Backtotheglory 10/26/2013

Ibanez AFS75T : Backtotheglory's user review

«  A beautiful versatile guitar! »

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I have to share a line fault (recurring?) On this guitar: the jack is bad, or at least poorly thought out. Indeed, only attached to the body of the guitar with a single screw on the outside, how many times has it happened to me that the screw is unscrewed and end up with the socket inside the body and move several minutes to flog to get her out! I solve the problem by changing input jack. But as I said, maybe this is just a fault on my guitar. Otherwise, most of the configuration on this guitar, such as volume settings / microphones are intuitive and simple. No complaints about the finish at this level.


What surprised me with this guitar is the quality of the handle: it glides above, with access to the most well thought cargo. The game above is really nice: the place is easily crossed, the solos are precise, no "frieze" due to the possibility of adjusting the bridge / the string height.


I put to good not to perfect. This is a guitar, it is true, probably tour for Jazz type music. However, I find it very versatile, with a sound that can be both soft and round, acute or very serious, but also very "fat" / "trash" with a distortion 'well balanced. I mainly play on the Blues or music 60's-70's and it suits me perfectly!


It must be seven or eight years now that I use, and I must confess that level quality / price ratio, I have not found anything better since (except perhaps some Epiphone). It is true that this is not a Gretsch or a nice Gibson, but for someone who plays alone or composed, this instrument will suit perfectly. I would say that this is a guitar that would be in the upper mid-range, with its flaws and advantages, but for a beginner player in launching the electric (my first guitar) already opens many perspectives and game variants If you find a store: do not hesitate, buy it!