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Ibanez S user reviews

  • Ibanez S420

    Ibanez S420 - " Ideal"


    Origin: Japan Bridge: ZR tremolo with ZPS-2 system : Sleeveless Wizard II maple - rosewood fingerboard 24 frets Pickups: Humbucker INF2 (vibrato) + humbucker INF1 (handle) Adjustments: 1 tone - volume 1 - 1 5 selector positron UTILIZATION …

  • Ibanez S5570

    Ibanez S5570 - " That I needed!"


    This beautiful instrument is made in Japan by Ibanez prestige home team. The neck is a 5 piece box 24 The vibrato is on the edge lo pro, the same as vai or satriani The pickups are Ibanez (yes It exists) MSM Volume and tone simplicity is de r…

  • Ibanez S540FM

    Ibanez S540FM - " Specific ..."


    Made in Japan. I bought this guitar for his neck and quality materials / finishes. It was frowned upon because if the handle is nice, the guitar sounds too "go anywhere". UTILIZATION Very light and fragile ... because falling from his foot (the d…

  • Ibanez S1220

    Ibanez S1220 - Jamyz's review


    Japan Lo Pro Edge 2 (I think) Luxury handle 22 boxes Volume, tone, 5-way switch UTILIZATION It was my first Ibanez. The handle had just made me hallucinate. What comfort :) As for the sound, so here it is clear I have a lot of other …

  • Ibanez S5470

    Ibanez S5470 - " The versatile and versatile excelente "IBANEZ""


    Made in Jap. (That is the S5470Q-RBB ....). Vibrato clean model with locking bearings. Micro H / S / H. , IBZ/HG/D1 handle. Single coil middle IBZT2. Bridge IBZ / HG / D2. Channel Wizard 24 breaks with silet lock. Table / mahogany / quilted maple ven…

  • Ibanez S570DXQM

    Ibanez S570DXQM - Alternat Runner's review


    Asian guitar manufacturing. On this source, we can have everything, good as the very bad ... Here, it's all good! This is the S series, so streamlined body very nice to grip, very thin and light. It is a mahogany body topped with a maple top. All …

  • Ibanez S540

    Ibanez S540 - " a very good scratch"


    japan custom made See the other reviews UTILIZATION handle nice and easy access, it is well clear saturation. it is light which is very well together, it avoids killing back. SOUNDS I do everything with the dub (a little less), metal, funk …

  • Ibanez S970CW

    Ibanez S970CW - 7cedar7's review


    the thickness of 1 mm differs between series Prestige finer Premium: 1 mm S 1 mm small problem on one fret corrected by luthier from my store UTILIZATION great race, ergonomics is top as usual SOUNDS The sound is very well se…

  • Ibanez S770FM

    Ibanez S770FM - " Excellent!"


    Ibanez S770 Made in Indonesia Type ZR bridge floyd Flat handle 24 frets, micro-mounted HSH Neck Pickup: INF1 Micro mid: INFS1 Bridge Pickup: INF2 2 knobs, volume and tone 5 position pickup selector UTILIZATION The neck is super …

  • Ibanez S470

    Ibanez S470 - 7cedar7's review


    Above all we know UTILIZATION just an answer to our friend who complained of the game at the stem of his floyd certainly, he will have to tighten the arm support in the back of floyd (Removed the plate, there is a nut for key alen) at wor…