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Ibanez S user reviews

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez S470"


    I bought this guitar for $440 dollars at the Guitar Center in Manchester, CT. My S470 is in a deep violet flat finish, which is nice because the finish doesn't smudge or leave fingerprints. The Wizard II neck is thin and fast, and because the neck i…

  • Ibanez S470DX

    Ibanez S470DX - "Ibanez S470DX"


    I bought this guitar online at american musical supply.com. I played one at my local dealer and had to have one. Paid $640. I really like like the look and design of these guitars. I got the quilted maple natural finish which makes the guitar if you…

  • Ibanez S470DX

    Ibanez S470DX - "Ibanez S470 DX"


    I bought this guitar at my local music store that normally doesnt stock Ibanez. This guitar was a very new trade-in. It cost me $700AU but brand new i think they're about $1400 AU I love everything about this guitar except for the stock pickups. Goo…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez S 470"


    Guitar was bought for 450 pounds in a guitar store. It does look the buisness. The tremalo allows a very smooth action, meaning by tilting the guitar you can almost let gravity bend for you! Overall quality of the guitar seems good. The kneck is stu…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez S 470"


    Original Owner, Purchased from Musicians Friend online. 600 dollars After trying out all sorts of brands and makers, from Gibson Les Paul (Heavy Load), to Fender Strat and Tele (Tree Trunk Necks and Over rated), and several other Brands. The Ibanez…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez S470"


    I got this guitar off of ebay, never had seen one before at the local music shop, but it was such a good deal i couldnt pass it up. It had 2 Dimarzio Pickups, and 2 Steve Vai pickups, Paid $325... I love the sleek, beutiful body design, its so ni…

  • Ibanez S370DX

    Ibanez S370DX - "Ibanez S370 DX"


    $300 on Samedaymusic.com. The body is very thin and light. The middle pickup is very versatile, and sounds great combined with the bridge humbucker or the neck humbucker, or solo. Good sustain, very smooth and fast fretboard. The trem was very unst…

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - "Ibanez S 470"


    Purchsed it at Musicians Friend.com for $450. I love everything about the guitar, the Floyd Rose locks would perfectly, and the tremolo system is great. Also, you can change strings in a few minutes. The H/S/H Pickup setup is very nice, for a crunch…

  • Ibanez S270

    Ibanez S270 - "Ibanez S 270"


    I bought it in a local store (I live in Maceió - Brazil) called Cactus. I paid R$1.750,00 (something like $730) after testing almost every electric guitar on the store. It was the best guitar I could buy, since JEM and JS guitars were too pricey for …

  • Ibanez S7420

    Ibanez S7420 - " Incroyablemet addictive"


    No need to return to its characteristics. I wanted an ultra fine sword cut, mild, a handle with wide and super nice frets to learn, and especially the tremolo zr which is for me the best vibrato with the one installed on vigiers (but not the same bud…