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MGR/Brad Wicks 11/05/2002

Ibanez AEL20E : MGR/Brad Wicks's user review

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I ordered this guitar from since the store didn't have any in stock. I payed around 400 dollars for this beauty. I had initially planned to buy a 4-string Ibanez Acoustic bass in black finish, but was conviced otherwise since I could do more with a guitar. A wise choice indeed.

Where to start, where to start... This guitar is the most beautiful peice of work I have ever held, when it comes to guitars. The Transparent Blue Suburst high gloss finish is a sight to behold. Very, very beautiful... Sexy, even. The whole package is great. The pick up is awesome, the EQ is very nice and gives you many options, and the woods are very warm and soft in feel. Again, this is a very beautiful guitar, everything about it is nice. The sound is awesome, it's very warm and clear. this guitar, overall, is top-of-the-line, if you ask me.

The only problem I had with this guitar, was that the finish chips easily. But then again, that's what it's like with all high gloss finished guitars, so it really isn't a problem unless you're clumbsy and drop your guitar a lot. The battery buzzes inside when you finger pick hard, but that can easily be fixed with a new battery. (I never replaced the factory battery :| )This guitar is a work of art, and there is virtually nothing wrong with it.

The construction and quality of this guitar is superb. I have no complaints, and can only say that this guitar is a work of art.

If you're serious in playing the guitar, buy this. If you're not serious, buy this. As expensive as it may be for an acoustic guitar, it is worth it.

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