Ibanez S1675FM
Ibanez S1675FM

S1675FM, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Prestige series.

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Lhim 08/08/2005

Ibanez S1675FM : Lhim's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Japan.
Channel 22 Frets, Super Wizard Prestige.
Micro QM1 Neck, Single coils (middle), QM2 Bridge.
Easel-like Floyd, the system drop the low E string, and fixed on an axis.
Volume, Selector, Tone.
Jack The output format is ready for connection STREO has active pickups.

Plus a small pack:
Book with a set of cl rglages, grip well hold for Prestige and signature on it. Ca saw yours under control. A cot normal (right) and the other shaped ball to screw in a corner.
Cord Jack / Jack and Ibanez strap.
A very complete manual adjustable.


The handle is most excellent, as so often in Ibanez. Matter of taste me my hand, I worship.
It runs well on the handle is smooth and consistent in headstock all goes well.

The body is ultrathin, and everything is very slight a real treat, it's a pen.

The Floyd with a system that allows decendre drop the E string of a serious tone, and a system of "against" spring + dial.
Never have to set foot in a skyscraper adjust the springs when changing type of tuning. I change often agree, I grant in E standard, Si, The Drop, and now C #. It's easy !!!!!!!! Ended the galleys had set foot in the spring, change to a more flexible / hard, add / remove etc ... the worst blow of a wheel spin and hop on a floyd goes horizontal.
In addition, the floyd is fixed on one axis and not on Butes. It is very very flexible, it changes the Floyds, a little time to adapt and roll ca.
That happiness.

Pickups replaced with EMG, the place for the battery in the electronics is really milimettre but c is normal given the thickness of the body of the guitar. Working properly (or directly to the store) all returns.
Small note, the original Jack is already stereo, ready to be fitted in assets. Phew it avoids a good shot-making head. (The stereo jack comes with emg are not mountable (too large).)

The adjustment tools are excellent books, the manual is very complete.


I play on a GX700 in homestudio, repeating what the GX but often drags in a power amplifier transistor on a 4x12 dish Marchall.
The pickups have been replaced by the EMG 81 and it is simply fantastic (for my style).
Evidemetn original mics are not as good as mics SPECIFICATIONS (EMG, Dimarzio, ...) that match your playing style but they are nicely qd same!

Opeth's metal to the (saturated fat, clean sounds), Arch Enemy 'n Co, ca and deposits.
Large palette of tone color as long it fits most other pickups have a color style.

Test in Amplitube and other simulators it fits a lot of style and it's easy to find its own.
The body end is balanced by a choice of wood with a beautiful sustain and well rounded sound is very musical.


I've had a year now, I find it excellent.

I possd S4xx a series long ago and loved, and a Warlock very well finished but the race had nothing to do: /. I returned to my first love, and am pleased with the Prestige version. I have a 2nd guitar Jackson RR.

Deja jou on ESP, Jackson RR, Fender Start / Tl....chacun its handle me is Ibanez. It's not better / worse is that my hand it feel good

I have no regrets and would do this choice without hesitation ... but it was the catalog in 2004 and replaces t in 2005.

I imagine a guitar made by luthier a "custom" should be a joy but it's the same price range. Given its price and the competition that exists in this range this guitar is really very good.
Excellent price quality ratio.