Plexus02 10/27/2014

Ibanez AFS75T : Plexus02's user review

«  A guitar like that! »

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Taken on a site selling instruments:

hollow body electric guitar.
model: cutaway
Body: Maple
color: red transparent
round mahogany (Artcore), glue (set-in)
Frets: 22 medium
pitch: 628 mm (24.75 ")
key radius: 305 mm (12 ")
bridge: ART-2 Roller Bridge
Tremolo: Vintage Vibrato VBF70, licensed by Fred W. Gretsch Enterprises, Ltd. US
hardware: chrome
Neck Pickup: ACH1 humbucker (dual-coil)
pickup: ACH2 humbucker (dual-coil)
settings: 2x volume, 2x tone, micro switch 3 positions
volume and tone knobs with non-slip finish


This guitar is a comfortable, well balanced, with a nice play to run. Obviously, this is a quarter of cash, access to acute is therefore more difficult than on a Stratocaster or a Telecaster for example.

For me it is a guitar that I love playing.
That said, it can go awry pretty quickly if we are not careful (floating bridge), so it requires regular adjustments, but it is the case for all guitars of this type if you want to optimize the maximum.

Also, mechanical deserve to be better (they are mechanical standards for this price range, they do not move too much, but when you are used to having very good mechanical that do not move, it lacks).

on the other hand, positive for the Bigsby copy that does not move too much agreement.


This is a versatile guitar with two humbuckers.
It may as well get a clicking sound that's very round. The pickups may be lacking a little fishing time compared to higher-end guitars, but there are nevertheless a great job.

Also, it is better to play the guitar on a tube amp. The sound that is enhanced.
It also responds well to different pedals when coupled with a good amp.

"Negative" point with a fuzz or distortion, it can easily take feedback because unlike quarter of the most famous cases in Epiphone, it has no central beam, so it acts as a semi-hollow and is very sensitive to these larsens (but this can cause effects if you know the game master).


I use it for 4 years now ... and this is a satisfactory guitar in its price range (it has also appreciated in value between the time I bought it and today).

It is can not be upscale, not the best sound that exists (€ 200 more expensive guitars will no doubt better), but this is the kind of guitar you love with some flaws, but especially for its quality, the sound, the look, the comfort of playing ...

For my part I had used, and now I can not sell it, it will follow me to the end!