Ibanez S270
Ibanez S270

S270, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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Sortsol 04/26/2006

Ibanez S270 : Sortsol's user review


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Sabre Korean with microphones Powersound I think he (2 doubles, 1 single), a vibrato lic. floyd rose, 1 vol / 1 tone, etc ... What the basic ...


Although fine corp sword requires, I think the weight is quite big for a small scratch like that, heavier than S470. Channel typed Ibanez, refined and easy. Floyd copying a little pity, I use it too so it's not a huge problem, but excited to have the trigger tears of despair after a few frenzied phrasing, in short it is not the masses. But the ergonomics of Ibanez is there, and the guitar is really nice to use.


Guitar quite versatile, with the combis are very nice single coil clean sound, if not only feel sorry for the double, no power, no heat or aggressive, well dishes. body weight gives a good return against the micro level of shit power and sustain, and I imagine that a small or TB6 SH8 bridge will do in a terrible metal spade! (For example)


Very nice guitar with great potential, provided they invest in a real floyd and microphones. Given the purchase price and the "more" weight, I prefer it to a S470. I play mostly black / death with an engl E530 and Marshall 8008, and that scratching is currently a backup satisfactory.