Ibanez S270
Ibanez S270

S270, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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kadoroco 06/03/2005

Ibanez S270 : kadoroco's user review


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Made in Korea
Guitar 22 frets, two doubles and microphone setup a simple, Ibanez Floyd Rose bridge (ie allows easy installation without cutting the string balls !!!). A volume control and one tone control. Mahogany body and maple neck bolted, rosewood fingerboard. This model was replaced by the S 370 is exactly the same. The only difference is aesthetical order, the mother of pearl inlay on the handle are standard on the S 270 round while they are waves on the S 370.


The neck is very thin Ibanez typed so nice, the frets are very accurate, access to acute is facilitated by the notch and the fineness of the round-body connection. The form common to the series sword, fine and elongated gives a good ergonomics, easy to play guitar is sitting as standing. The five position switch offers a range of different sounds and makes the guitar very versatile. The violin is good for a Korean guitar and it fits perfectly well-ordered agreement. It therefore offers a good comfort of play that does not drip beginners. The guitar is very heavy and yet it has a lot of sustain.


Like all guitars versatile, the sound is less typical ... you can have your cake and eat it. In short it is suitable for beginners who do not yet agreed on by its own style. The pickups handle is hot desire for the blues, the micro power plant is like slamming a telecaster great for funky rhythm pickup and very cold with lots of treble to suit hardos.
I play more blues, so I am delighted with the neck pickup. Plugged into my Fender Super Reverb All Tube I get great bluesy sounds. The sounds are warm, clear light, if I push a little crunch volume I at leisure, in the saturation sound is fat and always sounds great blues. The central micro and intermediate positions are ideally suited for rhythmic and funky cocottes typed. In fact I am less happy with the sound of the pickup. It is a double which is very cold with lots of treble and little presence in the media. I can not find a setting that suits me. I think replacing it with a seymour (can be a sh-4).


I use it for 4 years, I love the playability and sound of the neck pickup, I do not like the sound of any pickup. This is a great guitar for its price range. Although you have set a comfortable guitar that takes the agreement even if you pull the floyd. Many guitars in this price range does not offer the same benefits (I have tried many). For 300 Euros in hand a very good deal for both the beginner in the second guitar for the guitarist confirmed. I Replace only for high-end guitar otherwise it would not be worth the time.