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Ibanez AFS95T
Ibanez AFS95T
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ricou le morfalou ricou le morfalou

«  A good guitar! »

Publié le 09/08/13 à 13:16
Made in China, but very well finished.
It is a standard jazz blues guitar, semi-hollow, very thin and light.


The neck is really nice, everyone can adjust the action as it sees fit. It draws me to play fingerpicking rather than the pick, the sensations are quite similar to those of an acoustic guitar, but much easier for the bends. It is lighter than my telecaster. With the strap, it stays in place, the balance is good.
Access to acute is difficult beyond the 17th fret, but anyway it's not a guitar shredder!


It is ideal for almost all types of sounds, but if you're a lover of hard rock, this guitar is not for you. This guitar has no central beam but a dam as an acoustic guitar. Therefore it has a very good attack with low round and deep property, but few sustain. His favorite subject is rather the sounds ranging from light to light crunchy. With an amp gain too advanced, it starts quickly feedback. Its Bigsby vibrato type provides a vintage look, but it should be used sparingly (the grade of 1/4 to 1/2 ton) if you do not want to retune every time.
I prefer to play clean sound with the neck pickup. The bass is really powerful. I mostly use acoustic simulation with my Line6 HD500 connected to the return of the effects loop of my tube amp Laney VC30, this is happiness!
Disconnected, the sound is well balanced, perfect for playing alone in his room in 23 hours, but to play the more it will connect.


That's 4 years that I have, I also have a Nashville Telecaster, a Godin Icon 2 Classic, this guitar is perfectly complementary to the other. In addition, it now has a sentimental value because it came a funny story. It was stolen from me at home during a burglary, and police have called me two weeks later to tell me she was in the brigade (and the burglar too ...). Constable did not want to let my guitar so much he loved her.
What I do regret is to have it taken in blue, with time, the sun, it turned green. The golden topsides are cheap also, over time they begin to be bitten (that said, I live in the tropics, the sea). I would do this choice, but in a different color with chrome deck fittings.