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Ibanez AFS user reviews

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - moosers's review


    The Ibanez AFS Series AFS75T is a hollow body electric guitar that is both built well and quite affordable. I'm not sure where the guitar is being made, but it's not the United States. It's got two ACH humbucker pick ups and vibrato whammy bar. Th…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - "Ibanez AFS75TTBL"


    I always wanted an electric guitar, so I ask my parents if they could get me an inexpensive one's. They told me that I can't get it till my birthday, so I waited for several months to finally get it. We went to Victor's music shop looked around fo…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - " A guitar like that!"


    Taken on a site selling instruments: hollow body electric guitar. model: cutaway Body: Maple color: red transparent round mahogany (Artcore), glue (set-in) Frets: 22 medium pitch: 628 mm (24.75 ") key radius: 305 mm (12 ") bridge: …

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - " A beautiful versatile guitar!"


    I have to share a line fault (recurring?) On this guitar: the jack is bad, or at least poorly thought out. Indeed, only attached to the body of the guitar with a single screw on the outside, how many times has it happened to me that the screw is unsc…

  • Ibanez AFS95T

    Ibanez AFS95T - " A good guitar!"


    Made in China, but very well finished. It is a standard jazz blues guitar, semi-hollow, very thin and light. UTILIZATION The neck is really nice, everyone can adjust the action as it sees fit. It draws me to play fingerpicking rather than the p…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - " Great discretion"


    I do not know where it is made (?) Floating bridge, 22 frets, etc. .. UTILIZATION good neck and weight, good balance  access to high frets ..  is hard for a  jazzbox SOUNDS On an amp with lamp sounds very warm (tone) and as it sh…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - " very good guitar"


    I traded an Ibanez rg cons limited edition of 2007, I really am a good deal. Good ibanez Asian manufacturing that's clean and clear previs but hey .... I have a bigsby above the mechanical problem does not follow and therefore very desacordage fa…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - " Beautiful Guitar"


    Pushing traditional concepts a step further, the Ibanez AFS has the same form and full-hollow body of the AF. For added comfort, depth of body is a little thinner. A vibrato is also mounted on the body, eliminating tuning problems of traditional syst…

  • Ibanez AFS77T

    Ibanez AFS77T - john chapman's review


    <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="font-size: small;">Changes:</span></span> - 2 Pickups <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Gibson</span> Les Paul 89 ' - Original Vibrato <span style="text-decoration: underline;">BIGSBY…

  • Ibanez AFS77T

    Ibanez AFS77T - filaton's review


    2 humbuckers and a three-position selector Beautiful guitar made in China 22 frets inlaid with a piece of pearl on frets 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,17,19,21 -> Classic Bigsby vibrato. It surprised me that out of tune but it does little ;-). 2 volumes an…