Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version
Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version

UE-400 Overdrive Version, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Ibanez in the UE series.

yvgot 04/24/2006

Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version : yvgot's user review


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All old 80's Ibanez pedals herein in this large and heavy rack + pdalier.par against that of the picture is quite ugly, and lacks the support for the rack .. ours is more beautiful. (Say, mr web master, you can change the picture?) A scratch of my friends just bought this beast, (quite expensive, for that matter!) And oh surprise ... we have tried this w-end ..


A prsence and its not possible, especially on a big lamps. (Old twin reverb and (or) head JCM900). Every effect is super easy argler is 10 times better than all these critters ultra complicated numriques are, you will lose the feeling when you want to change the parameters a single dixime .. not to mention all your beautiful settings you can not find on scne but taient so beautiful to local rpt! this old ibanez is very effective .. It seems he had the time his brother ue 405, with effects more "subtle" introuvable.ou become expensive (2 to 300 euros)


Only inconvnient: he blows a few knobs and crachouillent. but a little disassembly + cleaning will make it good. (note the large cable + connection made between the rack and pdalier) I also recognized his inimitable and beautiful of all tube screamer from 83 1ST. (Yes, I am drummer, but I also know the correct sounds of scratching!) Only permits the rack pense.on I can also change the order of chaining effects .. depending on the mood of the DSIR or scratch! the compressor, its clear or drooling is a real massacre .. even with an old copy jim harley lespaul pourrave lying for ages in local, one has to ring Arussi SERIOUS!. (after removing the dusts and changing three strings.)


The sustain seems infinite, but still pretty pushing the SETTING THE gain and volume made a high note, you can ask the guitar (Ibanez RGX) a foam drink, come back, the note is still the resume .. guitar and turn down the volume, otherwise your hp explode .. (So ​​mfiance). delay put him a boss or ibanez (a pedal enough, no rack) or a wah ibanez WH10 jimi dunlop, vox, and you are the KING OF ITS BIG .. its the REAL .. Moreover, the scratch in question resell its two digital monsters numriques has 300 pRSET (Peset I did not say, but rather 400 euros) ... good short (only 5 or 6 REALLY use it) to to adopt its new bebte rtro ... but I know .. can be in three months he will be found again a novelty old!. but it is true that ue400 is masterful.