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guitarwild 06/15/2012

Ibanez S970CW : guitarwild's user review

«  Ibanez S Series S970CW my third »

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Manufactured in Indonesia, ordered in March, delivered in June,  reinforced titanium Wizard neck, Ibanez Premium pearl dot inlay, walnut top (nice) on an African Mahogany body, Classic Series S 24 jumbo frets, binding on the handle and bracket, ZR2 bridge with ZPS3 system, black chrome hardware, Ibanez pickups, 2 hum, 1 single, 5-way switch (S What a series!)


neck is decent, it seems a little thicker (not wider) than my other sets S, differences are not a big deal, the weight is relatively light,


I play rock / pop / metal / hard, it is working very well, the guitar is plugged into a Boss GTP Pro, then in power amp Marshall 9200, and finally Marshall cabinet JCM 900 reclablé


3 days since the purchase, before I had a S540FM BMVA, S540FM then, what I love, light weight, the thin, because the body is not really thick (I also play on Ibanez JS) but a big con this model, this one is equipped with non-slip rubber knobs, but slightly bigger than conventional knobs causing my picking hand to stop on the volume knob, turning it and lowering the volume, a correction of my playing style is going to be necessary, too bad that after 25 years of playing I have to change that!