's really great and the sound is not at all the same combo that (I had the opportunity to try both and 2 body works much better to send her far and wide gr what to 4 hp)

Bon bah I would put 9 because there is just a little tiny something that ESG me is consumption: 300W to return 100, I think that was a bit lost!
Also lacks the switch on the crankset to the effects loop (even if still a gadget).

If the opportunity were to reprsenter, I rachterais without any problem and without rflchir.
For it is better to buy a good old Fender transistor with a good distortion or a good multi-effect not rate very expensive, while an amp Mesa lamp, for example, score much more expensive, without the multi-effect !! Especially we can reproduce the same sound aisment a Mesa much cheaper !!!!

ebrian's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 1000
See more advice.


Configuration simple.Egalisation efficace.Facile get discouraged at what veut.Puissance to maison.Ca breath away!


Made for the blues and rock.Fortement recommended for its beautiful clean metal.Trés "fendérien" chaud.Les and distorted sounds are successful, we feel the work of the lamp, there are dynamics, heat with a side blues-rock, Southern rock.


This amp is a successful family of hybrids, is made room for rehearsals and concerts.Même saturation is successful and yet it is not the strong point of Fender.

ManuM5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 1000
As has been said, it's a hybrid amp, which means that the boosted channel (2 different drives) the preamp is equipped with a lamp. It is possible to change the texture of the saturation by changing the lamp.
The only regret is the lack of master volume, and difficult to have audio at low volume.

The exact power is 90 watts, they are there.

The connection is complete, can add a cabinet, effects loop, line out, the pedal control is complete with bright, saturated and 2 and a reverb foot.

The tone controls are excellent

The reverb is divine to 3.

I noted at 7 because of the lack of master.


Setup is simple, a single entry, with a volume equalization for clear sound, an equalizer for the drive, each of the two drive to its volume and level of drive.

It is easy to find a good amount of sound a little volume.

The manual can be downloaded from the net.


The clean sound is typical fender, that is to say delicious, with fishing and beautiful grain. From jazz to funk blues. He respects more original sound of the guitar connected.

The advantage of the drive is that there are two chancun with their volume, so it is possible to set the first for a slight crunch and send the second-saturated or not for solos for example.
With my tube screamer pedal and the amp so I have five opportunities distorted sounds.

I use the effects loop for modulation effects, the tube screamer is live.

This is certainly not an all-tube, but it is an excellent hybrid, powerful and musical.


I use it for a year, what I love about this amp is the sound of the Fender clean channel first.
For saturation, I play with a rather mild saturation, so it goes, but I think that it is suitable for metal, albeit with a specific pedal, we should try.

The value of this amp is to have a good amp, musical, versatile, reliable and strong for about 250/300 euros.

This choice I would do without hesitation.

revola's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Performer 1000
Amp hybrid tube preamp and power amp transistor.
2 channels, a clear and full. Two saturation levels for channel saturated, switchable with the footswitch provided. 3-band EQ per channel.
Effects loop, reverb ...
100w but if you push the volume, I rather feel like a 300w in my hands.


Big big complaint: no master volume. It's very annoying because the selected volume on each channel directly affects the sound. And a master that would exceed the volume of the two channels. In general, playing in groups I put the volume on each channel at 1.5 .... of 10! difficult to resolve because 1mm to the right and it is too strong and 1 mm left and it seems to play in a 2 watt amp ...
Otherwise, the rest is fine. switchable channels and reverb on / off on pedals included.


Just for the clean sound, this amp is worth its price. Of course it's a fender, very typical, but for those who love is happiness.
Boosted channel, it is less concaincant, but just a little heat lamp and well set the equalizer to have a very good sound.
Great for styles ranging from jazz to hard rock. Metal fans, go your way.
The EQ is very effective. you turn the knobs a bit and we get a sound radically different.
The reverb ... ah, the reverb! I love it! Play this amp without reverb for 10 minutes and then snap the ... you can not stop playing. Superb.
Only one regret: it is not possible to avaoir a crunch sound worthy of the name. Even with saturation set to the mini, it is still too present for my taste. Is a solution, increase the volume of the amp and the guitar down.


In the end, beautiful clear sound, a great reverb, great sound full, effective and EQ pedals complete.
We feel a difference with all-tube amp quality as a Fender Twin, but for a price difference ... Gargantuan!
However, in the same price range, I found no amp can compete. Perhaps only the Marshall VS100R, but it is more oriented rock / metal.
In short, the price is a gem.