Ibanez S520EX
Ibanez S520EX
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Keido 11/19/2005

Ibanez S520EX : Keido's user review


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For specifications ja'll run over because you can read them on other comments


Handle great, on my old (peavey exp ~ € 200) is quickly avé sore thumb while the hand on the slide alone.
the shape is fine. tennue good in.
the sound is very good but lacks a bit of presence (damage to the concerts)


Missing just his presence otherwise very good (played with an H & K Matrix 100 Combo)
very good clear precise. The crunch is just great in the pateu is missing a bit of presence but nothing very serious


I've had five months and not a pet: p
I'm very happy I can to change the pickups in 6 months - 1 year I still hesitate.
I got it for 600 € but she rises from so be quick
I think I do it again because this choice by setting it well it has a really good sound (recorded strings and pickups adjusted)

only negative rod floyd is described which gives a little game and a big fé Glanges if we move from the drawn pushed (and vice versa) biensur it can be used to advantage to small cool effects.

quoting my teacher: the quality is honorable
(Biensur is better but it cost much more)