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Ibanez S user reviews

  • Ibanez S621QM

    Ibanez S621QM - "Wonderful sound, fits like a glove, lightweight, great looking"


    It is a wonderful guitar! It's quantum pickups might sound just a bit dull, but that's what makes it flexible, easy to adapt to almost any kind of music you like. The neck fits nicely especially to relatively smallish hands and makes fast fretting a…

  • Ibanez S7420

    Ibanez S7420 - nickname009's review


    Neck Material: 3pc Maple Neck Type: Wizard II-7 Body: Mahogany body Frets: Jumbo frets Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Pearl dot inlay Bridge: ZR 7 bridge w/ZPS2 NeckPU: AH17 BridgePU: AH27 HW Color: CK Finishes: BK …

  • Ibanez S770PB [2010-2011]

    Ibanez S770PB [2010-2011] - "Shred it up!"


    SPECS Neck Material: 3pc Maple Neck Type: WIzard III Body: Mahogany body/ Poplar Burl top Frets: Jumbo frets Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood Inlay: S24 abalone inlay Bridge: ZR bridge w/ZPS2 NeckPU: INF1 MiddlePU: INFS1 Brid…

  • Ibanez S5470

    Ibanez S5470 - "It's almost perfect for me"


    I've always loved the prestige line from Ibanez. Made in Japan. ZR edge bridge. Mahogany body and rosewood fretboard. 24 frets. Usual Ibanez pickups and control set. HSH pickup setup. The neck is your usual wizard shape. Obviously it has the …

  • Ibanez S540FM

    Ibanez S540FM - iamqman's review


    Ibanez is really known for their very inexpensive budget friendly instruments. Many other guitars range around $300-$600. They do have some more expensive models such as the prestige or signature models that fetch a much higher price tag. But overall…

  • Ibanez S570B

    Ibanez S570B - "The S series nowadays"


    When the S series was introduced back in the late 80s it was the perfect compliment to the RG. Its super slim body was very comfortable to play and it was light so you could play it all night. Over the years it has gotten some upgrades in hardware an…

  • Ibanez S540FM

    Ibanez S540FM - "Great playing axe."


    Made in Japan Mahogany double cutaway body with Flame maple veneer Bolt on Wizard maple neck with rosewood fretboard 22 Jumbo frets Ibanez high quality Gotoh style modern tuning machines Locking nut Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge double locking tremolo bri…

  • Ibanez S5470

    Ibanez S5470 - "HSH S series"


    This is another version of the Ibanez S series that Ibanez is releasing. It's not much different from any of the other Ibanez S series out there, so there's not much new to say about it. The guitar features a mahogany body, a maple neck with a rose…

  • Ibanez S520EX

    Ibanez S520EX - "Not too bad"


    Ibanez has been known for some of the greatest overdrive pedals in music history. They've built the Ibanez tube screamer and have probably been the most successful distortion overdrive pedal that is ever been manufactured. Ibanez seeks out to build a…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez straight out of the 80s"


    The Ibanez S bodyshape was always the less popular alternative to the RG. This shape has a totally different feel compared to most guitars. These guitars put comfort ahead of everything else in their design. On this guitar you get the super thin S st…