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Ibanez AEL2012E
Ibanez AEL2012E
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Mahaous Mahaous
Publié le 10/16/06 à 13:30
This is a 12-string electroacoustic.
The preamp is original (wheels) and a tuner is built (very handy)
A phase inverter is present (it avoids Larsen PA)
Nice color!


For 12 String, the handle is really nice: I had the opportunity to try several 12-string and the handle of it is not as thick as a log.
The access to acute is possible, but sharp play on a 12 string??
the fund has a very good resonance and is not so big as that!
The sound is ... Perfect! even better!


I had over 10 years a very strong desire to acquire a 12-string ... (Nonon, I am not one of those prototypes of large bearded Corbier singing near the fire ... "without my baaarbeeeuuu ...))
The sound of 12 strings is really special (medieval, rich, hot ...)
I use it in the studio and in my living room near the fireplace (Damned!)
I branch in tps tps on my sound system and a perfect sound!


It is true that I am not at the base guitar but I had the opportunity about 12 years experience / opportunity to test several acoustic guitars and electro.
I had a 6 string electro ARIA (I think) 8 years ago: What a horrible side thereof.
This 12 string, my brother guitarist haluciné "is super soft to play in addition to it's huge and is super nice! And it's a reference mark!"
Honestly I did not want to over € 300 in a 12-string until you try this one ... A bit more expensive ... pitit Qd but not too well!
Perfect sound, even sound, a preamp of thunder, a built-in tuner! What more: Oh yes: affordable ... Ben is the case!
The AEL2012E is REALLY a super skyscraper ...
Bought new € 400 (with its house and its string parts) I would do this chosen without hesitation!