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guitarwild 12/18/2004

Ibanez S540FM : guitarwild's user review


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I bought this guitar in 1994, replacing a LAG disappeared with the rest following a burglary, I was not at all gone to buy an Ibanez, I bent down to a Charvel or Jackson because I thought sonoritees their very good, after several ownership I still did not find something to replace my LAG Rockline, until the time at "Music Power" and I found the sound is really excellent saturation, thanks This has all humbucker near the licensed Floyd Rose vibrato really hot (ideal for rock and metal) side of the double handle and provides a simple s are very hot or dry for arpeggios or funk, round n ' e has nothing to envy some guitar "high end" and hung up on their support for light, fine Balanced, so I for 10 years, I would not want to have to replace it, I never tire of always no, it is part of an instrument that soul,


I used it on stage, in studio, run very pleasant, easy access aus treble, vibrato is stable, it does not damage the strings too, but hey, after a time it breaks, it is more of chords of vibrato, his rating is really a very good deal, whatever the musical style played, I use it with ropes "Dean Markley Blue Steel Cryogenic 09/42" has always been a wonder, this guitar is always curiosities from another guitarist in session, with the studio when I arrive, I'm on me (and her)


I no longer use the amp for a long time (eg JCM900 2CH) on stage I of the branch multi effects pedals (some laughs already) sounds like the engineers who made the concert some of scales, I use a pedalboard DIGITECH RP 10, and when the sound arrives at the console through the amp and speakers on the spring, in stereo, it was quite the wonder, the laughter, no breath no loss, a pure (I gave my opinion on this product soon) the essential use in saturation, I like it, share my musical style in the studio, nothing stoop to the use in clean


Possession in my 10 years, no disappointment, if I bought another guitar for the replacement, I will take the same, I paid at the time around 9500f, cétait my budget