fairbec 09/12/2004

Ibanez AFS75T : fairbec's user review


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The features are here (https://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/country/frame_france.html).

Details not listed on the site:
Made in China
22 boxes
Pota 4: 2 volume, 2 tone, 3 position selector,
ibanez pickups,
vibrato spring loaded ...


The handle is pleasant enough, thin enough, short enough. It's amazing, it does not seem to get the first boxes. I feel that the boxes should be slightly smaller than other guitars in general.

The access is facilitated by the sharp cutaway. But beyond the 15th box, it is advantageous to be added long fingers too clumsy.


First attempts to empty, and there, cool, it sounds great.
The effect of semi-hollow. Unstoppable!

I tested an H & K attax100

It gives very good and is hot enough the sounds of the guitar.
Ideal for jazz, blues, rockabilly ...
The vibrato is a great toy, I can not do without.
When switching on the bridge pickup with tremolo thrills.
I'm going to do me now Calexico. Cool.

The passages are in saturation means, I think the original Ibanez pickups are somewhat weak people on this side.


For nearly a year, I'm not disappointed.

I still enjoy playing with.
Should be just that I think has changed the pickups.

400EUR purchased on a favorite: I liked his face, and the sound did not seem yucky.
At price / quality ratio, it seems very appropriate.

Guitar recommend.