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Gab_ 01/21/2005

Ibanez S1220 : Gab_'s user review


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Made in Japan. 22 frets, two humbuckers Ibanez QM2 (bridge) and QM1 (handle). Floyd rose style tremolo, slecteur 5 positions, 1 volume, 1 treble rglage.
Mahogany body, the handle is lime I think, with a mahogany bar in the middle derrire and a rosewood fingerboard, and then a white outline. Available only in polished plutt dark, I find this beautiful guitar.


The handle is wizard-like high-speed, rev it enjoyable to play. The key is flat, the handle end is trs (just frle same) and the jumbo frets make it a highway to shredders. And it's beautiful to watch! We regret may be limited to be 22 boxes ...
This guitar is better for turboprofile arodynamique: the body is 1cm thick at the edges, and 4-5cm in the center. So it is great and the junction lgre body / neck is fine trs.
In addition one can make the ququ with vibrato ...
Finally we can apprcier between the jack on top of the body, practice, but given the thickness they had no choice ...


I spent 7 years playing on it with the microphones QM1 and QM2 origins. He is correct, just go anywhere.
The bridge pickup is good for rock, a little lightweight for the metal. His prcis trs.
In position 2 on a config with two doubles, it's always slamming trs, not specially usable except for the Tower of Power casseroles, or sound a bit "Wayne Krantz" through Eq, but is not a good strat.
In the middle position is trs pleasant, good attack, beautiful harmonics.
4-position of slamming back fender, but lacks body, a little feeble.
5-position rock sound enough mdium acute lack a little bass solo trs good distortion. Fairly neutral and goes all over agreements, arpges, solos, casseroles, all going well but something is missing ...

So I change this DCID microphones for a sound with more characters and a little more output level. And that's it the INTERESTED: This guitar with mahogany body, I set m'tais head: Mahogany = well rounded, warm, with the bass.
Well not at all. As the body end, the mahogany table in the balance is probably handle Rabl. And in fact this guitar and not a little slap. Be careful going up the microphones a little cot acute handle it (like PAF pro) you will get a great guitar funk ... In the lowest amount of microphones medium (like air zone) gives the medium a lot more rock. But in any case is missing the wood for good well-rounded bass.
Cot like bridge: if you are big fan of your rhythm devastating greasy with lots of low mids, still gonna run out of wood. on the other hand to shred the clinical pass nickel.


I use it for 8 years. What I like is the versatility of his sound, shape, race, class, and especially its light weight that pleases me well scoliosis ...
But over time I find it lacks wood, and worth it to change the original pickups.