Ibanez S270
Ibanez S270

S270, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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MGR/J 05/29/2002

Ibanez S270 : MGR/J's user review

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I bought it in a local store (I live in Maceió - Brazil) called Cactus. I paid R$1.750,00 (something like $730) after testing almost every electric guitar on the store. It was the best guitar I could buy, since JEM and JS guitars were too pricey for me (near $1670).

The body is made of mahogany, which means it's a light guitar with a sustain that lasts ages. Your fingers can move really fast in this thin rosewood fretboard and the jumbo frets sound really nice. The guitar itself looks great and the color is beautiful (jewel blue). The 5-way selector switch provides you a good range of different sounds, being the position 3 my favorite for clean sounds, the position 5 (bridge) for regular distortions sounds, and position 1 for blues distortion sound.

It has only 22 frets (I wish it was 24), the pick-ups sound nice, but kinda cold. The patented Floyd-Rose tremolo lock is terrible and can give you some headaches in staying in tune. I had to tighten the whammy bar (that's not a problems, actually...you can fix it easily).

As I said before, it's pretty light, beautiful, and thin. For these reasons, it seems to be a little fragile. The finish is perfect, all round, and the painting is great. There are 3 Ibanez pick-ups: a humbucker on the bridge, a humbucker on the neck, and a single coil between these.

So, if you're looking for a all-around guitar that sounds really nice, looks great, and isn't expensive, Ibanez S 270 is a good option and you'll probaly love playing it. Adding some extra info: it's made in Korea, there are a tone control and a volume control, and when using distortion the pick-ups enhance a little bit the picking, sounding a little dirty.

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