Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version
Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version

UE-400 Overdrive Version, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Ibanez in the UE series.

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ianker 05/27/2011

Ibanez UE-400 Overdrive Version : ianker's user review


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There are a priori different version of the UE400. My rack has the following effects:
- Compressor
- Phaser
- Overdrive
- Stereo Chorus / Flanger
- Insert for external effects

The design is the same as shown in photo, except there is a stereo output for the chorus.


Setup is quick, a knob for each setting, difficult to easiest. I have no manual, but it's not really necessary.


The effects are fantastic. I'm not a fan of multi-effects guitar in general, by their side "catch all", but here we have the essential and with a quality that outperforms much of current pedals.

I mainly use this with a multi SG and occasionally on synths to give history a particular grain.

The compressor is ruthlessly efficient, you really have to go easy on the settings. The overdrive is great for rock / hard rock, do not do with metal. Phaser, Flanger and Chorus are soft and mild, and bring a real depth (relative to the Boss pedals I've owned, the modulation effects are less violent, it's much more subtle and does not allow extreme settings).


I have this rack for a good fifteen years, and I certainly never part with it. I have owned a lot of pedals before (mainly Boss) and a multi Ibanez (the PUE5 if my memory serves, excellent pedal too). I also tried a multi-effects software recently, but not convinced (and then to live, not really practical).

What I like most is clearly the particular grain of UE400, very alive, I would even say organic. Can not find the same sound on multiple current.
The least that he is a bit of breath (it's analog). Missing just a delay and you have the perfect set.

I remake that choice without hesitation.