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Ibanez UE user reviews

  • Ibanez UE-405

    Ibanez UE-405 - moosers's review


    The Ibanez UE-405 is a multi-effects processor in the form of a rack mountable piece of outboard gear. Since I've only used this in a professional studio where it was already racked up and ready for use, I don't know what types of connections it has…

  • Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version

    Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version - " I bury"


    This is the version of the 80s, I confess that I have since that time (HArg old!) compressieur flanger, stereo chorus, phaser, The stereo chorus is, provided we have enough to make the stereo ... but mostly I use the compressor, truly scalable …

  • Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version

    Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version - ianker's review


    There are a priori different version of the UE400. My rack has the following effects: - Compressor - Phaser - Overdrive - Stereo Chorus / Flanger - Insert for external effects The design is the same as shown in photo, except there is a s…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - " A very pleasant surprise!" has images


    Muli-purpose analog, consisting of PC-9, CS-9, TS-9. A very significant effects loop. Works with its own power supply, 220v. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. SOUND QUALITY Good effects are very good. I am completely in love: Nickel is already…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - " Is in the old pots ....."


    Well, as discussed below, 3 effects pedal indestructible legendary among Ibanez. compressor, overdrive and chorus. Either the CP9, the TS9 and CS9, just this ... all in a metal box made to withstand a nuclear attack. Little more than a footswitch M…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - stefane50300's review


    Everything has already been said previously by my colleagues Zikos. UTILIZATION Ultra simple, with, admittedly, some problems in effectively adjust the compression (see <span class="reviewAuthor">mgoussu</span> ( ../../../../membres/a.play,u.1078…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - mgoussu's review


    3 effects: Compressor, tube screamer, chorus. Analog only. Editable? Three effects, three knobs for the compressor: attack time, compression threshold, level. For the tube screamer, 3 knobs: gain, Tone Volume, the chorus, the depth and speed.…

  • Ibanez UE-303B

    Ibanez UE-303B - slaviero's review


    Pedals Analog serie 9 4 effects for guitar and bass including a self wha, a limited compressor, flanger or chorus pedal in the same or an Ibanez AF-9 a ibanez cp-9 and a ibanez fl-9 that can move in cs-9; the Series 9 is the reference history ibane…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - kik@infomaniak.ch's review


    Already mentioned above, but important: the device has an external effects loop between the tube screamer and the chorus. Which is not bad to insert a delay, a volume pedal, etc ... So as to review the previous article on the order of effects! It may…

  • Ibanez UE-300

    Ibanez UE-300 - roman66's review


    Already said. UTILIZATION Simple configuration, the compressor offers new possibilities to the tube scraemer and chorus. No need for manual, simply turn the knobs patiently, trying to find her. I do not have tons of effects on my guitar, I pr…