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Ibanez AEL2012E
Ibanez AEL2012E
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«  beautiful guitar that sounds! »

Publié le 02/15/12 à 03:45
model made in Korea (but still very nice finish!)
mahogany neck, rosewood keys; a priori handle that seems a bit "hard" but it adapts fast enough!
under micro nut, that captures the 12-string; good sound;
adjustments to make good with the equalizer! the highest low and mid-trebble and the volume a notch below the treble, with this kind of adjustment on the amp was the subtleties of the guitar that possesses a button shape which enhances the sound; a phase button also;
The rosewood bridge is standard;


the handle is pleasant and the cutaway allows the guitar to have the treble up at the end of the handle;
the sound is powerful and with a good adjustment of the truss road, was a quite near the handle, and the sound is versatile: blues, pop, or rock;
the weight is average, can be heavier that a lag, or a seagull of the same type! but it's still good;
its shape is nice, not too bulky always thanks sos cutaway;


it fits quite well to my style of music because I play different styles: mainly blues and pop, simply to find good strings for playing blues
this guitar if it is true, is not really appropriate to this music;
but it gives very nice harmonics, and sound pretty sweet with a beautiful
power; in acoustic, and of course with an amp;


I have for about 4 years, I've had a seagul 6 strings, and another 12 string ibanez acoustic I prefer this one, probably for his electro side;
I love its color, its head, with fine golden mechanical very strong, giving a good
tuning that is! I love the cutaway, very practical, it sounds even if it lacks "bluesy";
a bit dear if you buy the new one;
I do not regret my purchase but today I would turn to can be a lag or a 12-string ovation! whose sounds are less "classic"! but I love, I love playing it and I do not want to sell it;! !