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Ibanez AEL user reviews

  • Ibanez AEL40SE

    Ibanez AEL40SE - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Egli/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Chinese guitar with 20 frets, tuner (very convenient) and battery-operated SRT preamp, Ibanez pickup by B band Squeal repeal, and Smooth Tuner AS gold machine heads. Ivorex II nut, neck an…

  • Ibanez AEL10E

    Ibanez AEL10E - "Ibanez AEL10"


    First of all, I bought this guitar from American Musical Supplies over the Internet. I was looking for an acousticelectric but thought that the prices were too high. I'm a left handed guitar player so my options are pretty slim. I've always had good …

  • Ibanez AEL20E

    Ibanez AEL20E - "Ibanez AEL20DTBS"


    I ordered this guitar from SamAsh.com since the store didn't have any in stock. I payed around 400 dollars for this beauty. I had initially planned to buy a 4-string Ibanez Acoustic bass in black finish, but was conviced otherwise since I could do mo…

  • Ibanez AEL2012E

    Ibanez AEL2012E - " Not a 12-string headlock"


    As many guitars, it's made in China. For the price, the guitar is pretty well finished even if I had to finish the job Ibanez: - Extract the dust inside the box - Refine sanding dam visible from the soundhole (I saw him playing and I was quickly …

  • Ibanez AEL20E

    Ibanez AEL20E - " A try before you buy but excellent guitar."


    Has a knob with equal volume, but I advise to resolve it directly on the amp (ideally the table) because the Equal allows some adjustments but no real substance. The microphone is of good quality and well made, great potential but is intended more sp…

  • Ibanez AEL20E

    Ibanez AEL20E - Zecat's review


    Guitar 6-string black: E TKS model AEL 20 XLR and jack input, tuner, equalizer bass medium treble, volume, "notchfréquence" phaser UTILIZATION I bought this guitar for "take anywhere" and because I wanted a black guitar black or gray ... Good…

  • Ibanez AEL2012E

    Ibanez AEL2012E - " beautiful guitar that sounds!"


    model made in Korea (but still very nice finish!) mahogany neck, rosewood keys; a priori handle that seems a bit "hard" but it adapts fast enough! under micro nut, that captures the 12-string; good sound; adjustments to make good with the equal…

  • Ibanez AEL20E

    Ibanez AEL20E - " always with me" has images


    guitar specialty shop in France handle very easy and fine as is so good to do nice ibanez neck just cracked the varnish is regrettable that in the back of barely 10 cm at the junction bottom and sides hoping it will go no further UTILIZATION …

  • Ibanez AEL20E

    Ibanez AEL20E - " also need some information!"


    Hello! and good j bought my ibanez ael, it scratches very well, but being my first guitar electro I do not know What is the snap; phase (shame on me, believe the good!) above that have tried to electro, I have great run this button, the sound does …

  • Ibanez AEL40SE

    Ibanez AEL40SE - bendeg's review


    Chinese manufacturing. Rosewood handle http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_netherlands.html Mine does not exactly match the one we see on the site Ibanez (I can not find the MODEL with the same electronics, for example, there is no XLR) …